Magzter Gold Offer Subscription 2024: {3 Year Plan @ 3,999}

February Update– Magzter’s 3 Year Plan has been cancelled now, Instead you can buy their 3 months, 6 months and 1 year plans at flat 50% Discount on the offer price. The 3 months Magzter Gold plan will cost you ₹ 300 only, 6 months plan will cost you ₹ 550 only and 1 year Magzter Gold plan will cost you ₹ 1000 only.

Recently updated Magzter Gold plan list and their pricing in February 2024 >

3 months Plan @ Rs. 300

6 Months Plan @ Rs. 550 and

1 Year plan @ Rs. 1,000  (For maximum benefit select the 1-year plan only)

Make Sure to Use this Coupon Code- EK50

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Subscribe to 1 Year Plan @ ₹ 1,000


The process to avail this offer-

1- Visit the offer page by clicking the purchase button above ?

2- It will Ask you to Enter your “Voucher Code” Enter this code- EK50 and hit the Redeem button.

new magzter code


3- After that, you will see a popup with 3 exclusive offers like the image below. You can choose 3 month plan @ ₹ 300 / 6 month plan @ ₹ 550 and 1 year plan @ ₹ 1000 (For maximum benefit choose the Magzter 1 year subscription offer plan)

magzter 3 months, 6 month and 1 year plan


4- After that click on the Choose button

5- Now it will ask to make the payment, You can choose any payment method from the given options like- Credit card, Debit cards, Net Banking, Wallet and UPI and you Email ID (You will get your login access on the same email id)

payment options


The Best Part of This offer is that your subscription will be renewed at offer price of Rs. 1000 every year which means that get to read 7500+ magazines per year at just 1000 for lifetime.

Note- If you cannot get Magzter’s 3-year Rs 3999 offer, then use a new email id and click on the above offer links and try to buy again.

? User Reviews ?

Magzter Gold Review by customers

As you can see that the Gold plan from Magzter has got so many positive reviews from their users. And it is just a handful of the reviews from the current customers out of Many thousand customers who are currently enjoying their Magzter subscriptions from all over the world.

To claim this unique Magzter gold subscription offer you just need to follow the step-by-step guide and links which are provided in this article to purchase your Magzter gold subscription. During the lockdown period, the Magzter Gold subscription offer will be your best pastime. With hundreds of Magazines and Newspapers available online you can read any category of news starting from health fitness to Politics and Technology.

Hello, friends today we are going to tell you about Magzter Gold offer 2024 by following which you would be able to purchase Magzter 1 year online magazine subscription worth rupees 3999 in just rupees 1,999 only OR Rs. 3,999 for 3 years.

If you love reading online magazines/newspapers on your smartphone android or iOS, we have a great offer for you that will help you save approximately 67% on your Magzter gold subscription offer for both 1 year and 3 years plans.

Note-  If you want to renew your Magzter services then use a new email id to claim below offers.

They have recently increased the price of 1 year Magzter Gold subscription plan, Which now cost Rs. 1,999 only (Available at 50% discount from their normal 3,999 price rate.) 

OR you can also buy a 3 year plan at Just ₹ 3999 only and enjoy 5,000+ magazines and newspaper > Anytime > Anywhere

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 >> Subscribe to Magzter Gold 1 year @ 1000 only <<


Magzter Gold Offer Subscription 2024

Magzter Subscription Offers 2024 Details
Magzter 3 Year Gold Subscription Flat 65% off @ 3,999 only
Magzter Gold 1 year Subscription Flat 50% off @ 1,999 only
1 Month Gold plan Available @ Rs. 399/ month
Magazine Bundles Up to 90% off
Best of 2024 Starting from Rs. 20

List of Verified Magzter Gold Subscription offer for May 2024??

Currently, there are 2 Popular Magzter Gold plans available in the market, 1st with 1-year validity which is available at just Rs. 1999, and 2nd with 3 year validity which is available at one-time cost of Rs. 3999 only.

