Google Pay Lays Offer: Get 5 & 10 Free Cashbacks

Sometimes, when companies want more people to buy their products, they offer a special deal where you can get all your money back when you buy certain things. For example, if you buy a pack of Galaxy Chocolates, you can get all your money back. Today, if you buy a pack of Lays chips that costs Rs.5, you can get Rs.5 back.

Google Pay Lays offer is still working for everyone. By participating in this offer you can get the additional cashback which makes your snack purchase absolutely free.

Google Pay is giving you a special offer where if you buy a Rs.5 packet of Lays chips with a Google Pay logo and QR code, you can scan the code and enter a code inside the packet to get a scratch card. This scratch card can give you cashback of up to Rs.10. There is also a similar offer for Kurkure and Doritos chips. It’s a great chance to enjoy your favorite snacks and get some money back.

Google Pay Lays offer : How to participate in the offer

Follow the below listed step by step guide to participate in Google Pay Lays offer.

1- To get the special offer from Google Pay, you need to buy special packs of Kurkure, Doritos, and Lay’s. These packs have a logo and a QR code. You can find them in different stores.

2- After you buy something, you can use your phone and the Google Pay app to scan a special code that’s on the package. This code helps you get special offers or discounts. You can find the code by going to the Offers section in the Google Pay app.

3- When you scan something, like a code or a picture, your phone will take you to a special page on Google Pay that has information about a promotion or special offer.

4- When you buy something, you will get a special code inside the pack. Take that code and type it in on a special page. When you do that, you will get a scratch card that you can play with.

5- After you type in the special code, you will get a special card on the Google Pay app. Scratch the card to see how much money you will get back.

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Terms and Conditions-

  1. The 16-digit code is a special number that you can only use one time.
  2. You can use the code to get a reward, but only once.
  3. You can find the code inside snack packets with the Google Pay logo.
  4. The offer is available from July 10, 2023 to April 29, 2024.


I hope by following the steps given in this article you were able to get up to 10 rupees cashback. Make sure to check the offer on the pack before buying the items to get the unique code.

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