Home tester Club reveiw 2020: Order free products samples

Get yourself free products to review as a sample from Home Tester Club website which facilitates Free sample products to there registered users so that they can try them and share their valuable reviews and finding at-home tester club official website. Anyone from India can register on the website by following the links which are given in this article and start ordering the sample products of newly launched products from various brands.

Brands like ITC, Himalaya, Nestle love to have a few original reviewers of there products so that they can get valuable insights on the products before originally launching the product in the market (To the larger number of peoples) Hence they have tied up with Home tester and several other sites like Smartpick to offer their products as free samples

Home tester club review

Home Tester free sample product website was introduced so that it can make the process easy in order to bring the products to the available audience who are most capable to use the product depending on their Age, Gender, Residential address, Profession etc. 

The home tester website also provides free sample products outside India also, It has active users following in countries like Australia, UK, South Africa, Indonesia, United States, Brazil, Malaysia, etc. This indicates that Home Tester is a genuine website and many users from inside and outside India have got their products delivered if there were genuine and met the requirements of the sample products.

Why brands offer free sample products-

Free sample products help the brands To get uses for their products so that they can use the product and share their valuable inputs in which the brand can use the quality and performance of the products. On the other hand, Free sample products also help in trust building of the products.

Normally users don’t want to switch over the product which they have been using since a long time so free sample help them use the product for free to test it and help them decide the best product from the available options.

That’s why the Home Tester club website offers free product samples to their users. The detailed process to order the sample is given in this article below.

Step by step guide to ordering free samples-

If you are interested in ordering sample products in Home related items then kindly follow the steps below-

1- Visit the official Home Tester website- Click Here

2- Sign in with your Facebook or Gmail id

3- Enter your Delivery address including mobile number

4- After completing the signup process it will ask to participate in a small survey

5- Accept the terms and conditions and submit your request

6- Now order a sample product

7- Wait for 24 to 48 working hours, One of home tester club executive will call to confirm your order

8- After that your sample product will be shipped and tracking details will be shared with you.

9- You need to wait for 10 to 14 working days to get your product.

Categories in which you order sample products from Hometesterclub

There is a list of categories in which you can place your samples. 

  • Food & Pantry
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Beverages
  • Chilled food
  • Baby & Toddler
  • Cleaning
  • Household
  • Appliances 
  • Pet

You can place orders for following products by clicking on the link below on Home tester club webpage

-Free Bathing Soap- Order sample here

-VLCC Insta Glow- Order sample here

-Maxo genious refill liquid- Order Here

-Revital Health Woman capsules- Order Here

-Himalaya Skin Shop sample- Sample here

-Lips Balm- Free sample order

-Axe Pocket Body perfume sample- Click here

You can pick any product and place the order online, Kindly make sure to fill the correct details in the profile section of your home tester page so that your chances to receive the samples will be improved because just like you there are millions of other who want to get the products.


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