Paytm Send Money Cashback Offer Today 2023: Get 15 Cashback

Are you looking for Paytm Send Money Cashback offer today? You are at the right place to find the latest Paytm offers to get cashbacks when you use UPI to send money to your family or anyone else.

The maximum cashback is Rs. 15. Users have to use the Paytm Send Money service to send money to friends or family to qualify for cashback. Cashback will be credited to the user’s account within 2 hours of the money transfer. There are many ways using which you can earn Paytm cash and use that for many things on the Paytm app.

Paytm Send Money Cashback Offer Today

Some of the offers listed here may not work for everybody. They could be user specific hence if one listed offer doesn’t work for you, check out the other one. In todays online world we all have smartphones with many apps and Paytm is one of the most common apps.

There are many listed services to use on the Paytm app. You can use those services and earn cashback in your Paytm wallet or Paytm bank account.

Paytm’s send money cashback offer today will help you earn money when you send or receive money in your Paytm bank account through UPI.

List of Offers –

Below are some of the most popular Paytm send money cashback offer today that you can use to get cashback.

1- Flat 15 cashback on send money

This is the best Paytm send money cashback offer today for yx`ou, You can get flat 15 cashback when you send money. In order to be considered for this offer, you must send at least 15 rupees. You can use UPI to transfer money to claim this offer. Before proceeding you need to activate this offer by following the step by step guide below.

1- First of all open the Paytm app or Download it from here.

2- You will see an offer banner on the dashboard like the image below.

Paytm Send Money Cashback Offer Today

3- Click on that banner.

4- On the next page click on the Activate Offer button.

paytm send money coupon

5- Now click Send Money now button.

transfer money

6- Enter the UPI mobile number and the amount that you wish to send. Make sure to enter the amount of Rs. 15 or more.

7- Pay using Paytm UPI.

8- You will receive a cashback card in your PayPal account.

9- Follow the steps below to claim your scratch card.

Steps to claim scratch card

  • Simply navigate to the Cashback & Offers tab in Paytm. You can find it under the Deals & Cashback option on the Paytm app homepage.

  • You will see your winning scratchcard tab.

  • paytm send money scratch card
  • Click on that and redeem your scratch card by clicking on it.

  • Rs. 15 will be credited to your Paytm Bank Account.

  • paytm send money offer


In today’s digital age, Paytm Send Money Cashback Offer today provides a convenient way to earn while transferring funds via UPI. With a chance to get a flat Rs. 15 cashback, this offer is a win-win for users. Simply activate the offer, follow the steps, and watch your Paytm wallet grow within hours. Take advantage of this opportunity and explore other Paytm services to maximize your cashback rewards. Embrace the power of digital transactions and enjoy the benefits today!


Q- How can I activate the Paytm Send Money cashback offer?

Ans- Open the app, click the offer banner, and follow the prompts to activate.

Q- What’s the minimum amount to qualify for cashback?

Ans- Send at least Rs. 15 to be eligible for the Rs. 15 cashback.

Q- When will I receive my cashback?

Ans- Cashback is credited within 2 hours of the money transfer.

Q- Where can I redeem my scratch card?

Ans- Go to the Cashback & Offers tab on the app, find your winning scratch card, and redeem it to get Rs. 15 in your Paytm Bank Account.

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