Amar Ujala Spin Wheel Contest: Win Rs. 100 Amazon Voucher Intant

Hello Friends we are back with another Free Sample offer in India, In which you will get many exciting prizes with mega prize of Rs. 100 Amazon vouchers. The contest is called Amar Ujala Spin the wheel contest. It is organized by Amar Ujala which is a paper media organization in India and famous for its daily newspapers.

About the Amarujala Spin the Wheel Contest

The contest is open to all users who are above 18 years of age. The winner will be selected through a lucky draw. The winner will receive the Amazon voucher as a prize.

This is to ensure that only those who meet the legal age requirements can participate in the contest, and that the selection of the winner is random, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to win.

List of prizes

There are many prizes to win by participating in this Amar Ujala Spin wheel contest. You can check the detailed list below.

Rupees 100 Amazon Voucher- This is the first prize you can win by participating in the Amar ujala spin wheel contest. If you spin the wheel and it stops at Rs. 100 Amazon voucher then you will instantly get Rs. 100 Amazon voucher code.

7 Day Premium Subscription: Get news and updates with a 7-day premium subscription to Amar Ujala. Keep yourself informed so that you can stay on top of things!

7-Day ePaper Subscription: Enjoy digital reading with a 7-day ePaper subscription.

50% Off on Yearly Premium Plan: You can win flat 50% off on the yearly Amar Ujala subscription.

1-Day Premium Subscription: If you get lucky then you can also win a free 1 day premium subscription of Amar Ujala.

1-Day ePaper Subscription: You can win 1 day epaper subscription to Amar ujala latest newspaper.

Better Luck Next Time: If you don’t win anything you can participate in the contest again.

Steps to Participate

The steps to participate in this contest are very simple. Follow the steps below to participate:

1- First of all open this link-

 Amar Ujala Spin Wheel

2- Now you will see a wheel below which there is a button with click the wheel to win

3- Click on that button.

4- Wait for a few seconds.

5- You’ll receive your winning results immediately.

6 – If you haven’t won anything yet, try again after a while.


In conclusion, the Amar Ujala Spin the Wheel contest is an exciting opportunity for all our readers in India to win some fantastic prizes, including the grand prize of a Rs. 100 Amazon voucher. We’re delighted to bring you this chance to participate and claim these valuable rewards.


Who can participate in the Amar Ujala Spin the Wheel contest?

Anyone above 18 can join the contest.

How do I claim my prize if I win an Amazon voucher?

You’ll instantly receive the voucher code upon winning.

Can I enter the contest more than once?

Yes, you can try again if you don’t win initially.

What happens if I land on “Better Luck Next Time” at the wheel?

You can re-enter the contest for another chance to win.

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