Free Paytm cash tricks 2020: Earn Unlimited Rs. 300 Paytm lifetime

Today we are going to reveal the most awaited free Paytm cash tricks 2020 using which you would be able to earn unlimited rupees 300 free Paytm cash online every month by just participating in small survey forms. It is one of the best survey sites available on the internet to earn vouchers and daily Paytm cash.
As we all know that we can use Paytm cash at anywhere it is like real money which can be spent anywhere such as an offline store online store you can use your free Paytm cash to recharge your mobile phone, make a postpaid bill payment, pay a premium of your insurance and electricity bill payment, etc.

Free Paytm cash tricks 2020

There are many people who look for app and websites which pays to its users on completing A certain number of tasks. today we are going to introduce you to know about one of the best-trusted survey websites available in India. Many people are using this Free Paytm cash link for a long time and they are earning Paytm cash every month.

There are plenty of apps and websites available in the market which claims to provide you cash and vouchers on signup or on completing certain type of task, participating in surveys but many times they didn’t pay a single penny to its user so it becomes very necessary to all of us that whenever you are going to spend our valuable time to somewhere we must ensure that the website providing Free Paytm cash online is genuine and trusted.
So today we are going to tell you about one such website which is genuine as well as old and trusted I am personally using that website to earn free Paytm cash in my idle time. And the name of that website is The Panel Station.
Yes, panel station is the name of that website which is a genuine, trusted, old and easiest website that you can use to earn unlimited free Paytm cash 2020 every month by just participating in the small surveys provided by depending on your profile details.

About Panel Station

I started using Panel Station in the year 2016 since then i am earning a substantial income of free Paytm cash tricks by doing nothing. Yes, nothing.
We all have some idle time in our daily life if we just put that idle time to complete a small survey on the panel station then we can earn a minimum of rupees 300 free Paytm cash month every month. By completing the survey we earn panel station points which we can redeem in the form of free Paytm cash or any voucher such as Amazon voucher Flipkart voucher.
Many people search for cash-earning websites and applications on Google and many times they end up wasting their precious time on a fake Daily Paytm cash earning website or application. After wasting their precious time that all the application of website which claims that they will provide you free Paytm cash are all fake but it is not the case with The Panel Station is one of the genuine websites which I have encountered.

Panel Station survey rewards-

You can redeem your earned Points in following vouchers

  • Free Paytm vouchers
  •  Free Flipkart Voucher
  • Free Amazon vouchers
  • Plus many more vouchers

You can redeem your points anytime you want. The detailed process is also provided in this post.

Important points to read before signup on Panel Station to get high paying surveys

  • Select Gender as Female
  • The name must be Genuine Indian name
  • Select tier 2/ 3 cities like Lucknow, Varanasi, Bhopal, Kanpur, Baroda, etc.
  • The Pincode must match the city which you have selected

Benefits of The Panel station-

There are many benefits of using the panel station which is listed below
– anyone can register on the panel Station
– you will be asked to participate in service depending on your profile details
– if you have selected female with 18 plus age then you are more likely to get high paying service in your station account
– the and Pounds can be redeemed in free Paytm cash or vouchers.
– once you complete the survey and submit it your account will be credited with points.

Step by step guide to earning Unlimited Paytm cash from The Panel Station

You must select Tier 2/ 3 cities to get high paying Rs. 400 Survey

Follow the tricks and Steps carefully to earn Free Paytm cash 2020 online.

1- First of all visit the below link and complete the signup process on The Panel Station

{ Signup Here }

2- You will see a Signup form on the landing page

3- Now start filling the form step by step with hints given below to get high paying surveys

You must select gender as FEMALE to get high paying offers

  • Email ID- Enter the email id (Use genuine ID to get regular updates whenever they have new surveys for you)
  • Full Name- Enter any Genuine full name of a Girl
  • Gender- Select FEMALE (to get high paying offers)
  • Mobile Number- Enter your working mobile number (Which you haven’t used to register on Panel Station before)
  • Verify your mobile number with OTP
  • Date of Birth- Enter your date of birth (Must be 18+)
  • CITY- You must select any Tier 2/ 3 cities (You can search on google to get a list of Tier 2 and 3 cities in India)
  • Do you own a car? Select Yes
  • Click on Submit Button

Now after submitting the form if you get this error “We are Sorry Page” then don’t worry because you must have entered the wrong Pincode. Start again by clicking this link- Click Here

Start filling all details again by changing City, Pincode, and Age and submit again

4- After submitting the form you will get a verification email. Open that email and click on Confirm Registration link to verify your email id

5- Just after verifying your email id you will soon get another email with your LoginID and Password, Copy both and login through the link given in the email

6- Congratulations!!! You have just completed the signup process to Earn Unlimited Free Paytm cash online for a lifetime.

7- After a few minutes you will get a new email with a new survey link

8- Click on the link and fill the survey carefully and submit it to start the journey of your online earning.

9- Complete your profile details to earn 900 Points

10- Check your registered email regularly on a daily basis to complete the new survey opportunity to earn more and more points.

Some tips and tricks to fill a survey

If you have followed the above steps to sign up on The Panel Station then you are more likely to get high paying surveys. But you must make sure to remember the following steps-

  • Always give time to read the question and select appropriate answers
  • Fill the answers according to the details you have used while signup
  • You have selected as Female on signup so do remember it and select the answer according to it.
  • Sometimes the surveys are 7 – 8 pages long which might take up to 30 minutes to complete it, So, Don’t get bored.
  • Select the most possible answer as per your profile
  • Fill and submit survey regularly to get the maximum number of surveys

Benefits of having Paytm cash

There are many benefits of having free Paytm cash in your Paytm account it is just like a real money you can liquidate it anytime in form of recharges, online gas bill payment, electricity bill payment, recharging your Metro cards, booking your flight tickets, railway tickets etc, you can use your Paytm cash to make payment of your grocery bills and services at the merchant Store both offline and online.
You can even send this free Paytm cash in your Bank account at a nominal charge of just 2.5%
There are many benefits of having Paytm cash which is listed below
– you can recharge your mobile phone
– you can make postpaid bill payment of your mobile or landline
– you can book flight tickets & railway tickets
– recharge your Metro card
– make payment of your insurance premium
– bill payment of your gas and electricity bill
– recharge your DTH
– make payment of your broadband bills
– transfer this Paytm Cash into your Paytm bank account and start earning interest off up to 6% on your savings
– transfer Paytm cash to another Paytm cash account
– there is no expiration of your free Paytm cash

Final Words- Apart from this website there are many other apps and websites using which you can earn Paytm Cash for free. We will add up a few Free Paytm cash 2020 earning websites and apps from time to time and list them all here.



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