Fuel Buddy app loot: Upload bill and get 5 litre free Diesel

Hello friends we are back with one more app which is providing free 5 litres of Diesel on the occasion of Independence day. The name of the app is Fuel Buddy and you will get free 5 litres of diesel by completing a simple task.

You need to download the official Fuel buddy application from the play store to complete the task. I hope you all have already participated in Amazon Funzone streak offer to claim free pay balance, this time you can claim free approx 500 worth of diesel on your first order. I hope you have already ordered and received free sample products by following our article.

About Fuel Buddy app

FuelBuddy is an application that facilitates the delivery of fuel on demand. Fuel is regularly provided to corporate customers. As a company, we are committed to transforming an industry that is rife with pilferage and adulteration. It is our objective to provide a safe, transparent, and convenient delivery process through the use of advanced technology features.

There are more than 20 million residents in India who require uninterrupted power supply. This results in the operation of backup generators in over twenty million residential and commercial complexes. Users obtain diesel from fuel stations by carrying jerry cans or barrels. Generators are transported to sites where they are installed in an unsafe manner. Moreover, diesel fuel is stocked and stored for future use to avoid the inconvenience of frequent purchases and unsafe transportation.

You can participate in Fuel buddy app and get 5 litres of free Diesel on your first order from Fuel buddy app, The process is little completed, hence follow the step by step guide carefully given below

How to get Free Diesel from Fuel Buddy app

The process of claiming free 5 litres of Diesel from Fuel Buddy app is very easy and simple, you can participate in the Fuel Buddy Azaadi from Purchi offer using the official Fuelbuddy app.

1- First of all download the official Fuel buddy app-

Download the App

2- Open the app and signup with your mobile number and other credentials.

3- Verify your mobile number with OTP after that select your city, also allow the location access.

4- Now you are on the homepage of the app

5- Now proceed to order a minimum 5 litre diesel on the Fuel buddy app.

6- On the payment page enter this coupon code- DIESEL

7- Place the order and take the bill from the order.

8- Most Important Step- Upload the bill/ parchi on social media and send a photo on this number – 9810972857

9- You will receive 5 litre free diesel.

Benefits of Using Fuel Buddy-

Following are the benefits of using Fuel Buddy app. Some of the benefits of are given below-

1. The supply of fuel for generators of all types
2. Reducing the need for on-site fuel storage
3. Reduce the risk of fuel spills
4. Reduce the risk of fuel theft.
5. Keep track of the fuel consumption.
6. Prevent fleet cards from being misused


In conclusion, the Fuel Buddy app presents an exciting opportunity for users to receive a free 5 litres of diesel in celebration of Independence Day. This offer can be easily accessed by downloading the official Fuel Buddy application from the play store and completing a straightforward task. Fuel Buddy’s innovative approach to fuel delivery seeks to revolutionize an industry that has historically struggled with issues of adulteration and pilferage. By leveraging advanced technological features, FuelBuddy aims to provide a secure, transparent, and convenient fuel delivery process.


Q: How can I claim the free diesel offer?

A: Download the Fuel Buddy app, order a minimum of 5 litres of diesel, use code “DIESEL” at payment, and share the bill on social media.

Q: What are the benefits of using Fuel Buddy?

A: Fuel Buddy offers secure fuel delivery, reduces storage needs, prevents spills and theft, tracks consumption, and curbs misuse of fleet cards.

Q: What is Fuel Buddy’s objective?

A: Fuel Buddy aims to transform fuel delivery, ensuring safety, transparency, and convenience through advanced technology and innovative processes.

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