{Finally Solve} How to Solve Google Pay unable to verify error?

Friends, if you want to use Google Pay on your smartphone but for some reason, you are not able to activate Google Pay on your mobile number and the reason is that Google Pay unable to verify your registered mobile number in your bank So in this article, we will tell you today how you can successfully correct the able to verify error on Google.

If your phone is rooted then GPay will not work on your phone, Google pay application is so powerful that it can detect if the user has root access to the phone or not.

“Google Pay this card can’t be verified right now” is a common error which users normally face whenever they try to signup on Google Pay application after the installation. Before proceeding make sure sure that you used the correct details to signup on Google pay with correct details as registered with your Bank.

It’s a common error for peoples leaving in United States of America.

Make sure that the mobile number registered with your bank is already inserted in your mobile phone for auto SIM verification.

You can also follow this article if you are unable to verify bank account in Google pay.

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Google Pay unable to verify error

What is Google Pay Unable to Verify Error?

Using Google Pay which is the official payment application of Google which is specially made for Indian people, people can recharge their mobile, know the balance of their bank, send money from their account to any other account. Or you can pay at the shops using a mobile number etc. Apart from this, some special offers are also given to the person who registers for the first time on Google Pay, using which a person can get cashback on various merchant sites.

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Friends, Google Pay mobile application you can use on your Android mobile phone and it is very easy to use, in this article, I will show you below how you can download Google Pay on your mobile and verify your mobile number. I will tell you how you can solve the problem that you are having in verifying your mobile number.

All of you are requested that before proceeding, please make sure that the mobile number registered with the bank is in your smartphone in which you want to use Google Pay if the SIM is not in the mobile number in which the Google Pay application If your mobile number will not be verified!

Possible reasons why people get Unable to Verify error in Gpay

There could be many reasons in which a user gets unable to verify error while setting up their Google Pay account and some of them are listed below-

1- Incorrect or incomplete information: If the user enters incorrect or incomplete information while setting up their Google Pay account, such as an invalid card number or incorrect personal details, the verification process may fail.

2- Incompatible device or operating system: Google Pay requires specific device and operating system compatibility. If a user’s device or operating system is not supported, they may receive an error during the verification process.

3- Insufficient funds or payment method issues: If the user’s linked payment method has insufficient funds, expired cards, or other payment-related issues, the verification process may fail.

4- Poor internet connection: A stable internet connection is necessary for Google Pay to communicate with the server and complete the verification process. If the user has a weak or unreliable internet connection, it can lead to verification errors.

5- Server or technical issues: Occasionally, Google Pay’s servers may experience temporary glitches or technical issues, causing the verification process to fail. In such cases, the error is typically resolved once the underlying problem is fixed.

6- Account security concerns: If Google Pay detects any suspicious activity or potential security risks associated with the user’s account, they may block or restrict the verification process to protect the user’s information.

7- Regional restrictions: Google Pay’s availability and features may vary depending on the country or region. If a user tries to use Google Pay in an unsupported region, they may encounter verification errors.

Step by Step Guide to Solve Google Pay Mobile Number Verification Error

First of all, download the Google Pay application using the below button-

Download Google Pay

For the convenience of the users, we are going to list a few steps and check using which you could be able to successfully verify your mobile number with OTP to set up the Google Pay application on your smartphone.

  • Make sure that you have the same SIM inserted in your mobile phone which is registered with your Bank.
  • You have adequate balance in your smartphone to send a message
  • Your mobile phone is not rooted (Primary cause)
  • You have given the necessary access to Google pay to send a message from your mobile phone

if after doing all these you are still getting the Google Pay unable to verify error then contact the App developer.

What to Do if You Are Unable to Download Gpay From the Play Store

So, People are unable to download the Google Pay application from the Play store, Whenever they click on the download button the download doesn’t get a start and displays an error code.