[table id=14 /]

On the Magzter application, you can read thousands of the latest online magazines on the go. Not only you can read online magazines you can even download them on your mobile phone to read them offline anytime you want. I hope our Loot tricks are helping you save money on shopping.

There are many benefits of the Magzter gold 999 subscription plan like

– Read 5000+ magazines and newspaper

– Cancel the subscription anytime you want

– Download magazines to read offline

– Can access it using an android or iOS application

– New Premium Magazines are getting added every day from different publishers in the Gold plan, Currently, there are 5000+ Magazines & Newspapers that you can read.

– Book once and enjoy the services till your Gold plan ends.

– Use your Magzter login and read on your Laptop/ desktop

Magzter Gold 999 offer

Magzter Gold 999 offer is back once again, In this new offer you can purchase the 1 year gold plan for just Rs. 1000 only. The process to claim this offer is already given in the starting part of this article. You can purchase the plan by using our special link and Magzter Coupons which will help you in getting the Magzter discount to claim the Magzter Gold 999 offer.

Kindly use the below button to purchase the 999 offer-

Subscribe to Magzter Gold – 1 year @ ₹ 1,000

Use this Magzter Coupon to get flat 50% discount on your 1 year plan- EK50

About Magzter

Founded in New York, the magazine newsstand hails itself as the world’s largest and fastest-growing global digital magazine platform. The company offers its services through the mobile application launched in 2011 on a variety of devices and platforms. Mobile devices such as Apple iPhones, Android tablets, and Galaxy smartphones support the app. You can also download it ferom Amazon App Store. A self-service newsstand makes digital publishing effortless, and it’s one of the only ones like it.

The company also offers publishers the ability to put their own apps together for reaching their target audience more effectively. Many publishing companies are adopting digital publishing for these reasons. On your mobile device, tablet, etc. it lets you read, browse, and purchase a broad range of magazines!

Below updated offers are still live, you can proceed to purchase any of them. This month’s latest discount codes and links have been added on this post.

Magzter 3 year subscription offer @ 3999 only

You can subscribe to the Magzter 3 year Gold plan at the price of Just 1 year which is only Rs. 3999 only with all same benefits that you are going to get with a 1-year Magzter Gold subscription plan of Rs. 1999.

If you buy a 3-year plan of Magzter, then you will get this plan for only Rs 3999, for which you would have to spend around ₹ 11,997. The thing to note here is that this plan is available for a very limited time. If you are willing to take Magzter gold subscription, then to save maximum money, you should buy Magzter’s 3-year plan only.

✅ Get 3 year Magzter Gold Access for the price of just 1 year @ 3999 only-

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>> Click Here to Buy <<


Note- If you are unable to get Magzter 3 year subscription offer at Rs 3999 offer, then use a new email id and click on the above offer link and try to buy it again.

Magzter 2 year Gold plan

You can order the Magzter 2 year Gold subscription at an offer price of just Rs. 3000 only. This is the mid-budget Magzter Gold offer in which you will get full Gold access for 2 years. Normally the 2 year plan cost is Rs. 7998 but in the limited period offer, you will get the same 2 year Magzter gold plan for just Rs. 3000 only.

So, Purchase this offer from this link. After the click on the View, all offers button and select the 2 year plan from the list and place the order.

Magzter Gold Annual offer-

If you wish to purchase a Gold subscription of Magzter then you can buy an Annual plan at FLAT 50% OFF using our offer link. The normal Magzter gold annual plan costs Rs. 3,999 but you can get it at just Rs. 1999 using the special Magzter Gold Offer.

We have already updated the direct deal links to purchase the Annual Magzter gold plans from the official website. The purchase process is the same as the 3-year plan. You can book the plan and start enjoying it immediately in just a few seconds.

Subscribe to 1 year plan @ 1999 only

To save money we recommend you buy Magzter’s 3 year gold plan at a price of just 1 year @ Just Rs. 3999 only. and have peace of mind for the next 3 years.

