Netflix Stream Fest 2020: Free streaming for 2 days

Friends, today I am going to tell you about such a plan of Netflix, using which you will be able to watch all the web series and movies available on Netflix for free for 2 days. So friends, this plan is named Netflix stream fest in which Netflix offers you all the programs available on Netflix for 2 days for free. You can watch all the programs available on Netflix in these 2 days without spending any money.

From time to time, Netflix brings such schemes to subscribers of different countries, using which people can take advantage of its features by creating a free account on Netflix. And This benefits Netflix in  increasine reach of Netflix and increases awareness that there are lots of entertainment-filled web series and movies available on the Netflix so that the same subscribers which is availing the free services today will also buy paid membership in the re.

Netflix stream fest 2020

This year, in 2020, Netflix will give everyone free streaming opportunity who signs up on Netflix on December 5 and 6, 2020, under its ambitious Stream Fest 2020, the opportunity to watch all the videos available on Netflix for free. The benefit of this ambitious scheme will be that more and more people will sign up on Netflix through their mobile or email ID and will be able to take advantage of watching their favorite Indian and foreign web series and movies.

Netflix, a company based in the United States of America, and whose valuation is several billion-dollar, is a major name in online entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, it cannot be said that Netflix is not talked about.

Netflix started its services in the Indian market in 2016, after this Netflix is adding millions of new subscribers every day. People are able to access various programs available on Netflix in Ultra HD quality through their mobile, laptop, computer or smart TV.

If you want to take advantage of Netflix Stream Fest 2020, then this time is best for you by using which you can learn and watch various web series available on Netflix.

What is netflix

netflix is an online entertainment platform using which people can watch various movies and web series produced by Netflix exclusive or others. The web series usually consists of 8 to 12 episodes. Apart from this, there are films which are from two to two and a half hours. Apart from this, you can watch many documentaries on Netflix which can be based on different events or nature.

Overall Netflix is a platform on which you watch various programs related to entertainment, you can also download these programs as per your convenience.

Netflix has 4 plans available in India. The first or the cheapest plan is available at Rs 199 per month, by purchasing which you can enjoy Netflix on your mobile. The biggest drawback of this plan is that, under this plan you can watch Netflix only on your mobile application, you cannot play it on TV or laptop.

Information on various plans available on Netflix is given in the later parts of this article.

 Some popular web series and movies available on Netflix

Although there are many world famous web series and movies available on Netflix, but in this section we will talk about some web series and movies of Netflix that have given Netflix a different identity.

If we talk about the web series, then there is a popular web series like Breaking Bad, The witcher, Stranger thing, Walking dead etc.

Apart from this, if you talk about films, recently Netflix released a film called Extraction which was very much liked in the country and abroad, in which Hollywood famous actor Chris Hemsworth was in the lead role. There are thousands of more films available in different language and categories like

– Action

– Science fiction

– Drama

– History

– Comedy

– Family

– Biography

The process to activate Netflix Stream Fest plan

If you wish to subscribe to Netflix stream test 2020 to enjoy the 2 day of free Netflix streaming then you should follow the step by step guide which is listed below. the process to sign up for Netflix stream fest 2020 is very easy and it can be done in just a few seconds.

  1.  first of all visit, this link- Click Here
  2.  enter your mobile number or Email Id
  3.  click on the submit button
  4. You will get A message on your mobile phone or email id with the link to complete the signup process and start enjoying the 2 days of free Netflix streaming.
  5. You don’t need to insert your card details to avail this offer, This is free
  6. Make sure to watch your favorite series and movies in these 2 days of free streaming because this is applicable only once on each number.
  7. You can not avail of this offer again using the same mobile number or email id

Various plans available on Netflix

There are 4 plans available on Netflix in India. The per month plan starts from as low as 199 and goes up to 799, The benefits are different from one plan to other. The detailed Netflix plan details are given below


Monthly Price – 199 per month

Video Quality- Good

Resolution-  480p

Watch on your Laptop and TV- Only Mobile

Screen shrare- 1

Unlimited Films and TV programme- Yes

Plan 2- Basic

Monthly Price – 499 per month

Video Quality- Good

Resolution-  480p

Watch on your Laptop and TV- Yes

Screen shrare- 1

Unlimited Films and TV programme- Yes

Plan 3- Standard

Monthly Price – 649 per month

Video Quality- Better

Resolution-  1080p

Watch on your Laptop and TV- Yes

Screen shrare- 2

Unlimited Films and TV programme- Yes

Plan 4- Premium

Monthly Price – 799 per month

Video Quality- Best

Resolution- 4k+HDR

Watch on your Laptop and TV- Yes

Screen shrare- 4

Unlimited Films and TV programme- Yes

Using Netflix Strem fest 2020 you can avail a

Final Words- So, Friends this was the detailed guide on the Netflix free trial plan, You can compare the plans and purchase the regular subscription from Netflix.

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