Flipkart Free Delivery Trick 2024- (3 Exclusive Tricks)

Friends, today I will tell you about a trick of Flipkart using which you will be able to shop for less than Rs. 500 from Flipkart without spending any delivery charges using our exclusive Flipkart free delivery trick. Amazon offers unlimited free delivery to its customers in India under its prime subscription, Like the same in Flipkart, you can order unlimited products using Flipkart Plus service, that too for less than ₹ 500.

But to get a Flipkart Plus subscription, you have to pay ₹ 1000 per year. If for some reason you do not want to take Flipkart Plus and want to order without paying any delivery charges on less than rs 500 order. So this article is going to prove very useful to you. Because we will tell you about some such tricks in the upcoming part of this article, using which you will be able to place unlimited orders from Flipkart without paying any delivery charge.

In the ongoing Flipkart Big Billion Days sale you can place orders and get free delivery on your Flipkart orders by followings the steps and tricks to get free delivery.

By using tricks listed in this article you can place orders on Flipkart Big billion days, Flipkart big saving days etc.

Flipkart Free Delivery Trick 2024

Many people who do not know about the delivery charges of Flipkart, many times do not place an order after adding the product to their cart after knowing that they have to pay an additional delivery charge of Rs 40 on this order. And this happens very often.

It is not possible to pay a delivery charge of ₹ 40 on orders less than ₹ 500. Because of which many people who want to buy some goods from Flipkart are deprived of buying them. Keeping this in mind, we decided that why should we not write an article using which visitors of our website we’re able to book orders for less than Rs 500 from Flipkart without paying any delivery charges.

Flipkart Delivery Charges

Although the delivery charge of Flipkart is not fixed, on ordering a product of less than Rs 500, it usually charges you a delivery charge of Rs 40.

It is worth noting here that this product should be Flipkart assured if suppose you are ordering a product that is not Flipkart assured. So in this case you have to pay the delivery charge demanded by the seller which can be more than Rs 40 even if the total cart value of your account is more than 500.

Keeping in mind that if you have come to this article of ours then your main objective is not to give a delivery charge on orders less than Rs 500, then in this article we will talk about such tricks using which you will get Flipkart free delivery trick on orders less then Rs. 500.

Why Delivery Charge Matters

You have to pay a delivery charge of ₹ 40 on orders less than ₹ 500, even if your order is only 50 rupees, you have to pay a delivery charge of 40 rupees to Flipkart only then will be able to deliver the order to you. Free order trick activate process will happen once you follow the guide in this article and place your order.

In short delivery charge effects the overall price of the products because it will be automatically added up into your cart as shipping charges. So, to avoid these delivery charges you can shop for minimum amount which is 499 to avoid shipping charges.

List of Trick to Avoid Paying Delivery Charges

There are many tricks available to get Flipkart free delivery trick 2024. But we will talk about some such tips here today which will be easy for you to use.

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1- Getting Free Delivery Using Flipkart Plus

Flipkart Plus is a service using which you can book unlimited orders without paying any delivery charge. Using this special service you can order only Flipkart Assured Products. Apart from this, if you order a product that is not Flipkart Assured and the delivery charge is charged by the seller, then the free delivery service of Flipkart Plus will not be available on such orders.

Visit Flipkart plus page here

There is a special service on Flipkart that you can buy using Flipkart Coin only. To subscribe to Flipkart plus service, you need to earn at least 200 coins. As soon as you earn 200 coins, the Flipkart Plus service is activated automatically with a validity of 1 year.

Apart from getting free delivery you can enjoy many other benefits using Flipkart plus-

  • You will get unlimited Flipkart free delivery
  • You can enjoy free complimentary subscription services like- Youtube premium, Zoomin, Gaana free subscription etc.
  • Flipkart plus members enjoy early access on sale.
  • You can get additional discounts using your earned Plus coins on products.
  • Additional discounts on products.

You could earn 2 coins on every Rs. 100 spend. The maximum coin that one can earn from a single order is 50 coins.

2- Flipkart Assured Products Trick

As you all know, Flipkart charges a delivery charge of Rs 40 for orders less than Rs 500. Using the trick given below, you will be able to order a product of your favorite for less than Rs 500 without paying any delivery charge.

  1. First of all, add the product of your choice to the cart
  2. After that add any such product to your cart which is Flipkart Assuredto make the total cart value of minimum Rs. 500
  3. After this, place the order
  4. After the order, cancel the product that you only added to make the cart value ₹ 500.
  5. The additional product will be canceled and your main product will remain in order.

By using this trick you can order any product from Flipkart at absolutely paying nil delivery charge.

3- Make Total order value more than 500

The another thing you can do is, You can make the total cart value of more then 500 rupees to be eligible for the free Flipkart delivery. You can make estimate that in near future which product you are going to need and you can place those products into your cart and place the order.

So, By ordering a minimum 500 worth of product you can easily avoid the delivery charges of 40 rs per order.

To avail free delivery on your order, follow these steps:

1. Select your desired product and add it to your cart.
2. If the total value of your cart is below Rs 499, add an additional product priced at Rs 500 or more to make it eligible for free delivery.
3. Choose the cash on delivery payment option.
4. Proceed to place both orders simultaneously.
5. Once you have successfully placed the orders, immediately cancel the extra product order.

By following these steps, you can enjoy free delivery for your chosen product while saving money.

Flipkart Grocery Free Delivery Trick

If you want to order Grocery from Flipkart and the total order amount is below the free delivery amount then you can follow the below trick. With Flpkart grocery you can order daily use kitchen and home items at a reasonable cost as compared with the market.

Currently you need to pay delivery charges if the total order amount is below rs. 1000 when you order products from Flipkart grocery. By following above tricks you can place Flipkart grocery free delivery order.

Final Words- I hope you loved this article make sure to share this article with your friends and family members so that they can also get benefited with this. Using these Flipkart free delivery tricks 2024 you can order products of less than Rs. 500 value and save paying rs. 40 on delivery charges. From time to time Flipkart comes with new deals on some low ticket items below 500 rupees and customers need to pay the delivery charges on that. I hope from now onwards you don’t need to pay the charges anymore.

General Questions

Q1- Does Flipkart gives free delivery on first order?

Ans- No, You only get free delivery if your order qualifies the minimum order amount.

Q2- How to get free delivery on 500 below order?

Ans- Follow the steps given in this article to get the free delivery on Flipkart orders.

Q3- Does Flipkart Plus offer free delivery?

Ans- There are a lot of benefits that come with Flipkart Plus membership, like free delivery, early access to sales, and better customer service.

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