Hoichoi Free 1 Month Subscription Worth Rs. 149

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Today I will introduce you to the Hoichoi application, which you can try for free for a month. A one-month subscription to the Hoichoi application costs 149 rupees. However, you can get this 1 month subscription for free without spending any money for a limited time. Just follow the steps we’ve given you and you’ll receive a free month’s subscription to Hoichoi.

There is a condition that this subscription is available only to those customers who have an available Flipkart account and who also possess a minimum of 149 Flipkart Super Coins.

The following tutorial explains to you how to get a Hoichoi subscription using Flipkart SuperCoins by using the process described in the guide.

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What is Hoichoi App

After purchasing a premium subscription on this platform, users will have the opportunity to watch more than 600 films after purchasing this service. The subscription allows access to all content in 1080P, continuous video playback without ads, first access to all serials, live shows, etc. after you purchase the subscription.

If you get the Premium Subscription for HoiChoi, you will be able to access all of the content that appears on this app. There are mainly Bengali and Hindi language users who prefer the HoiChoi platform.

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Step by Step Guide to Get the Hoichoi Subscription

This section of the article shows you how to get a free Hoichoi subscription for a month.

1- First of all, you need to download the Flipkart application if you do not already have it

Download Flipkart App

2- Log in to the Flipkart application with your email id and password.

3- When you logon to the Flipkart application, you have to click on the super coin option on the home page.

4- You then need to open the rewards page.

5- After that you will see various available coupons and offers.

6- Scroll the page until you see Hoichoi subscription offer

7- Now click open the Hoichoi subscription banner.

8-  Fill the details and proceed.

9-  Now complete the payment using any mode of payment. If you have 149 Flipkart supercoins in your Flipkart account then you can simply make the payment using super coins on the Flipkart app and get the unique 1 month Hoichoi subscription.

Terms & Conditions For HoiChoi Free Subscription Offer:

The offer is available upon fulfilling the below terms and conditions. Make sure that you are fulfilling all the terms and conditions otherwise you won’t be awarded the 1 month free subscription.

  1. Only Android and iOS users are eligible for this offer. 
  2. This offer is not available to existing Hoichoi subscribers.
  3. Subscriptions can only be used by Indians. 
  4. Only one device can be used at the same time for both streaming and playing content.
  5. This HoiChoi Subscription cannot be used twice.
  6. Once purchased, this Hoichoi offer cannot be exchanged or refunded.

List of Some of the Famous Series and Movies Available on Hoichoi

After getting the one month subscription Hoichoi free subscription you can start streaming your favorite movies and series on the app.

  • Feludar Goyendagiri
  • Byomkesh
  • Mismatch
  • Eken Babu web series
  • Charitraheen
  • Hello
  • Mandaar
  • Paap
  • Japani Toy
  • Sabrina
  • Mohomaya
  • Mouchaak
  • Paanch phoron
  • Mohanagar
  • Murder in the hills
  • Dupur Thakurpo
  • Montu pilot
  • Taranath tantrik
  • Taqdeer

Final Words- I hope by following the guide you were able to purchase the Hoichoi subscription and you are able to watch contents in high quality in your regional languages. Friends, I hope you have all received your Hoichoi free subscription by following the steps we provided. If you are unable to get this subscription for free, then you can let us know in the comment box below what kind of problem you are facing, so we can help you.


Q1- What is the cost of a Hoichoi subscription?

Ans- Hoichoi subscriptions start at 599 and go up to 899 for family plans. Does Hoichoi have a free subscription? There is no free subscription for Hoichoi, however their solo plan starts at 599 a year, which comes out to 50 a month.

Q2- Can I get Hoichoi for free?

Ans- XStream app, Vi TV & Movies app or MX player website lets you watch Hoichoi content for free without a Hoichoi subscription. As part of Hoichoi’s free movie and episode section, there are a number of titles available. Among them are Humans vs Corona, Suchipatra, Game Over, Boy Interrupted, Taranath Tantrik, and various other titles.

Q3- Can I get a lifetime free Hoichoi subscription?

Ans- No, Lifetime subscription isn’t available with Hoichoi, You can purchase it for a month only.

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