How to use Jio top up balance to recharge with any plan

When your recharge has expired, you want to recharge your phone online sitting at home. With the help of the My Jio app, you will also be able to recharge your own Jio number or another Jio number. You can do that with your Jio top-up balance. In this article today we will learn How to use Jio top up balance to recharge.

Jio offers mobile recharge through the MyJio App even if there is no internet connection or the plan has expired. Additionally, you can also easily pay your Jio Fiber bill, check your Jio Recharge, Broadband bill, or Postpaid bill via the MyJio app.

How to Use Jio Top up Balance

As far as recharging our mobile number is concerned, we either go to the nearest phone shop and get our mobile number topped up. Alternatively, we pay for it online. You may also top up your mobile phone online using your bank account.

Jio users can also make payments from their Jio Main Balance If you are winding how to use Jio top up balance to recharge then keep reading this article.

In case you are a Jio user, you will be getting 1.5GB or 2GB per recharge per day. In almost all cases, this kind of plan is used by people in order to have both Jio data and calling at a reasonable price.

What Is the Use of Top up in Jio

The process of recharging your Jio mobile phone through a third-party application may take some time. However, if you recharge using the money available in your Jio main balance, the process will be completed immediately.

Therefore, you will not encounter any problems in this regard. An example would be to open a third-party app, enter your mobile number in it, and pay with it. All of these problems can be avoided by using your Jio top up balance.

We can easily activate any data booster plan in our Jio number if we have some extra credit on our SIM. You can either convert your Jio Main Balance into Data. Now let’s see how you can recharge using your Jio Main Balance.

Can I Use Jio Account Balance for Recharge?

If you are wondering whether you can use Jio top-up balance for recharge, the answer is yes. It is possible for you to activate any Jio recharge plan available on the Jio platform by using the account balance that is available in your Jio SIM. Basically, all you have to do is ensure that you have a sufficient amount of money in your top up balance at the time.

 The following example shows what you would have to do if you wanted to activate the 12GB Rs 118 internet plan on your Jio sim. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have Rs. 118 in your Jio SIM before you can use your Jio top up balance. If not, you will have to use another payment method.

 Jio top up balances cannot be used with any other payment method.

 Therefore, before recharging, make sure you have enough money on your Jio top up balance. It is also possible to get more top up recharges depending on your need, so you will be able to activate the recharge plan of your choice if it is not activated already.

How to Activate Any Plan Using Account Balance

Kindly follow the below guide to understand how to use Jio top up balance to recharge your Jio number. To activate any recharge plan through topup balance on your Jio sim. Follow the below steps: –

1- The first step is to ensure that you have downloaded the official MyJio application to your mobile device.

Download My Jio app

 2- Open the My Jio application and log in with your Jio number.

3-  You will receive information about your Jio number’s current plan and available data balance after logging in.

4-  The next step is to click on the recharge button.

5-  Choose the plan you wish to activate using your Jio top up balance from the available plans.

6- Once you have selected the plan, you should check its details to see what facilities you will be able to enjoy in this plan. For example, you should check how many GB of the internet you will be able to use each day.

Also, whether you will be able to make unlimited calls with it. How much data can you expect to receive if you only recharge with a Jio data plan?

 7- On the payment page, you must click on the Account Balance to make the payment using your Jio Top up balance.

how to use jio top up balance to recharge

8- After that click on the recharge button

 9- Plan costs will be deducted from your top-up balance, and your plan will be activated immediately.

These were the details of how to use Jio top up balance to recharge your Jio number with any plan. So, go ahead and activate the plan which you wish to activate.

Is It Worth Activating a Plan Using Jio Recharge

Now the question arises as to whether recharging with Jio Top Up Balance is beneficial or not. A Jio mobile number can be recharged with a value of 100, but you only get a balance of 80 when you recharge it.

This means that Rs. 20 is deducted as tax or service charges. As a result, the cost of recharging the device becomes very high.

When you use other mode of payment to recharge with 12GB data plan, your account will only be debited by 118.

 However, if you wish to recharge using Jio account balance, basically, you will have to recharge your Jio number with about Rs 150, then you will be able to get Rs 118 in your Jio main balance.

 With this example, it can be easily seen that activating Jio plans via other payment options is more economical. On the other hand, if you already have a top-up balance available, you can use that to activate the plan.

Conclusion- I hope your query of How to use Jio top up balance to recharge has been resolved now. Any by following the guide you were able to recharge your mobile phone conveniently. If you are facing any issue then leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1- Can I recharge my Jio number using Jio top-up balance?
Ans- Yes, you can recharge your Jio number using your Jio top-up balance.

Q2- Is it possible to use Jio top-up balance for any Jio recharge plan?
Ans- Yes, you can activate any Jio recharge plan using your Jio top-up balance.

Q3- How do I use my Jio top-up balance to recharge my Jio number?
Ans- Download the MyJio app, log in with your Jio number, select the plan, and choose “Account Balance” as the payment method.

Q4- Can I use Jio top-up balance along with other payment methods?
Ans- No, Jio top-up balance cannot be used with any other payment method.

Q5- Is recharging with the Jio top-up balance cost-effective?
Ans- Recharging via other payment options is more economical compared to using Jio top-up balance.

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