{Loot Lo} Organic Harvest Pack of 4 Soap for Free

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Hello all, We are back with one more loot offer in which you will get 4 premium soaps from Organic harvest by completing a simple survey on the official website. You will need to pay Rs. 99 delivery charges to get this.

About Organic Harvest

The luxurious combo pack of Rose, Aloe Vera, Aqua Cool, and Chandan Haldi from Luxury Bathing Bar is sure to leave you feeling luxurious. Enjoy the soothing benefits of Aloe Vera as it replenishes and rejuvenates your skin while you experience the delicate essence of fresh roses. Embrace the rejuvenating notes of Aqua Cool and the timeless allure of Chandan Haldi for a refreshing sensation.

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Step by Step guide to order Organic Harvest premium soap sample-

If you are interested in ordering Organic Harvest free pack of 4 premium soaps then follow the below step by step guide and get the order placed by participating in a very simple survey, You will need to pay the shipping charges to place the free order.

Kindly follow the below step by step guide –

1- First of all visit the offer page by clicking the link below-

Organic Harvest Premium Soap

2- You will get to see the 4 premium soap bar offer page.

3- Scroll the page and click the Start the Survey button.

4- You will get 2 questions and you can select any answers randomly for both the questions.

5- After that you will see a congratulations page like the image below-

organic harvest free 4 soaps

6- Scroll the page and you will see Claim this Product for Free button, click on that.

7- You will see that all the 4 products are added into cart with total amount of Zero

8- Click on the Proceed to checkout button.

proceed to checkout

9- Now you will see that a shipping charge of 99 has been added into payment total.

10- Click on proceed to payment and login with your mobile number.

11- Confirm your mobile number with OTP and enter the delivery address.

12- Make the payment of Rs. 99

13- Now wait for 7 working days to get the delivery of the product.

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Organic Harvest offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the luxury of their premium soaps through a simple survey on their official website. With the exquisite blend of Aloe Vera, Rose, Aqua Cool, and Chandan Haldi, these soaps promise rejuvenation and refreshment. By following the easy steps outlined, you can secure a pack of four premium soaps by covering only the shipping charges. Don’t miss out on this chance to indulge in the soothing essence of Organic Harvest’s offerings.

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