Big Daddy Game Color Prediction App: Participate & Win Huge

The Big Daddy Game color prediction app is a fun new way to guess colors and compete with friends. The app allows users to predict color schemes for popular games and see how their guesses compare to others. With a simple and intuitive interface, it makes color prediction engaging for all ages.

How the App Works

The Big Daddy Game color prediction app prompts users to guess the dominant colors that will be used in upcoming video game releases. When a new game is announced, the app pushes a notification to invite users to predict its color scheme.

Players click on the game notification to go to the prediction screen. There, they can choose from a wide range of colors to make their prediction. The app lets them pick up to 5 colors for each prediction.

After making a prediction, the user can opt to share their guess on social media and see what colors their friends have predicted. This social component makes it fun and competitive.

Using Prediction Results

Once the game in question officially reveals its colors, the app compares the user’s prediction against the actual colors. It then assigns a accuracy score based on how close the guess was.

Users can view a leaderboard that ranks all their friends by prediction accuracy scores. There are also achievements and badges to earn for consistent high-scoring color guesses.

The app keeps a running tally of users’ scores over time. So predicting colors for more games improves the accuracy rating.

Future Improvements

While the Big Daddy Game color prediction app already offers a unique social experience, the developers continue working on improvements.

Some planned upgrades include allowing in-app chat for discussing color guesses with friends. There are also plans to add augmented reality features for digitally previewing color combinations.

With its competitive spirit and simple interface, the Big Daddy Game color prediction app brings a new level of social engagement to anticipating upcoming video games.


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