3 Trick to Generate Jio Puk Online 2023 Instantly

You may need a PUK code if your Jio sim is locked and requesting it. As a result, we’re going to show you how to find the PUK code for your Jio SIM card, when the SIM card is locked. In this article, we will show you how to unlock the JIO SIM.

There are 3 ways using which you can get your Jio PUK online in 2023. If your jio sim is blocked, then you can unlock your jio sim using any of the three tricks presented in this article.

Jio PUK online 2023

All mobile network companies issue SIM cards with different SIM PINs and all SIM PINs are made up of four digits. As you read this post, in order to enable PIN lock on Jio SIM, you must know the SIM PIN number of Jio, for which you have to read this post.

What is PUK (Personal Unlocking Key)?

There is a feature on most mobile devices called a PUK or a Personal Unlocking Key that allows for the encryption of the SIM card data. In the event that an incorrect SIM card pin entry has taken place, a PUK code is needed. If you have incorrectly entered your SIM card PIN 3 times in a row on your mobile phone, you will see the message Enter PUK on your handset.

It is only then everybody searches for Jio PUK online. A PUK code can be between 5 to 8 digit numerical number depending network to network.

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Methods of retrieving your Jio PUK

There are 3 ways using which you can get your Jio PUK online. You can follow any of the trick at your convenience.

By Calling

You can generate your Jio PUK online by using the call facility by following below steps.

  1. In case you have any other Jio number, you may use that number to call 198 or 1860-893-3333

  2. Call 1800-889-9999 from an Airtel, Vodafone, Idea or BSNL number if you don’t have another Jio SIM

  3. Pick the option to speak to a customer care representative after dialing the number

  4. Please inform the Customer Officer about Jio PUK

  5. Your block jio sim card details will be requested. After confirming the information, the PUK code will be provided.

  6. A PUK code must be written somewhere, and then it must be entered into the mobile device

  7. As soon as you enter Jio’s PUK code, you’ll be asked to set a new PIN. Select any four-digit PIN and then confirm. Your Jio SIM card will now be unlocked.

By Using the Official My Jio App

 You can get your unique Jio PUK code by simply going online, and that is the fastest and easiest way to unlock Jio sims. For this just follow the below steps/ guide:

  • Download My Jio App and open it on your smartphone. I would suggest that you download this app from the Play Store or Apple Store if you do not already have it). Click Here to download

  • Sign in with your SIM card and follow the available navigation options.

  • In the search bar at the top of the screen, click on the “Help” option and then type in PUK.

  • Jio puk online 2022
  • You will get 2 options, PUK code and Lost SIM, Select PUK code option.

  • Once you click that link, you will be directed to the Jio Lost SIM page.

  • Enter your Jio phone number and click on proceed button.
  • To get your Jio number PUK code, you need to sign in with your phone number.

By Calling Jio Customer Care

The Jio customer care number can also be used to retrieve your Jio PUK. Please inform the customer care representative that you require the Jio SIM puk code as soon as the call is answered. Your PUK code will be provided to you via telephone after you have answered some security questions.

Once you have that code, you can unlock your SIM card.

You can also visit Jio store and talk directly with the Jio representatives available in the store to get your problems rectified instantly. It would take just a few seconds for them to generate PUK code of your Jio SIM.

How to use PUK code to unblock your phone

As soon as you enter the PUK code into your phone, the PUK code lock opens. You will then be able to use your SIM.  It is important to turn off the lock of your SIM in order to prevent the issue of PUK Code from occurring again. You will never have to enter a PUK Code again if you turn off the lock.

Default Jio PUK code

Most Jio users will be provided with the same Jio PUK code by default. For almost all users, the default PUK code for Jio SIM is either 1234 or 0000. As an additional option, Jio offers an 8-digit PUK, which is 00000000. Whenever none of the above methods work, you should try the methods listed above.

Conclusion: – So, This was the detailed article on how you can get Jio PUK online to unblock your locked Jio sim. Make sure to don’t repeat the same mistake again. If you have any problem generating Jio PUK then leave a comment in the comment section below and we will try to help you out in the same issue.

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