How to Remove KYC From Paytm Account {3 Methods}

Today I will provide you with information, through which you will be able to know how to remove KYC from Paytm account. The Paytm KYC Process is one of the most important aspects of the Paytm app, since it is the only way you can increase the account limit in your Paytm account using Paytm.

However, if you would like to delete your Paytm KYC details for whatever reason, then I will tell you about all the methods available in this article, which can be used for unlinking your KYC details from your Paytm account.

How to Remove Kyc From Paytm Account

Paytm helps in completing many tasks like mobile recharge, postpaid bill payment, electricity bill payment, booking rail, bus plane tickets. Doing, insurance bill payments, share and mutual fund investments, opening a bank account, etc. We all know we can do so much using Paytm.

 The Government of India has ruled that you are only allowed to transact up to a maximum amount of 10,000 per month from a third party payment bank account without having to do KYC. In case you wish to limit your payment bank account up to *100000, then for this, you will need to verify your bank account by KYC. This can be done online or by visiting one of the KYC outlets set up by the company in your area within a few minutes.

 In some cases, the account holder will need to change the KYC details that are currently being operated, requiring him to first search the How to Remove KYC from Paytm Account keyword online on Google. So that they may get a proper answer, subsequently linking his Paytm account with KYC can be unlinked.

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How to check KYC status in Paytm? 3 solution

 To keep this in mind, we decided that in this article we will tell you step by step about all the methods using which you will be able to remove the currently implemented KYC data from your Paytm account. Depending on which method is most convenient for you, you can choose how to remove KYC from Paytm account method from the various options given below.

Things in Which We Need to Delete Paytm KYC Account

As mentioned above, there are countless reasons why you might feel that you should now delete your KYC details from your Paytm account. As a part of this tutorial, I will list down some of the possible reasons why you may need to delete your KYC details from your Paytm account.

  • You would like to delete your Paytm account
  •  You would like to update the KYC details of your Paytm account
  •  I want to update my KYC details

Methods to Remove Kyc From Paytm Account

Throughout the following sections of the article, I will tell you one by one how you can permanently remove KYC information from your Paytm account by following the instructions below.

By following these details you would be able to delete KYC in Paytm.

Therefore you are requested to follow the following steps carefully and step by step:

{Method 1} By sending an email to Paytm

It is also possible to delete the KYC details from your Paytm account by sending an email to Paytm’s official customer care email address. All you have to do is to write an email from your registered email address to Paytm Customer Care’s email address, in which you should inform them that you want to delete the KYC information from your Paytm account.

 It is important to note that after this process, KYC details will be deleted from your Paytm account within the next 3 to 5 working days. In order to send an email, you need to send an email to the Paytm official email address listed below.

Official Paytm email- [email protected]

{Method 2}By calling at customer care number directly

Paytm also allows you to request them to remove your KYC details from your account by making a direct call to their customer service number. If you use this procedure, you will have to call Paytm customer service number provided by us and tell the representative on the other end that you want to delete the KYC details of this Paytm account, so that the status of your Paytm account will no longer be a KYC verified account.

Paytm customer care number- 0120-4456-456

Final Words- 

Friends, these were the two methods by which you can remove your KYC details from your Paytm account using the two different methods. I hope that the upper listed guide has helped you in getting the answers to How to remove KYC from Paytm account question.

In the event you face any difficulties in following any of the above mentioned methods, then you could submit your problem in the comment section below. Afterward, we will ensure that we are able to resolve your issue and answer it as soon as possible in order to enable you to delete your KYC details from your Paytm account.

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