Monthly Plan

Due to some reason you want to purchase the Monthly plan of the Magzter Gold Plan then you can purchase that by paying Rs. 399 a month. Because the subscription duration is short hence the price of the subscription is high. You won’t get any discount with the Monthly Magzter Gold plan.

Follow the same process given in this article and book your 1-month plan by selecting the same on the Magzter website.

Terms and Conditions of the offer: –

  • The offer is applicable for new customers only Subscribing for Gold plan for the first time.
  • The offer is valid for a limited time
  • Users can cancel their subscriptions anytime.
  • Need to make the payment online.
  • The offer will be auto renewed if not canceled before the expiry of the plan.

Benefits of Digital magazines and Newspaper subscriptions

There are numerous benefits of having a digital subscription to Magazines and Newspapers. Just imagine having access to 5000+ or you can say up to 8000 Magazines and newspaper access anytime anywhere with a click of a button. No need to carry magazines in Physical form anymore. No need to switch from this site to those sites to read the latest issues.

The benefits of the Magzter Gold subscription is listed below

  • Affordable (Forbes magazine subscription for a year costs 20 Dollars or Rs. 1500 alone, India Today cost 3099 per year on the other hand with Magzter you are going to get more than 5000+ Top magazines & newspapers for 3 years in Just rs 3999 only)
  • All magazines and newspapers in one place (You don’t need to switch from one website to another)
  • Latest issue (You will get the digital issues as soon as they get released)
  • Read it offline (You can download your favorite issue in the Magzter application and read it offline)
  • No need to carry a physical magazine with you
  • There are numerous benefits of reading magazines on your health.

Apart from these benefits or advantages, there are many other uncountable merits of reading magazines and Magzter Gold provides the best solution for us to grab multiple options at nominal pricing.

List of magazines you can access with Magzter Gold offer

There are more than 5000 + magazines and newspapers which you can access in your Magzter gold offer account. A detailed list of magazines and newspapers is given below. Just use the given link and avail this mind-blowing offer.

Practically it is impossible to list all the 5000+ Magazines that you are going to get with the Magzter Gold offer, you can check the full list on the Magzter India website itself by using any link on this post. meanwhile, we have listed a few popular and most demanded magazines of Magzter subscription. There is hardly any magazine that is not available @ Magzter.

Practically we can not list 5000+ Magazines and newspapers on this webpage, So, we have listed a few popular magazines below. New magazines are getting added into Magzter’s Gold plan very often. The full list is available at the official website of the Magzter.

Popular magazine

India today

The Hindu

Business today

Forbes India



Cosmopolitan India 

 Fortune India

Hindustan Times Delhi

Elle India

Business standard

Plus many more

List of available newspapers on Magzter

The Hindu

Hindustan Times Delhi

Business standard

The New Indian Express Chennai

The Hindu Business Line

Mint Mumbai

The Hindu Delhi

Hindustan Times Mumbai

The Hindu Bangalore

List of entertainment and business magazine

With Magzter 3 year plan there are plenty of magazines that you can enjoy reading. many branded and most loved magazines in entertainment and business niches under the Magzter gold hack offer 2024.


Reader’s Digest India

Stardust India, sports Star, Manorama weekly, Saras Salil Hindi, Manohar kahaniyan, Satya Katha, rolling Stone India,

Business today, Forbes India, Fortune India, business standard, Outlook business, business world, entrepreneur magazine, business India plus many more.

 apart from just reading the magazines on entertainment and business, you can read top-rated magazines in Lifestyle, news, home, Automotive, health, children, travel, Entertainment, Men’s interest, celebrity, Comics, Computer & mobiles, Art, Photography, Science and trending stories.

Must Read- Paypal New user offer 2020

Using Magzter, how can I find the magazines I want to read?

