Bisleri water bottle 20 litre online booking @ official website

Friends, today I will tell you about the suppliers who supply drinking water available around your place of residence, by contacting which you can book a Bisleri Water bottle 20 litre online.

 With the help of this informational guide, you would be able to book a Bisleri water bottle of 20 liters online using your smartphone. after placing the order the 20-liter Bisleri water bottle will be delivered to your doorstep by the official Bisleri suppliers at no extra cost. There are many benefits of booking packaged drinking water from the official Bisleri website which we talk about in the upcoming sections of this article.

 It is always advised to the consumers to purchase water bottles from genuine sources only so that you can be assured that you are not getting unprocessed water which can harm their health.

Bisleri water bottle 20 litre online booking

As you all know, due to the lockdown, more and more people are reluctant to get out of the house so that they do not come in contact with others and protect themselves from coronavirus. Keeping this in mind, almost all the companies have started selling their products through online mediums, which also has a new name of Bisleri.

 Now you can book a 20 litre water bottle of Bisleri online. The price of drinking water of Bisleri is different from different varieties, which we will tell you in the following parts of this article, you can buy any 20 litre water bottle of Bisleri as per your convenience through the given link.

 As you all know that clean water is very essential for staying healthy, we see a 20 litre bottle of water being sold in local shops around us for 20 to 30 rupees. but there is no guarantee that water is clean and drinkable. Is it worth it or not.

 But if you only buy water by visiting the official website of Bisleri, then it is 100% guaranteed that the water is processed through high quality technique of Bisleri and by consuming it you will not have any disease or health-related problems.

Short History of Bisleri in India

Bisleri introduced all its products in the Indian market, such as Bisleri mineral water and Bisleri soda. Bisleri products in India were previously only available in the five-star hotels and expensive restaurants for the rich and the well-off you could find them in the early days of Bisleri’s operations in India. It is also known that Rossi and Santook were aware that if they confined their product offering to a limited range, they would not be able to achieve success, so they gradually started making their products available to the general public.

Since 1969, Parle and Bisleri produced different types of beverages, soft drinks, and sodas for the market at the same time, which resulted in the thirst expansion of Bisleri. As the brand began to become known across India, it proposed expanding overseas as well. There were two categories of soda in the company’s offerings – Carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water, and this lead to rapid growth in the quantity and quality of mineral water in Indian markets.

Various ways to book Bisleri Water Bottle 20 litre

If you want to book Bisleri Water Bottle, then for this you can mainly use two mediums. The complete information about how you can book Bisleri Water Bottle using these two mediums is given below.

1- Online Bisleri Water Bottle Booking

 Presently, when everyone has a smartphone and is connected to the internet, it becomes very easy that you can book 20 litre of Bisleri Water Bottle online for yourself by sitting in your house or in any corner of the world. by using the official Bisleri website.

 Booking from the official website ensures that you will get the best original product, which will be of very good quality.

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2- By calling

 You can also book the Bisleri Water Bottle for yourself by calling the nearest Bisleri supplier in your area. This is the second easiest way to book Bisleri Water Bottle in which you have to dial only one number, this number will be from the local supplier of Bisleri.

 After dialing the number, you have to tell them your address, after this, the dealer will supply Bisleri Water Bottle 20 Ltr or other packages booked by you such as 5 Ltr 2 Ltr 1 Ltr Bottle.

How to Book Bisleri Water Bottle Online

The process of booking the Bisleri Water Bottle online is very easy, in relation to this, the whole process is given below, using which you can book the Bisleri Water Bottle online. Please give the correct address while booking online so that the supplier does not face any problems during delivery.

  1. Click this link first- Click Here
  2. After visiting the official website, under the product catalog, you will see various products of Bisleri and their prices.
  3.  If you want to buy 20 liters of Bisleri water bottle, then click on the details, and on the next page select how many bottles you want to book and click on the add to cart button
  4.  After that sign up on the Bisleri website
  5.  Enter your address and go to the payment page and select any of the various payment modes available and make the payment
  6.  The Bisleri product you purchased will be delivered to your given address.
  7.  Normally this delivery will be done within 24 to 48 hours
  8.  If you want Bisleri to keep sending water bottles to your house regularly and you do not have to make new orders daily, then you can also take a subscription of Bisleri and you are also given a discount of up to 5%.
  9.  After taking the Bisleri Water Bottle subscription, the time and the bottle you have set will be delivered regularly by Bisleri until the validity of your order expires.

 The biggest advantage of this is that you will not need to place new orders regularly.

Products and their prices available on the official Bisleri website

 There are many products of Bisleri available on the official Bisleri website like 20 litre Bisleri bottle price is only ₹ 75, 10 litre bottle price is ₹ 110, 2 litre set of 9 bottle price is ₹ 270 if you want Bisleri You can also get information about all the products available by visiting the official website of.

 Full detail has been given by Bisleri on all its products.

Bisleri water 20 litre price

20 litre Bisleri is the most affordable product.  You can book it online through the website. From time to time the Bisleri company brought new offers.

The normal selling price of the Bisleri water bottle 20 litre online is Rs. 75 and you don’t need to pay any extra charge for that.

You can order minimum 2 quantities of bottle. You can also subscribe at 5% discount to start receiving the order after regular interval.

Terms and Conditions-

  • Orders will be delivered within 24 hours.
  • The cash on delivery option is not available for subscription orders.
  • An additional delivery charge of ₹ 15 per Bisleri 20 Litre jar.
  • If you don’t have an empty Bisleri 20-litre Jar, There will be a (refundable) deposit charge of Rs. 150/- Per Jar.
  • It is mandatory to handover empty Jars with jar caps. If caps are missing, Rs.3 per jar will be charged extra.
  • Offers will be void in case of cancellation of the subscription.

Benefits of 20 litre bottle-

  • A 20 litre Bisleri water bottle is cheaper if you compare it with 1 litre/ 2 or 5 litre Bisleri bottles in India.
  • It is good for office and household use
  • It is easy to handle which can fit into an automatic water dispenser easily.
  • Refundable water bottle price
  • Home  delivery

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