Cashify Coupon Code for Screen Repair 2023

Are you tired of dealing with a cracked or damaged screen on your phone or tablet? Look no further than Cashify for all your screen repair needs! With their expert technicians and convenient services, you can have your device looking like new in no time. And the best part? You can save even more with a Cashify coupon code for screen repair. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to use a coupon code for Cashify’s screen repair services, the types of repairs they offer, pros and cons of using their service, tips for getting the best deal, and alternatives to consider. So sit back and let us guide you through the world of screen repairs with Cashify!

How to Use a Cashify Coupon Code for Screen Repair

Using a Cashify coupon code for screen repair is simple and easy.

1- First, visit the Cashify website or download their app to your smartphone or tablet. From there, select the device you need to have repaired and choose the type of repair needed.

2- Once you’ve selected your repair type, you’ll be taken to the checkout page where you can enter your coupon code in the designated field. Be sure to double-check that your discount has been applied before finalizing your purchase.

It’s important to note that not all coupon codes may be valid for screen repairs specifically, so be sure to read any terms and conditions associated with the code before using it.

Using a Cashify coupon code can help save money on an already affordable service. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity and get your device looking like new again!

The Different Types of Screen Repairs Offered by Cashify

Cashify offers a variety of screen repair services, ranging from minor repairs to complete replacements. One of the most common types of screen repairs offered by Cashify is the replacement of cracked or shattered screens. This can occur due to accidental drops or physical damage and requires a complete replacement of the device’s front panel.

Another type of screen repair offered by Cashify is LCD replacement. This occurs when there are issues with the display such as dead pixels, lines on the screen or discoloration. The process involves replacing both the glass layer and the underlying LCD layer that displays images.

Cashify also provides touch-screen digitizer replacements for devices where their touch function has malfunctioned due to water damage or wear and tear over time. Additionally, they provide back-glass replacements as well for smartphones which have damages caused to its rear panels.

Cashify offers battery replacement services in addition to other hardware repair options like camera and speaker malfunctions. All these repairs are done using high-quality parts so that your device functions properly once again after being serviced by them!

List of available coupons to use

Followings are some of the coupons that you can use to get your screen repaired from Cashify at a discounted prices. Every coupon comes with it’s own terms and conditions so make sure to read the same and use the Cashify Coupon Code for Screen Repair accordingly.

Here’s the list of all the available Cashify screen repair coupon codes-

Get flat 10% off 

Coupon Code- STUDENT10

By using this code you can get flat 10% discount on all your Cashify spends.

Pros and Cons of Using Cashify for Screen Repair

Using Cashify for screen repair comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest pros of using Cashify is that they offer on-site repairs, which means you don’t have to go out looking for a repair shop. Moreover, their services are available across India, making it easy to find one near your location.

Another advantage of using Cashify for screen repair is that they use genuine parts in case any replacement is required. This ensures the longevity and durability of your device’s screen after the repair.

However, there are also some cons associated with using Cashify. Firstly, their prices may be higher compared to local repair shops as they provide high-quality services and genuine parts. Secondly, if you’re not located in a major city or town, finding a nearby Cashify service center can be difficult.

While Cashify has an excellent reputation for customer service and quality repairs; however like any other service provider there could potentially be cases where things go wrong such as delays or unsatisfactory workmanship.

When weighing up the pros and cons it’s important to consider what matters most – convenience or affordability?

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How to Get the Best Deal on Cashify Screen Repair

When it comes to screen repair, Cashify offers reliable and efficient services. However, you may still be wondering how to get the best deal on their Cashify Coupon Code for Screen Repair. Here are some tips:

Firstly, keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions or deals that Cashify is offering. They often have coupon codes available on their website or through promotional emails.

Secondly, consider opting for a bundled service package if you need multiple repairs done at once. This can help save costs in the long run.

Thirdly, check with your phone manufacturer’s warranty before going to Cashify for repairs. If your device is under warranty and the damage is covered by it, then getting repairs done through Cashify might not be necessary.

Don’t forget to compare prices with other repair services in your area before committing to Cashify. While they offer quality service and convenience, there may be cheaper alternatives available elsewhere.

By following these tips and doing some research beforehand, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal on screen repair from Cashify.

Alternatives to Cashify for Screen Repair

While Cashify is a well-known platform for screen repair, there are other alternatives that you can consider. One option is to go directly to the manufacturer of your device. Many companies offer repairs through their authorized service centers and may even provide a warranty on the repair work.

Another alternative is to visit a local repair shop. While this may require more research on your part to find a reputable shop, it could potentially save you money compared to using a larger chain like Cashify.

You can also explore online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay for third-party screen replacement options. However, be cautious when purchasing from these sources and ensure that the product being sold is compatible with your device.

If you have insurance on your device, check if screen repair or replacement is covered under your plan. This could potentially save you money in out-of-pocket expenses.

Ultimately, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each alternative before deciding which route to take for screen repair. Consider factors such as cost, convenience, warranty options, and reputation when making your decision.


If you are in need of screen repair for your smartphone or tablet, Cashify Coupon Code for Screen Repair is definitely worth considering. With a variety of repair options available and the convenience of their doorstep service, it’s hard to beat their offerings.

By using a Cashify coupon code for screen repair, you can also save some money on the already reasonable prices. Just make sure to follow our tips on how to get the best deal possible.

Of course, there are other options out there for screen repairs as well. It’s always worth doing your research and comparing prices before making a decision.

No matter which route you choose, taking care of your device is crucial in maintaining its longevity and usability. Don’t let a cracked screen hold you back – use these resources to get it fixed as soon as possible!

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