On Magzter’s website, you can search for the magazine that is suitable for you and then you will be able to find it. It is also possible to look for a specific magazine within the list of magazines. You can quickly search for magazines and newspapers by typing their names and selecting their country and language.

How to subscribe for Magzter gold subscription offer

To get the Magzter Gold subscription offer at a discounted price of Rs. 3,999 only for 3 years (Now it costs Rs. 1999 for a year and Rs. 3999 for 3 years). We have got a special offer link using which you can get a Magzter Gold subscription at just Rs. 3,999 which is normally worth Rs. 11,997.

The benefits will be the same as you would have got by paying 3999 for a year. So, Kindly follow the step by step guide below and get yourself enrolled FOR Magzter Gold 3 year offer by following this exclusive Magzter Gold hack-

  1. First of all visit this offer page- Click Here
  2. Click on the Claim Now button
  3. On the next page enter your payment details with email id and click on Pay now button
  4. After the successful payment, you will get the login details of your Magzter Gold 999 offer on your email id
  5. Now download the Magzter Application on your Android or iOS device and log in with the same email id which you used while making the payment to get the Magzter Gold Subscription
  6. Start exploring the endless world of the latest Magazine issues and newspapers on the go.
  7. You can access your subscription by visiting the official Magzter website and clicking on my profile section.
  8. Use your email id and password to log in, You can see your subscription details on your profile with the expiry date of your Magzter Gold plan.
  9. List of new offer links updated on this article for you to avail of the offers that you like.

How to cancel Magzter Gold offer Subscription anytime?

The Magzter Gold 999 offer plan will be renewed next year automatically if you didn’t cancel it before the expiry of 1 year. Suppose if after the completion of 1 year you are not interested in renewing it anymore then you can cancel the Magzter gold 999 subscriptions by following the below steps.

The process to cancel your Magzter 3 year offer is very simple and can be done by following  the below steps.

  • First of all open in your browser
  • Logon to your Magzter registered account with running subscription
  • After that Go to the Account section
  • Select Magzter Gold option
  • On the next step click on the Manage button
  • After that select “Stop Auto-renewal for Magzter Gold”
  • Then select any option and click on the Continue button
  • Your Magzter gold 999 offer subscription plan auto-renewal will be canceled.

So, This was the whole process to help you get yourself a Magzter Gold offer at a discounted Rs. 999 only with huge savings on the normal rates. Kindly follow the steps and subscribe to yourself and start diving into the latest Magazines and Newspapers every day.

How to renew your current subscription with this offer

If you wish to renew your current plan with any of the Magzter Gold offers of 1 year or 3 years then you need to follow the steps given above and use a new email id that was never used to buy a Gold plan on the Magzter website before. Because the current Magzter promotion is valid for new customers only hence the offer links will not work with your old email id which is already registered on Magzter.

After completing the renewal process you can enjoy your Subscription for the next 3 years without any hassle.

Different ways to access your Magzter account

There are two ways using which you can log in to your Magzter Gold ID and start reading the magazine and newspaper of your choice. If you are a work-from-home guy or you travel a lot then Magzter has a solution for all.

You can access your Magzter Digital private limited Gold subscription in two ways.

1- Using App

You can download the Magzter India application on your smartphone and login with your registered Magzter email id and password which you have used to purchase the Gold Subscription and start enjoying it. There are many benefits of accessing Magzter through an Application

  • You can access it anywhere
  • No need to log in again and again
  • Save your favorite magazines for offline reading
  • Good UI
  • Personalized magazine recommendations

2- Website

You can read magazines and newspapers on a bigger screen using Magzter’s official website, Just open the web address and log in with your Magzter Gold 999 offer account and read anything of your choice.

