BSNL Caller Tune Number 2023: Activate Immediately @ 0 rs

Today I am going to tell you all about the BSNL caller tune number 2023, using which you can activate BSNL caller tune on your mobile. It is well known that BSNL is the oldest mobile service provider company in India. For now, BSNL’s recharge plans are the cheapest. Comparing it with different mobile service providers available today. 

BSNL offers different types of new and attractive plans to its customers from time to time. With the help of which BSNL customers can purchase recharge and other services for low prices. I am going to guide you on how you can activate the BSNL caller tune on your mobile today using the information that I have shared with you.

BSNL Caller Tune Number 2023

Since the beginning of mobile phones, consumers have been able to take advantage of their mobile devices for entertainment. Mobile companies have been expanding in India since 2003 and 2004. At that time, mobile phones were not so modern that they could be used to download mp3 files, videos, or to watch YouTube videos, etc. It should be noted that the means of entertainment for consumers during this period were extremely limited. 

When mobile games were first introduced, users could only play small games like snake ladder. It was around the same time that a new service named Caller Tune was invented, which means when a person calls on your mobile number, that person will hear the voice, lyrics or song you selected every time instead of the normal ringing sound. This is known as the caller tune.

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What is BSNL Tune Number

Now it’s time to talk about what BSNL Tune Number is, and how it can be activated. I would like to inform you that there are several ways to activate BSNL Tune. You can use the first and easiest way with *9 in which all you have to do is when you call any other mobile number and you like that caller tune, then you can immediately activate it by pressing the *9 button on your handset.

The second most popular way of activating a bsnl caller tune number is by calling on the number mentioned below by us.

Can We Activate BSNL Caller Tunes for Free

Yes, you can activate BSNL caller tune for free as well. This will only happen if you have a special offer on your mobile number in which BSNL offers to let you test Hello Tune free of charge for a certain amount of time. In general, this period can last from 7 days to 14 days, or even for a whole month.

But it is very rare that BSNL offers subscribers free caller tunes. BSNL offers these types of offers only to a very small number of customers.

Thus, please note that if you want to activate BSNL caller tune number toll free on your mobile number, you can do so by activating paid caller tune immediately without going after free offers and that too at very low prices.

Mobile Number to Activate

Now we’ll tell you about the mobile number you can use to activate caller tune on your BSNL number.

The process of activating caller tune on a BSNL mobile number is very easy. We will show you how to activate it very easily. This will take no time to complete and will get activated immediately. After that you will be able to use the caller tune facility on your BSNL mobile number. 

BSNL introduced BSNL Caller Tune Number for the convenience of its customers, using which you can activate Caller Tune on your mobile phone within few seconds.

Follow the steps given below.

1- First, open your mobile keypad

2 – Dial the following number on your phone’s keypad- 5670087

3 – After dialing, follow the instructions from the IVR

4 Accept the request to activate the BSNL caller tune number from the options.

5 Activation charges will be deducted from the balance available on your BSNL mobile number and caller tune facility will be enabled immediately.

6 You can also terminate the caller tune facility from your BSNL mobile number whenever you wish.

Activating BSNL Tunes using Official Application

You can activate BSNL caller tune number by using BSNL’s official app which is specially dedicated to activate caller tunes for BSNL mobile network customers only. Using My BSNL Tunes, you can provide your callers with jokes, regional music, devotional music, instrumental music, or dialogues from movies.

Follow below steps: –

  • First of all download the official My BSNL tunes application- Click Here
  • Signup using your BSNL number
  • Go to the dashboard of the app
  • Select the best caller tune from the list
  • Check the details and confirm your selection.
  • The caller tune will be activated on your number.

Caller Tune Charges

By spending Rs 30 per month, you can activate the BSNL caller tune number on your mobile number. Moreover, you can also get the caller tune activated for a year for Rs 200.

Any caller tune activation charges will be deducted from the balance of your BSNL mobile number.

How to Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune

As soon as the month is over, the BSNL caller tune facility on your mobile number will be automatically reactivated for the next month if you do not deactivate it before the end of the month.

Therefore, you must deactivate your BSNL caller tune before the end of the month or it will be renewed again.

This process of deactivating BSNL caller tune is very straightforward. It can be deactivated immediately using the information provided below.

You can deactivate the BSNL caller tune in one of two ways

1st- By Call

2nd- By SMS

By Call

BSNL caller tune can be deactivated through a phone call. To do this, you need to dial the below given phone number from your BSNL mobile number. Then, select the option to deactivate the BSNL caller tune and confirm. Thereafter, the caller tune facility on your BSNL mobile number will be deactivated immediately.

Number to call- 56700


If you wish you can delete the BSNL Caller tune number by sending a SMS from your mobile phone. You just need to send a SMS in a given format. The caller tune is deactivated immediately from your mobile number.

Steps to deactivate BSNL hello tune

– Open the message box

– Write a new message in this format- UNSUB

– Send the message to 56700 or 56799

– Any active caller tune will be deactivated from your mobile number with immediate effect.

Conclusion- These were the details of the BSNL Caller tune number for both activation and deactivation of the hello tune on your BSNL number. I hope you were able in successfully activate and deactivate your BSNL caller tune.

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