Aha Subscription Offers India 2023: Get 3 month

In order to provide its Tamil and Telugu audience with a superior viewing experience, one of India’s leading OTT platforms has developed Aha Gold, a premium Aha subscription offers for annual purchase. 

There is also the option to stream 4K Ultra HD video along with high definition Dolby Audio as part of the subscription package. In addition to the new releases, Aha Gold will enable viewers to access original content, TV shows, and movies and other media created by Aha.

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Aha premium plans

If you wish to get free 3 months of Aha subscription offers 2023 then keep reading the following contents as we have shared a way to claim free 3 months of Aha OTT subscription.

Aha Subscription Offers 2023

To maximize the growth of the audience and the revenue generated from it. It is essential for streaming services to incorporate the latest methods for distributing and paying as quickly as possible. In addition, they need to be able to test out the latest promotional packages and promotions. Aha has widened its reach outside India in order to make Tamil content available to Tamil communities in other countries of the world.

It is through the offering of monetization products by Evergent that allows for media and entertainment companies to customize their monetization models and business rules in a way that is tailored to their individual market needs and requirements. In order to succeed at a global level.

As compared to the other OTT platforms available in India or other parts of the world the Aha subscription offers 2023 are comparatively cheaper and beneficial to any class of the audiences.

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How to Get Free 3 Months Subscription of Aha Premium

First of all download the Flipkart App from the Google Play Store by clicking here

1- If you have a Flipkart account, you can enter your mobile number or email through the login process

2- For a Free 3 Month Membership of Aha Premium with Flipkart Supercoin, click on this link to access the Flipkart Supercoin Rewards Page

3- Using the ‘Get Using Coins + Rupees’ button will allow you to claim the reward as soon as you click on it.

4- Please proceed to the payment page in order to complete the transaction.

5- As soon as the transaction has been successfully completed, your SuperCoins will automatically be deducted from your account.

6- If you want to check the status of your reward claim, you can go to the section where Rewards are claimed.

7- It is important to note that if your payment fails, your coins and amount will automatically be credited back to your account within 7-10 working days following a failed payment.

8- You can get 3 months of free Aha Premium Subscription by using Aha Premium Subscription Coupon Code.

Once you received the coupon code you should visit the official Aha website and proceed to signup, Once you’ve completed the signup process enter the unique coupon code and claim your 3 month of free Aha subscription offers.

Aha Subscription Offers India Plans

The first thing that we would like to discuss is the AHA subscription plan. In addition, you have the option of choosing between a 3 month or a yearly subscription. An Aha Subscription for 3 months will cost you Rs. 199, and annual subscription will cost you  ₹399.

As a matter of fact, membership is very cheap compared to other kinds of memberships. You can also take advantage of various offers and save money at the same time. 

As AHA becomes increasingly popular, it is expected to become even more popular in the future. There are many exciting original web series that they have produced; Some of these are Aha Bhojanambu, Kudi Yedmathe, In the Name of God, Sam Jam, Sin, 11th Hour, Kotha Poradu, Adham, and Ardha Shatabdham.


Go ahead and claim Aha subscription offers India 2023 free for 3 months by following the same trick that we have shared in this article. I hope you have liked our article and don’t forget to share it with someone who wants to subscribe to Aha premium plans to watch Tamil entertainment contents.

Aha Subscription frequently asked questions-

Q1- What is the cost of a subscription to Aha?

Ans- You can subscribe to Aha for a year at a cost of Rs. 399 .

Q2- What is the maximum number of users that can use the AHA 399 plan?

Ans- Users of AHA can use their single account to login to up to five devices and play two streams at once with a single login.

Q3- What is the maximum number of users that can use the Aha 149 plan?

Ans- It is possible to access Aha subscription plans from up to five devices simultaneously if you have an Aha subscription plan.

Q4- Do you think Amazon Prime is better than Aha?

Ans- There are innumerable films available on the other big players, whereas Aha only streams Telugu films. In spite of this, Aha appears to have a clear advantage over Amazon and other OTT platforms in terms of content availability.

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