Digital Dukaan app: Take your business online in 15 seconds

Friends, today I have brought for you an application through which you can take your offline store online in a few seconds and start selling online. The name of this application is digital Dukaan using which millions of businessmen in India have started selling their products online and are making money.

Through this application, you can create your own online store, create catalogs, fix the price and promote them and sell them on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

It would hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to go online with your shop or products that you manufacture. Apart from that you can also take advantage of SEO experts.

Digital Dukaan is now Digital Showroom, So, Don’t get confused if you are prompt to download Digital Showroom app

The customer makes an online payment to buy your product, which is deposited in your bank account and for this, you do not have to pay any additional charge.

The popularity of the digital Dukaan application can only be known from the fact that the app has around 4.5 stars on the Play Store and almost all the reviews have been given positively by the businessmen who are using it.

✅ Download the App from here

Digital Dukaan App

If you have a cake shop or have a business related to electrical furniture, dental grocery, vegetable items, software, applications, website etc., you can list your products online using this online application. Digital Dukaan application provides you a platform through which you will not only be able to register your products and services on it but you can also promote it online, promotion resources will be available on the Digital Dukaan application.

Friends, as you are seeing, at present almost all people have at least 1 smartphone at home or in the family on which people use the Internet.

And in the coming time, online sales will also increase, so it is necessary that all business owners take their store online and take advantage of this revolutionary application and grow their business.

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The Digital Dukaan application is very easy to use and for your convenience, we have updated our article with all the step by step functions by following which you can download the Digital Shop application on your smartphone as well as you can also know That how you can upload your product or services on this application and start selling online.

Benefits of Taking Your Business Online

In the present time, it can be very beneficial for any business to go online because after taking the business online, you can send your product anywhere across the country and currently, there are various courier companies available to send it which Provides delivery in every corner of India.

You do not need any additional support for online selling as you get all those facilities for free through the Digital Dukaan application.

  • If you take your business online then you can get the following benefits
  • Start selling your product online
  • Can sell your product nationwide
  • You can get the value of the product online directly in your bank account
  • Can establish your product as a brand
  • Can make a franchise
  • Your shop will be online for 24*7

And so on

How to upload your product on digital Dukaan app

Uploading your product on the digital Dukaan app is very easy. You can update your product’s photo, name, product-related specification, and sale price with just one click. Apart from this, you can create different categories and also make catalogs under different categories.

To list your product on digital Dukaan application, follow the following steps-

  1. First, open the digital Dukaan application
  2. Then click on the Add your products button
  3. Enter Item Name and Size
  4. Enter price and category and upload your product photo
  5. Then click on the save product button
  6. If you want to enter additional information related to your product, you can click on the Add More Details button.
  7. After this, to promote your uploaded product, you can click on the icon with WhatsApp and share it in your WhatsApp group or another group.

How to download Digital Dukaan

You can download the Digital Dukaan application on your smartphone through the Play Store and the process of downloading and using it is given below.

  • Click this link
  • Click the install button on the play store
  • Download digital Dukaan application
  • After downloading click on the open button
  • Enter your mobile number and verify with OTP
  • After OTP verification you can start using the digital shop application and upload your products.

With this, you have added your business to the unlimited possibilities of the online world and we hope that you will take your business to a level where it is accepted as a brand in the future.

Digital Showroom refer and earn offer

Now you can earn Rs. 10 by referring your friends and family members to download the app and when they list their first product on the application.

You can earn up to Rs. 2000 from referring and earning of Digital Showroom app.

Final Words- There are numerous benefits of using the Digital Dukaan app to go online with your products and services. With this, you can open an endless journey of selling products online. The onboarding process is very simple and free of cost for now which makes it more attractive because one has not to need to pay anything to use this platform.

Digital Dukaan has already helped millions of people to go online with their shop.

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