How to Check KYC Status in Paytm? 3 Solution

Are you looking for a solution to how to check KYC status in Paytm? If you use an online wallet in your daily work then you already know how essential KYC is to your wallet because without this you cannot use your wallet to the fullest as if you cannot transfer fund from one wallet to another, the limit of your wallet is limited to Rs 10000 only, you cannot receive money from others, you cannot open a bank account in Paytm, etc.

So keeping these things in mind, it becomes very important that you get your Paytm account KYC verified and the way to do it is very easy. If you have made your Paytm account by visiting the nearest Paytm KYC verification center and you want to know your Paytm KYC verification status, then you can check your KYC status immediately by using the different means given below.

The detailed steps are provided in the upcoming section of this article. Make sure to follow any of the various ways to check your KYC status on the app.

How to Check KYC Status in Paytm

You can check the KYC status of your Paytm account using the following three methods. In which:-

1- The first way is using the Paytm official application
2- Another way to talk to Paytm Customer Care
3- And the third way is to get information by emailing the Paytm KYC department

The easiest way in all this is to get information about Paytm KYC status using Paytm official application. Through this you can check your Paytm KYC status in a few seconds, complete step by step information regarding how to check KYC status in Paytm official application is given in the further part of this article.

So if you want to check your Paytm KYC status then follow the instructions given below.

As you all know that Paytm started as an online mobile recharging application, but over time, Paytm connected various services to its application to provide maximum benefit to the people.

Currently, you can pay your bill through Paytm, book gas, pay the electricity bill, you can book railway, bus, movie, theater, airplane, tickets, buy insurance, pay the insurance premium, invest in the stock market. You can even get Paytm Payments Bank, which means that you can also open a bank account in it, you can also create FD and deposit fund in it.

According to the Indian banking law, One needs to submit at least one of their government-issued addresses and identity proof along with other documents to open a Bank account in any Indian bank.

What is Paytm KYC

KYC means Know Your Customer. You can KYC your Paytm account using any of this document issued by the Indian government- Aadhar card, Voter ID card, PAN card, electricity bill, passport by any of your government documents, or identity card by the account holder in Know Your Customer ie Paytm. If you verify with your Paytm account, then we call it a KYC verified account. Recently we have published an article which is related to the Paytm account deactivation process.

Once the Paytm account is KYC verified, the customer starts getting many benefits, the first benefit of which is that his wallet limit increases from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per month. This means that the Paytm account in which you could not keep more than Rs 10,000 in your wallet. After having Paytm KYC verification in it, you can keep up to 100000 and there is no limit on the various transactions you do.

To get your account KYC verified, all you have to do is go to your nearest Paytm kyc merchant and give them your registered Paytm mobile number and link it to them through any of your government identity proofs, You will also receive an OTP on your registered mobile number to confirm your KYC status.

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Benefits of having Paytm account KYC verified

Once the Paytm account is KYC verified, you get the benefit of the following benefits

– You can keep up to Rs 1 lakh in your Paytm account

-There is no limit on the transactions you do using your Paytm.

-You can send or receive money to any other Paytm account.

-You can use Paytm Payment Bank, in which you can open your account and keep money in it.

-You can get interest rate of up to 7% per year

-You can use Paytm Money in which you can invest in the stock market or mutual fund.

-Once KYC is verified in the account in Paytm, the chances of your account getting blocked are reduced.

-You can become a Paytm merchant and get online payments from your customers through Paytm.

Various Ways to Check Paytm KYC Status

Now you must be wondering how to check KYC status in Paytm. There are mainly three ways to check your Paytm KYC verification status.

1st- Using the official Paytm app
2nd- Calling Paytm Customer Care
3rd- Contacting Paytm KYC Department
Currently, when almost all people who want to use an online wallet have a smartphone, they can check the Paytm KYC verification status in a few seconds using the official Paytm application. It only takes a few seconds.

How to Check KYC Status Using the Official Paytm App

You can check KYC status in Paytm in a few seconds using the official Paytm app. Follow the steps given below to check your KYC status.
– First of all, download the official Paytm app from the Play Store
– Login to your current Paytm account using your mobile number or email id
– After logging in, click on your profile
– After clicking on the profile, you will see a blue sign below your name as “KYC Verified” with your registered mobile number and email address.

how to check KYC status in paytm
By Emailing Customer Care Department

If for some reason you cannot check the KYC verification status of your Paytm account using the official Paytm app, then you can get the information of your Paytm KYC status using this method. The biggest problem of this method is that you will not be able to know your KYC status immediately and it may take 24 -48 working hours to get a response from the customer care department.
– Login to your email id first
– Click compose to send a new email
– Write Paytm KYC Verification Status Check-in Subject
– In the message, you should write your message and information related to your Paytm account such as your registered email id, mobile number, your name, etc.
– After this, send the email to this email ID of the Customer Care Department- [email protected]
– Paytm Customer Care Department will send you the status related to your Paytm KYC verification to your email id in 24 to 48 hours.

If you have an Aadhaar number that is registered with Paytm, you can instantly verify your identity by using your Aadhaar details through the Paytm app.
As an alternative to getting your verification completed at a nearby center, you can also go to one in your area.
The process of schedule an appointment at your home and complete your KYC may take up to seven working days for those who schedule a home appointment.

What to Do if the Paytm Account Is Not Kyc Verified

If you believe that your Paytm account has not been KYC verified, then you should check your email ID to know for which reason your KYC verification has been failed, You should follow the steps and submit your request again to get your Paytm KYC done so that you will enjoy the benefits of fully verified Paytm account.

Submit Your Documents Once Again

If your Paytm KYC request has been declined then you should start considering the resubmission of your Documents at the authorized Paytm KYC verification partners in your area.

Make sure that the submitted documents are clear and duly verified by you. You might be asked to complete the finger impression to verify your Aadhar card.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Verification Failure

There are many reasons due to which a KYC verification of any Paytm account is denied. Make sure to not repeat them. Below some of the points which needs to be considered for KYC verification success.

  • Make sure that the Name on your Paytm Profile and in the documents you are submitting is same.
  • Your email and mobile number is OTP verified.
  • Make sure to get yourself available at the given time and date on which the Paytm representatives are coming.
  • Single name KYC gets failed.
  • After following all these points you can check KYC status in Paytm.

Final Words- So, This was the detailed article on how to check KYC status in Paytm for you. Hope this guide has helped you in verifying the KYC status of your Paytm link account. We will bring more new ways to check KYC status in the future if we come across any new way to check that.

General FAQ’s

Q1- Paytm KYC approval time?

Ans- Aadhaar details can be used in Paytm App for instant KYC. The other alternative is to visit a nearby center and have your verification done there. If you have scheduled a home appointment, it may take up to 7 working days for your KYC to be completed after you schedule the visit.

Q2- Online KYC updates are possible with Paytm?

Ans- The Paytm app lets you complete KYC in less than one minute. You just need your Aadhaar number and a UIDAI OTP. No Aadhaar? Visit a KYC center or request an agent visit if you don’t have one.

Q3- Paytm can be used without KYC?

Ans- Money transfers on Paytm do not require KYC. Using the Paytm app, users do not need to complete their KYC before making bank transfers or using UPI.


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