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Friends welcome to our blog. In this article, I am going to give you all the details you need about the Joymall app, so please take the time to read it all. There are many questions that need answering, like what is the Joymall, how does it work, and how you can earn money with the help of the Joymall app. 

The easiest way to earn PayTM instantly is to just predict the outcome of a sporting event.

In order to know all of the key details of this app, you need to read this article very carefully. This is because it will help you understand what this app is about.

You can earn a lot of money with it by referring your friends and participating in contests, so I think it would be a worthwhile idea to use it.

About Joymall App

This is a color prediction app developed by the Joymall Company. You will be given a screen on which you will see different colors. There is a variety of colors that you can choose from, and you have to select one of them. You will be paid and credited if the color you selected at the beginning is shown at the end. You will be considered as the winner of that game.

How Joymall application work?

As I told you above, this is an app that you can use to predict colors by guessing what color will appear on the screen. You will receive a payment if the color you chose comes last as a final result of that contest.

It is important to keep in mind that you will have to first recharge in Joymall in order to choose your color option. After that only you would be able to play the color prediction games. Initially, you must recharge Rs 300 through the Joymall. When you enter 300 rupees in this app, your 300 rupees will be credited into your joymall account along with a bonus of 100 rupees. You can use it to guess the color in this app.

How to earn from Joymall APK

Apps such as Joymall are a good way to earn money on the go. In this digital age, thousands of rupees are being earned by many different people on a daily basis with the help of these apps. By using this app, you too will be able to earn money. Firstly, you’ll have to sign up for the Joymall app from the link provided below in order to use this service.

If you have signed up, you will also have the option of downloading the app there. By clicking on it, you will have to download this app into your mobile phone. After that you can start using this application and simultaneously start earning from the app.

Referral Code – EX2YE5

It is also possible for you to earn a lot of money by sharing the Joymall app with your friends and family members. When you refer a friend to the Joymall app, you will receive 300 rupees. It is a good idea to share this with your friends too. But of course you have to remember that after signing up on the Joymall app, your friend must recharge their Joymall app. You will only get the referral amount of 300 after your friend adds his/her first 300 into his/her Joymall account. After that, you will be rewarded with Rs. 300 in your Joymall account which you can withdraw directly to your Bank account using the available modes of payment.

By following above steps I wish you will be able to join this app successfully and will start predicting correctly and earn regularly.

Step by step guide to apply download the Joymall app and enter refer code

So, below you will find the steps using which you can register yourself using our refer code on Joymall apk and after that participate in contests to earn cash.

1- First of all visit this official Joymall login page- Click Here

2- Enter you mobile number, OTP, Image verification code, password and our Referral code in the Recommendation code section like the image below-

Joymall app download

3- After the click on Register button

4- After successful registration you will be asked to download the Joymall APK

5- Download the APK file and install it in your smartphone

6- Proceed to add Rs. 300 in your Joymall account (By adding Rs. 300 you will get additional 100 added in your account.)

7- After that start your participation in Joymall Prediction contests and start earning.

How to login

Visit the Joymall login page and enter your registered mobile number and password to login.

You must enter our referral code EX2YE5 while signup to get the bonus of Rs. 100 added to your Joymall account.

Once you sign up for this application, you will have to recharge 300 rupees in this application. After making the payment, you will have to guess the color on this app. Your money will be doubled if the color you predicted comes true. If the same color comes true, then you will be doubled. By doing this, you will be able to earn money from the Joymall app.

Final Words-So, these were the details of the Joy mall app registration process. Go through with the registration process and start earning. Make sure to use our referral code and add atleast Rs. 300 to get the signup benefits.

Update-¬†I’ve been earning from Joymall app since last one year now and I can ensure you that this app is legit.

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