How to Earn Free Flipkart SuperCoins in 2023

In today’s world, online shopping has become a trend. We all want to shop online to save time and money. Flipkart, one of the biggest online shopping platforms in India, provides a unique loyalty program called Flipkart SuperCoins. In this article, we will discuss how to earn free Flipkart SuperCoins.

Below you can find a list of various ways and tricks using which you can earn Flipkart coins free of cost and redeem them for various vouchers and discount coupons.

What are Flipkart SuperCoins?

Flipkart SuperCoins is a loyalty program launched by Flipkart, which rewards users for shopping on their platform. Every time you purchase an item on Flipkart, you will earn SuperCoins. These SuperCoins can be redeemed for various products and services on Flipkart. The more you shop, the more SuperCoins you will earn.

free flipkart super coins 2023

Earned supercoins can be used as partial payments on your orders on some products, There’s also Rs. 1 sale in which you can participate by paying just Rs. 1 from your bank and rest of the amount using Supercoins. You can find the products listed here.

How to earn Flipkart SuperCoins?

There are various ways to earn Flipkart SuperCoins. Here are some of the ways you can earn them for free:

1. Flipkart Plus Membership

Flipkart Plus Membership is a loyalty program that provides various benefits to its users, including free and fast delivery, early access to sales, and exclusive discounts. To become a Flipkart Plus member, you need to earn 200 SuperCoins in a year. Once you become a member, you will earn 4 SuperCoins for every Rs. 100 spent on Flipkart.

2. Referral Program

Flipkart provides a referral program where you can earn 100 SuperCoins for every successful referral. To refer a friend, go to the Flipkart app, click on the ‘Account’ tab, and select ‘Invite & Earn.’ Share your referral link with your friends, and once they make their first purchase, you will earn 100 SuperCoins.

3. Participate in Surveys

Flipkart provides surveys on its app, where you can earn SuperCoins by participating in them. These surveys are related to Flipkart’s products and services, and you can earn up to 50 SuperCoins per survey.

Participating in surveys on the Flipkart app is another great way to earn SuperCoins. These surveys are designed to gather feedback from customers on Flipkart’s products and services, and help the company improve its offerings. The surveys cover a wide range of topics, from product preferences to shopping habits, and can be completed in just a few minutes.

4. Play Games

Flipkart provides various games on its app, where you can earn SuperCoins by playing them. These games are usually related to Flipkart’s products and services, and you can earn up to 10 SuperCoins per game.

In addition to providing a fun way to engage with Flipkart’s products and services, playing games on the Flipkart app can also help you accumulate SuperCoins quickly. These SuperCoins can be used to unlock exclusive discounts, free subscriptions, and other rewards on the platform. The games available on Flipkart are updated regularly, so you can always find something new to play and earn SuperCoins. Some of the popular games on the platform include quiz contests, puzzles, and memory games, which test your knowledge and skills while rewarding you with SuperCoins. Whether you are a regular shopper on Flipkart or just looking for a way to pass the time, playing games on the app is a great way to earn rewards and have fun.

5. Use Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

Flipkart has partnered with Axis Bank to provide a co-branded credit card that offers various benefits, including SuperCoins. You can earn up to 4 SuperCoins for every Rs. 200 spent using the Flipkart Axis Bank credit card.

You can use your Supercoin to order on Flipkart and as a Plus member you can also enjoy the Flipkart Free delivery on your Flipkart fulfilled orders.

6. Participate in Quiz

Flipkart provides various quizzes on its app, where you can earn SuperCoins by participating in them. These quizzes are usually related to Flipkart’s products and services, and you can earn up to 5 SuperCoins per quiz.

Participating in quizzes on the Flipkart app is a great way to test your knowledge while earning SuperCoins. These quizzes cover a variety of topics, from general knowledge to specific products and services offered by Flipkart. You can take as many quizzes as you like, and each quiz typically consists of a few multiple-choice questions.

7. Shop on Flipkart during Sale

Flipkart provides various sales throughout the year, where you can earn extra SuperCoins by shopping during the sale. These sales include the Big Billion Days, Flipkart Plus Day, and various other festive sales.


In conclusion, Flipkart SuperCoins is a unique loyalty program that rewards users for shopping on Flipkart. There are various ways to earn SuperCoins for free, including Flipkart Plus membership, referral program, participating in surveys, playing games, using Flipkart Axis Bank credit card, participating in quizzes, and shopping during sales. So, next time you shop on Flipkart, make sure to earn as many SuperCoins as possible.

Flipkart Free Supercoins FAQs

Q1- What can I redeem with Flipkart SuperCoins?
Ans- You can redeem various products and services, including flight tickets, movie tickets, groceries, and various other items.
Q2- Is there an expiry date for Flipkart SuperCoins?
Ans- Yes, Flipkart SuperCoins have an expiry date.

Q3- How much Supercoins I can earn per order?

Ans- You can earn up to 100 supercoins if you are a Flipkart plus users and 50 coins if you are a normal user.

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