Airtel PUK Code Unlock 2023 Online: Generate Instantly

Hello friends, Today we are going to tell you about how you can generate PUK code of your Airtel SIM if that is blocked. There are many ways using which you can generate PUK code for your Airtel SIM. Which you can learn in the upcoming parts of this article that how you can find your Airtel PUK code unlock 2023 online.

By entering the wrong SIM PIN and asking for PUK code on your Airtel Sim Card, your Airtel Sim Card has been locked and we are going to let you know why. The following guide will teach you how to find the PUK code for your Airtel SIM when it has been locked, we have been writing posts on many topics related to Airtel such as there free internet codes, customer care number and stores etc on this blog.

We’ll show you how to open the PUK code of an Airtel SIM, along with telling you how to unlock the SIM, as well as telling you why it needs the PUK code to be opened. There are several reasons why airtel sim is locked; first of all, we will learn what PUK code is.

Airtel PUK Code Unlock 2023 Online

When your SIM gets blocked and you are also asked for a puk code to unblock, you do not need to panic. In this article, we will tell you about three of these ways by which you will be able to find out the Airtel Sim PUK Code and along with that we will also give you all the necessary information about it that you need to know.

If by any chance you have locked your Airtel SIM then you can follow the below guide and get your Airtel PUK code unlock 2023 online.

What is Airtel PUK

In the world of SIM cards, 3GPP cards, and mobile phones, Personal Unblocking Key/Unlock Key is known as PUK. The term is sometimes also referred to as a personal unlock code (PUC). 

When the user has forgotten the PIN (personal identification number), this feature is used to reset the PIN. Alternatively, you may need a PUK code if you are switching networks without changing the number on your phone. 

As long as we don’t restart the phone or insert the SIM into another phone, then the PUK code Airtel sends us doesn’t seem to bother us. After entering the wrong SIM password for a total of three times, We try to find the PUK code for Airtel. And that is when this article comes to your rescue in arranging the correct PUK code for your Airtel.

Methods to Get PUK

There are many ways to easily find the PUK code in your Airtel SIM if it has been activated. As a matter of fact, the PUK code can be activated in any phone regardless of whether it is a smartphone or a feature phone.

The good thing is that both online and offline, you can easily find Airtel Puk Code Unlock 2023 online. There are three ways to find the PUK code:   

1- By calling Airtel customer care number

2- By using Airtel official app

3- By sending SMS

4- By visiting Airtel store

If one method doesn’t work then you can follow another. Recently we have shared a method to generate Jio PUK online

1- Unlock Airtel PUK code by SMS

The following steps will help you unlock your Airtel SIM card –

The first thing that you should do is to take note of the requirements that have been mentioned.

2: Get another Airtel mobile number.

3- Send your mobile number (the locked one) to 785.

4: Enter PUK<Space> 15-digit SIM number (printed on the back of the SIM) and send an SMS to 121.

5: The reply message includes an 8-digit unlocking code that can be entered into the locked mobile.

6- There you have it, your Airtel PUK code has been unlocked.

7- Now you can start using your Airtel mobile phone without any hassle.

Be patience to get the Airtel puk code unlock 2023 online by SMS because it may take time to get the same via SMS. Once you’ve received the SMS you can use the attached Airtel PUK code to unlock your SIM.

2- By Calling Airtel customer care

You can retrieve your Airtel PUK code unlock 2023 online by calling the customer care department of Airtel. The process is given below-

1:- The easiest way to talk to Airtel Customer Care is to call 198 or 121 from any other phone that has an Airtel SIM card, which will connect you to Airtel Customer Care.

2:- If you call the number, you have to choose the option from which you can speak with the company’s customer care agent.

3:- In order to resolve the problem with customer service, you need to mention the mobile number which had the PUK code entered in it.

4:- After that, Customer Care will ask you some questions to verify whether the SIM is yours or not, such as the name on which it was issued, its date of birth, and its address, which you must answer correctly.

5:- If all the information provided by you is correct, the customer service representative will tell you the PUK code installed in your SIM and you should make a note of this PUK code somewhere.

6:- After entering the Airtel PUK code, the SIM will be unlocked and you will be able to use it again as usual.

