Google Pay Referral Code 2023 (h8he6m) Get rupees 180 cashback on first transaction

Soon after the launch of the Google pay application in India, it is becoming famous and famous every day. earlier it was known as the Tez app but after a year Google has changed its name, and now it is known as the Google Pay app. new Google pay users can get a cashback of up to rupees 180 by using Google pay referral code 2023 of someone.

Hence in this article, we are going to list a special Google pay Tez invite code that you can submit on your Google Pay app to get cashback benefits of rupees 180 as a new Google pay user.

Note- Referral rewards are dynamic and they get changed frequently, Hence check the referral amount to participate in the referral program.

 From time to time Google pay comes up with rewarding cashback offers for their old as well as new users to encourage them to use the Google Pay app for online services and payments. by offering the signup rewards to Google Pay new users they get more download and sign-up numbers for their payment app.

Google Pay Referral Code 2023

 To get the signup benefits of the Google Pay app you need to enter the unique referral code on your Google pay app so that whenever you perform your first transaction on the application your linked bank account will get credited with the cashback amount. this cashback amount could be different from one user to another depending on the offers they have used on their first Google pay transaction.

 To utilize the Google pay referral code you must have the official Google Pay app or APK installed on your smartphone and if you are getting any Google pay installation error then you can refer to this guide.

 so if you haven’t downloaded the Google Pay app on your mobile phone yet then you must download it by using the link given in this post and submitting our special Google pay referral code 2023 for getting rupees 180 instant cashback directly credited to your bank account.

What Is the Google Pay Invite Code?

Google pay invite code (h8he6m) basically is a unique 5 to 6 digit code containing the mixture of word and alphabets init.  it is a combination of unique codes different from one user to another which ensures that only those users will get the referral rewards whose referral code was used by someone.

 Google pay invite code plays an important role in rewarding users. there is no limit placed on Google pay referral earning that means you can share your Google pay referral code to as many people as you can to earn an unlimited amount of referral rewards in your account.

How to Add a Referral Code in Google Pay?

 The process of submitting the invite code on your Google pay app is very simple. kindly follow the step-by-step guide given below to learn that how you can add a referral code to Google Pay app.

  1.  first of all, copy this unique referral code to enter in-app- h8he6m
  2.  Download the Google Tej app by using this special download link- Click Here
  3.  After downloading the app select your preferred language and proceed with the signup process
  4.  Enter the mobile number which is registered in your bank account on your Google Pay app and click the submit button
  5.  Let the Google Pay app verify your mobile number by sending a message from your number to the server
  6.   Once the mobile number is confirmed select your bank account in which you are having an account for the preferred bank account which you want to link with the Google Pay app.
  7.  Generate your four-digit online payment code
  8.  After that, the Google pay signup process will be completed congratulation you have now become a registered user of Google Pay app
  9.  Now here comes the most important part which is to add the Google pay referral code in the app to claim the first user benefit in India
  10. Open Google Pay.
  11. In the top right (three dots), tap. Referral Code.
  12. Google Pay referral code 2020
  13. Type in this referral code- h8he6m that your friend sent you. If the code is valid, you’ll see a success screen.
  14. Make your first payment to get rewarded.

How to Earn From Refer and Earn Program of Google Pay

 if you want to earn from the Google pay refer and earn program then you need to share your unique referral link for Google pay referral code 2023 with your friends and family member. the referral rewards are dynamic which gets changed from time to time ranging between rupees 51 to 180.

  •  Open the Google Pay app
  •  Scroll the homepage of the app and click on the invite a friend link
  •  You will get your Google to pay referral link. Copy that link
  •  Share this link using any application listed in the popup or you can just copy the link and start sharing it.
  •  The referral reward will be credited to your bank account whenever someone uses your referral link or referral code to download the app and completes his/her first transaction.
  • You wouldn’t get any rewards if the user has already used Gpay in the past before.
  • Google pay refer and earn offer is exclusively available for new users only.

Why Do the Refer Rewards Keep On Changing

Google Pay rewards are dynamic in nature and they keep on changing. You might see it offering Rs. 300 against one successful refer today and tomorrow you might see a lesser amount. So, we would like to let you know that it is dynamic and natural and keep on changing but you can expect anything between Rs. 100 to 250 per refer.

You will be rewarded with the ongoing reward amount as seen in the Google pay application.

Final Words- Google pay is the best app to send money by using just a mobile number of users. The transferred money will take no time to reflect in the receiver’s bank account just after you hit the send button in your Google Pay app. To gain popularity Google pay is offering cashback on new users’ first transactions.

So, Use our referral code to signup on to Google Pay to claim some awesome Google Pay New User offer 2021 (You will be amazed with the offers)

The rewards are instant, And they will be deposited in your bank account in a fraction of a second.

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