Guide to Unlink Paytm Account From Flipkart or Other Apps

If you have ever used your Paytm account to make payments at any website or application then you must know that they save your Paytm details for future transactions. After linking their paytm account and making payments many users search for how to unlink Paytm account from Flipkart.

And if you wish to remove your link Paytm account then you can also do that by going into the Payment setting option of that website or application but there are many websites that don’t allow you to remove your wallet Payment options like Flipkart, Hence it increases the risk of unwanted or fraud orders from your Paytm account.

Recently I’ve added my own Paytm account as a Payment option on Flipkart online market place and there was no option to remove that. Hence I started searching for ways using which I can unlink my Paytm account from Flipkart.

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Unlink Paytm Account from any Website/ App

Removing the Paytm account from the website or app ensures the safety of your available wallet balance. Although there are many benefits of linking Paytm as a payment option if for some reason you want to remove it then we have written a guide on it below.

Benefits of using Paytm as a Payment option-

There are many benefits of using Paytm as a Payment option on merchant websites or applications.

  • Instant Payment
  • No need to insert debit/ credit card details
  • No need to remember the password
  • Takes less time to place a prepaid order
  • Good use of your wallet balance

In today’s informational guide on how to unlink the Paytm account from the website, we will use the official Paytm app to delink Paytm as a payment option from the apps. The process to unlink your Paytm account from different apps and websites are very easy.

Step by step guide to delink your Paytm account from Flipkart

The below-given method is still working to unlink your Paytm account from any app or website So, Follow the below steps and delete your Paytm details from any merchant website.

By following the below guide you would be able to delete your Paytm account from Flipkart or any other apps.

1- First of all download the Paytm application on your mobile phone if you haven’t yet- Click Here

2- Login with your Paytm account

3- Open the app

4- On the dashboard of the app click on Profile from the top left corner

how to unlink paytm account from flipkart

5- Select Settings

6- After that select Payment settings like the image below

how to unlink paytm account

7- After that, you will see a few options, Now select Apps linked with Paytm account

paytm link

8- Now you will see a list of all the websites and applications which are linked to your Paytm account.

9- To delink any website or app you should click on Delink 

10- A confirmation popup will appear.

unlink settings

11- Click on the yes button and the website will be unlinked from your Paytm account.

Congratulations you have just unlinked your Paytm account from Flipkart. To unlink another other website or app you just need to follow the same instructions.

In the future, if you make payment using your Paytm account and you want to ensure that your Paytm details are not saved there then follow the instructions above frequently after adding your Paytm account in any website.

Recently Flipkart has finished  celebrating the festive sale seasons and many people who have booked any product from the Flipkart using Paytm mode of payment are searching for answers to unlink their Paytm account from the Flipkart application.

I hope they have already got their answers and are now satisfied by unlinking their Paytm accounts.

Benefits of delinking your Paytm from 3rd Party apps

There are many benefits of unlinking a Paytm account from any third-party application or website which we can discuss in the points below.

  • After unlinking, You can ensure the safety of your funds from unauthorized transactions.
  • If the 3rd party app/ application gets hacked then your Paytm data will be secured.
  • You can link your Paytm account anytime in future to make the payment.
  • No tension if the data of Paytm get leaked in future.

Final Words- So, This was the article to unlink your Paytm account from Flipkart, We will update more ways in the future so that you can follow the same to unlink your Paytm account. We hope that this guide has helped you in unlinking your Paytm account from other apps. Now you don’t need to search unlink your Paytm account separately from different sites. You just need to use one source to do it.

Before the start of ecommerce online festival sales in India make sure that you knew the process of disconnecting your Paytm account after payments.

I hope this guide has helped you in unlinking your Paytm account from any application.

Frequently Asked questions

Q1- How much time will it take to unlink?

Ans- The process will instantly unlink your Paytm account from any app.

Q2- Will I be able to link my Paytm account again?

Ans- Yes, You can link your Paytm account again whenever you want.

Q3- How do I unlink my Paytm account from Airtel app?

Ans- You can follow the same process as given above to unlink your Paytm account from my Airtel app.

Q4- How do I unlink Paytm account from Jio app?

Ans- Open Paytm app and go to profile and then select linked apps after that unlink your Jio app.

Q5- Can I delete Paytm bank account?

Ans- Yes, You can make your Paytm bank account deactive any time you want.

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