Win Prizes with 91club’s New Color Prediction App

The Color Prediction app by 91club lets you have fun and try to guess the right colors to win prizes. It’s like a game where you can win cool stuff if you guess correctly!

What is the 91club Color Prediction App?

The 91club Color Prediction app is a game where you guess what color will show up next on the screen. If you guess correctly, you earn points. These points can be used to get prizes like phone recharges, money, and vouchers. Even if you guess wrong, you still get some points.

It’s 100% free to download and play, with in-app purchases available for those who want extra features.

Why Should You Use This App?

There are plenty of reasons to add 91club’s new app to your home screen:

You can win cool things like shopping vouchers and money for free. You can have fun guessing colors and see if you’re lucky. The games are short and easy to play when you have some free time. You can compete with other players to earn more points and be at the top of the leaderboard. You can also buy extra things in the app to help you win more prizes.

How Does the App Work?

Getting started with 91club color prediction takes mere seconds:

1- Download: Get the  91club app for free from either the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).

2- Register: Create an account by providing your email address, creating a password, and giving some basic personal information.

3- Start Guessing: When you open the app, a new color will show up on your screen. Choose one of the six options to guess the color.

4- See Your Result: If you guess the color correctly, you’ll earn points! Even if your guess is wrong, you’ll still get some points.

5- Redeem Points: Once you earn enough points, you can go to the Rewards section in the app to exchange your points for prizes.

6- Share and Compete: You can share your scores on social media to compete with your friends on leaderboards. You can also refer your friends using a special code to earn bonus points.

With such straightforward gameplay, anyone can give it a try! Before you know it, you’ll be addicted to color prediction while claiming reward after reward.

Any Extra Tips for Winning Big?

Check out these pro-tips for boosting earnings:

1. Use free bonus spins daily and during special events.
2. Watch video ads to increase the number of rounds played per day.
3. Avoid letting point balances expire; redeem them for prizes as soon as possible.
4. Make in-app purchases to gain advantages such as point multipliers.
5. Climb leaderboards for a chance to win larger weekly prizes.
6. Participate in time-bound contests to receive limited rewards.
7. Refer friends using your referral code for extra points.

Following these tips can help fast-track you to the most exciting and valuable prizes!


The 91club app is a game where you guess colors and can win cool prizes like shopping vouchers, cash, and more. You can play with your friends and earn points to get even bigger prizes. Just download and register the app, and you’re ready to play and win!

Let the color guessing begin and may luck be on your side!

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