By following the below steps you would be able to download Google Pay

  • First of all open setting of your mobile phone
  • Search for apps section
  • In the apps list search for Google Play store
  • Open Google play and clear the data
  • Now open Google play and give access to your Google account
  • Try downloading the app again using this link- Click Here

If you are getting any of the below error then you can follow the above listed steps.

google pay this card can’t be verified right now

google pay verification failed

google pay card cannot be verified

google this card cannot be verified

What to Do if You Are Unable to Verify Bank Account

There are many cases in which we have seen that many people were getting this error “Google Pay unable to verify bank account” while proceeding to connect their respective bank accounts with the Google pay to make and receive payments in their bank accounts directly.

In such cases you can try following the below things-

  • Make sure that the mobile number SIM registered with the bank account is inserted in your mobile number.
  • You have sufficient balance in your Mobile to send verification message.
  • You are selecting the correct SIM to send message when it prompts to.
  • You are not being blocked to send messages.

What to Do if You Are Unable to Verify Your Card With Gpay

If you are unable to verify your card with GPay then there could be many reasons for this. Make sure to check following points.

  • Check you card number
  • Check if you have entered the correct OTP
  • Sometimes due to issue from the bank side also you could also face this issue. Kindly try after sometime.
  • Check that you are able to send and receive messages on your mobile phone
  • You have sufficient balance to send message from your mobile phone.

Benefits of Using Google Pay to Make Payments

There are many benefits of using Google pay on your mobile phone, You can make instant payments, Transfer funds, recharge mobile phones, etc. A detailed list of advantages are listed below-

  • You can make one-click payments to anyone using a mobile number
  • You can recharge your mobile phone
  • Make bill payments
  • Check bank account balance
  • Make payment at merchant stores.
  • Scan QR code and make payment.

There are many other benefits of using Google Pay which gets added into the platform time to time to help the Google pay users maximum.

Why Google Pay Doesn’t Work on a Rooted Phone?

Google considers Rooted mobile phones as vulnerable to hackers who can spy on your security by remotely storing your login and password details. Hence Google strictly prohibits rooted mobile phones for Google Pay to work. And whenever you try to install and signup it will always pop up an error that “Google Pay unable to verify” error.

One can easily change the important data of a mobile phone if the phone is rooted. In simple words Rooted mobile phones are easy to compromise with securities.

Is Google Pay a Safe Payment Method?

What is the level of security that Google Pay provides? It is Google Pay’s aim to set the standard for security in the world of online payments, protecting your data with multiple layers of security in the most advanced infrastructure in the world. With Google Pay, you will never have to share your actual card number. This ensures the security of your information when you pay in stores.
So, We can say that Google pay is one of the most secure payment methods in the market which you can trust. Apart from Google Pay being safe you can also follow some general precautions to make your safe like avoiding unwanted payment requests etc.

Things We Can Do Using Google Pay

There are plenty of things that you can do using Google Pay. Earlier it was limited to a few services only like transfer of money, Mobile recharge bill payments only. But nowadays you can even take loans using Gpay application.

Below are the list of services that you can use Gpay for

  • Mobile recharge
  • Postpaid bill payments
  • Electricity bill payments
  • Money transfer
  • Insurance premium payment

Final Words- 

If after following the above steps you are still not able to verify your mobile number with the Google pay system then you should try contacting Google pay representatives. Just convey your issue and the technical team will try to resolve the issue.

If after following all the steps you are still not able to use the Gpay application then change your device.

Make sure to follow all the steps carefully.

You can reach to customer care department by following this link


Q1- How does Google Pay differ from other payment methods?

Ans- Banks that support Google Pay are few and far between. In other words, if Google Pay isn’t accepted by your bank, you won’t be able to use it.

Q2- Is a bank account required for Google Pay?

Ans- Registering with Google Pay or linking your Google Account to Google Pay requires that you be physically located in India. A bank account in India and a mobile number in India are also required.

Q3- What is the fee for Google Pay?

Ans- There is no charge for downloading the app. Your Google Pay balance does not incur any fees when sending or receiving money. It can be used for free of cost.

Q4- Can I trust Google Pay with my bank account?

Ans- On Google’s private servers, Google securely stores payment methods for your Google Account.

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