  • You can read on a bigger screen
  • Don’t need to download an extra application on your mobile
  • Easy to navigate
  • No need to download/ update anything

Regular Subscription cost without offer

You will have to pay very higher prices if you wish to purchase the Magzter Gold subscription’s regular plan without any offer. For example, 1 month of Magzter Gold plan price alone is Rs. 399 in India, and if you wish to purchase the same every month at a cost of Rs. 399 per month then it will cost you 12*399= 4788, However, if you purchase the same plan for a year with our Magzter Gold offer link then it will cost you just Rs. 1999 for 1 year and Rs. 3999 for 3 years.

Hence it will be a wise decision to choose a plan with longer validity and purchase it from an offer link only.

Magzter Gold Business or Corporate offers-

If you have a business and you want to purchase a magazine bundle for your employees then you can avail the benefits of Magzter Corporate offers. You just need to fill the Get in touch with us form by filling in the details on the corporate offers page.

Magzter will be in touch with you shortly by offering the available Magzter deals for bulk purchases and facilities.

Contact details- If you wish to establish contact with Magzter’s customer care executives then you can follow the below ways to reach them. The best method will be email- you can send an email to [email protected] and expect a reply from them in 24 to 48 working hours.

Don’t forget to mention your order id and registered email id that you have used to purchase the Magzter Gold subscription 3 year plan. Also, make sure to wait for 24 to 48 hours to get a reply.

You will get a reply on your same email id.


Q1-  For how long my Magzter Gold subscription offer will be valid?

Ans- Depending on your Plan, 1 year, 2 year or 3 year

Q2- Is it worth subscribing to the Gold plan of Magzter?

Ans- In the Magzter Gold offer you are going to get access to 8000+ latest Magazines issues and newspapers. Which you can read anytime using your mobile phone. Which makes it 100% worth the price which you are going to pay for it.

Q3- Is it safe to use Magzter?

Ans- Many people ask a question that is Magzter safe? We would like to answer them that it’s 101% safe to purchase a Magzter gold Subscription by using any mode of payment.

Q4- Can I download magazines from Magzter?

Ans- Yes, Using the Magzter application you can download your favorite magazines and read them anytime. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

Q5- What will be the renewal price?

Ans- You Annually as well as 3-year subscription will be automatically renewed for the same price in which you have purchased. ie Rs. 1999 or 3,999 after the expiration of the plan.

Q6- How does Magzter Earn?

Ans- Magzter earns money by selling magazine subscriptions.

Q7- Is there any way I can subscribe to Magzter Gold for free?

Ans- No, There is no way/ trick using which you can subscribe/ use magzter’s gold subscription for free. You need to pay for the subscription to use it.

Q8- Upto how many magazines I can read in my Gold subscription?

Ans- You can read more then 7500+ magazines under the Gold subscription.

Q9- Difference between Magzter gold and Magzter gold lite?

Ans- With pure Magzter gold subscription you get to read 7500+ Magazines, newspapers and premium articles. on the other hand with Magzter gold lite you can only read 5 of your favorite magazines of your choice. Which means that Regular Gold plan is more beneficial then the Gold lite.

Q10- What is the procedure for turning on full screen? 

Ans- You can choose to turn on or off the full screen option on desktop devices if you want to view the publication even larger. By clicking the ‘Expand Icon’ on the reader screen, full screen mode can be enabled or disabled.
Q11- How many people can use Magzter gold?
Ans- In family sharing up to 4 members can use the same login details to access the Magzter Gold subscription from different devices.
Q12- Is magzter compatible with the Kindle?
Ands- Yes, It does support Kindle
Q13- Can anyone from any country use this Magzter Gold offer?
Ans- Yes, Anyone from any part of the world like United states, UK, Australia, Qatar, India, Saudi arabia etc can avail this offer.

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      They have recently withdrawn the special Magzter Gold offer of Rs. 999, You can purchase the plan for Rs. 1999. Even at 1999 it is a steal deal. For better savings you can consider buying the 3 year plan @ 3999 ONLY

    • It’s is pure 3 year Magzter Gold plan in which you will get to read 7500+ mags and newspapers for next 3 years by using our special deal links.


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