Review Online Course & Get 100 Paytm from

Hello friends today I am going to tell you about one more loot offer in which by just reviewing your online course you can get rupees 100 Paytm transferred in your Paytm account. the name of the website which is conducting this offer is in collaboration with

So if you are interested in earning rupees 100 Paytm in your Paytm wallet then keep reading this article because we have provided all the important  instructions which will ensure the 100% acceptability of your review so that you can Rs 100 Paytm.

Review Online Course & Get 100 Paytm from

If you have ever tried any online course to learn any of the skills or course from anywhere like you Udemy, physics wala, Simply learn, Cambridge or any other online course provider then you can go ahead and follow the instructions given in this article and submit a review of your online courses to be able to get Rs 100 Paytm.

It is just a very simple process which you can complete in just a few minutes.

We have already shared a lot of online money earning applications and websites on our blog to help our fellow blog visitors in earning  money online. Today I came across this amazing offer online and thought, why not share this on our blog to help our blog visitors who are looking to earn online to help them with rupees hundred Paytm. Review & Earn :-

You can leave feedback on’s Review Page after buying or using a course or service from one of the providers listed. Share course feedback and earn rewards by helping your peers. We have already received feedback from more than 4 lakh learners. Please write a review in order to assist others in fulfilling their product purchases. Give us your feedback and you could win up to 100 in PayTM Cashback.

How to earn Rs. 100 by reviewing online course

Follow the step by step guide below to submit an online course review to earn Rs 100 Paytm in your Paytm wallet, make sure that the submitted review is real and not just a copy paste to increase the possibility of getting rupees 100 Paytm. otherwise your review will be canceled and you would not be paid anything.

1-  First of all open this link in your default browser in order to get rupees hundred Paytm in your Paytm wallet-
Visit Naukri Review Offer Page 2- Once the landing pages open make sure to fill each details correctly like name, email ID and contact number.<

Rs. 100 paytm cash

3-  After filling the necessary details you need to submit the review related to your online course and for that you need to click the drop down to select the course provider from the provider drop down menu, scroll the menu to select the course provider from which you have purchased the course that you are going to review today.

online course review offer

4-  After that click on course and select the correct option from the given drop down.

5-  Rate your learning experience out of Five Stars

6-  Now write a review for the course related to content, platform and training experience, career impact of that course, challenges you have faced, skills and pros and cons, Resources, course structure, assignments, lecture quality, practical knowledge etc.

Sikhsha online course review offer

7- You can also generate a review using chat GPT and submit it on the page.

8- Once you have filled in all the details, submit your page and you will get a success message that thank you for your review and we have received your course review.

9-  You will get your INR hundred Paytm once they have reviewed your submission.


In conclusion, if you have taken an online course and want to earn 100 rupees on Paytm, you can review the course on Just follow the instructions, fill in the details, and write an honest review. Once they review your submission, you will receive your 100 rupees. It’s an easy way to earn some money for sharing your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1- How can I earn 100 rupees on Paytm by reviewing an online course?
Ans- Follow the step-by-step guide in the article and submit a genuine review.
Q2- Which website is conducting the offer?
Ans- in collaboration with is conducting the offer.
Q3- What details do I need to fill out when submitting the review?
Ans- Name, email ID, contact number, course provider, and course-related feedback.
Q4- Can I copy-paste the review?
Ans- No, make sure your review is authentic to increase the chances of receiving the reward.
Q5- When will I receive the 100 rupees on Paytm?
Ans- You will receive the amount once your submission has been reviewed.

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