Get 500ml Milk/Curd/Paneer Free Sample at Akshayakalpa

Akshayakalpa is giving away a free 500ml milk/ curd and paneer sample. You can get this sample without having to pay anything. Just visit their website or store, and they will give you the milk sample. It’s a great opportunity to try their milk and see how delicious and nutritious it is. Don’t miss out on this chance to enjoy a free taste of Akshayakalpa’s high-quality milk. We have recently posted about drools sample and other sample items on our website.

By following the Step by step guide given in this article, You can basically add 3 dairy items to this offer.

Steps to Order

To order a free 500ml and other 2 milk items sample from Akshayakalpa, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Akshayakalpa’s official website link- Click Here

  2. Look for “Book Free Sample” button on the landing page.

  3. Now add one item from each tab- Organic milk, Organic curd, Other organic products.

  4. Click on the Continue button.

  5. Verify your mobile number with an OTP, You will receive the OTP on your Whatsapp number.

  6. Fill out the required information, which may include your name, contact details, and shipping address.

  7. Verify the information you provided to ensure accuracy.

  8. Submit your order by clicking the “Submit” or “Order Now” button.

  9. You may receive a confirmation email or message confirming your order.

  10. Wait for delivery of your free 500ml milk sample to the address you provided during the ordering process.

Keep in mind that the specific steps may vary depending on the website’s design and any changes made by Akshayakalpa, so be sure to follow the instructions provided on their website for ordering the free sample.


In conclusion, Akshayakalpa’s generous offer of a free 500ml milk or curd sample, along with the possibility of adding two more dairy items to your order, is a delightful opportunity to savor the excellence of their dairy products at no cost

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