This is the best and most reliable way to get your Airtel PUK code issue fixed, and it wouldn’t take much time to get the puk number by calling the customer care department of Airtel.

3- By Using Official my Airtel App

By using the official My Airtel app also you can get your 8 digit PUK code for Airtel by following the step by step guide below.

airtel puk code unlock 2022 online

I assume you already have Airtel app installed on your phone and if you don’t then go ahead and install in your mobile phone to get your Airtel PUK code unlock 2023 online.

Kindly follow the below steps.

  • First of all download the Airtel app- Click Here
  • Open the application and login with your Airtel sim to get your Airtel PUK code online.
  • Now on the dashboard of the app you will see Help option on the right below side of the screen. Click on the help button
  • You will see a Chat Now option there
  • Now you will need to write PUK in the message box and click on send button
  • After few seconds you will get the PUK details of your SIM
  • Now use that Airtel PUK code online to unlock your mobile phone.

4- By visiting Airtel Store

By visiting the Airtel store near you, You can also get the details of your Airtel PUK code by visiting any of the Stores situated in your local area. There are many methods to get the address details of stores in your city. They may ask you for details like your mobile number and Aadhar details to confirm the ownership of the SIM, so keep them handy when visiting the Airtel store for PUK code.

Why Do People need an Airtel PUK code

Remember, the PUK code should be handled with care and kept securely as it grants access to unlock the SIM card. It is important to contact Airtel customer support or visit their website for the specific process to retrieve the PUK code.

Forgotten PIN: People may need the Airtel PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) code when they forget the PIN (Personal Identification Number) they set for their Airtel SIM card.

SIM Lockout: Entering an incorrect PIN multiple times can lead to a SIM lockout, where the SIM card gets blocked. In such cases, the PUK code is required to unlock the SIM card and regain access to the network.

New SIM card: When someone gets a new Airtel SIM card, it may come with a default PIN set by the service provider. To personalize the PIN and secure the SIM card, the PUK code may be needed.

Changing PIN: Individuals may want to change their existing PIN for security reasons or personal preference. To change the PIN, they may need to provide the PUK code for authentication.

Default airtel puk code unlock 2023 online for all SIM

Every mobile network provider does have a default PUK number which can be used for all SIM to generate new PIN numbers. All the Airtel sim does come with a default Airtel PUK code which can be used for the first time.

The Airtel default PUK is – 1111

This code will only work if you haven’t changed it in the past. And if by mistake you have changed it then this code wouldn’t work.

You can contact the Airtel customer executive directly using the following number: 12150. This is the official Airtel number to obtain the PUK code to get your Airtel SIM unlocked. After getting the PUK code make sure to do not repeat the same mistake again otherwise your SIM will be blocked permanently.

Conclusion- So, This was the detailed article on how you can generate your Airtel PUK code unlock 2023 online. If Somehow you were unable to get your PUK then leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help in getting the same. I hope by following this guide you were able to retrieve your Airtel PUK code.

Make sure to not enter the wrong code which results in locking your PUK code because precaution is always better than cure. Entering the wrong code multiple times can permanently block your SIM card, and you will need to get a new one from Airtel.

So, it is important to double-check the code before entering it and to contact Airtel customer support if you are unsure about the process or encounter any issues. Remember to keep your PUK code safe and secure to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


Q1- What is the procedure for getting Airtel PUK code unlock 2023 online?
Ans- Below is the procedure for unblocking your SIM card. Your SIM card or plastic case should have PUK. Please type the following characters in the following order: **05*PUK*new pin*new pin# and press “Yes/Send/OK/Enter”. If you want to create a new pin number instead of using your old PIN number, you should either do that or use your old one.
Q2- Can I get a new PUK code if I forget mine?

Ans- If you don’t know your SIM’s PUK code, you can ask your carrier. It may be possible to find this information on the website of your carrier after logging in. Customer service or a carrier store can often provide you with this information.

Q3- When it comes to unlocking SIM cards, is PUK required?

Ans- If you do not have your PUK code, you cannot unlock your SIM card. You can however obtain it in other ways! Calling customer service is one way to obtain all the necessary information. Once they have your personal information (name, address), they will help you.)

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