Rozdhan Invite Code 2023 {0B54ZC} Get 50 Signup+ 10/refer (Proof)

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Rozdhan is one of the best Paytm cash earning App. If you just want to sign up then Rozdhan App invite code is – 0B54ZC you can use this code to sign up on the Rozdhan App to claim your free Signup bonus of Rs. 50 Paytm.

Hello guys today we are going to tell you about one of the famous and most loved free recharge app which is currently offering a flat registration reward of rupees 50 Paytm cash on using Rozdhan Invite code 2023 (Open any News in Rozdhan app and read for 3 days to redeem your earnings in your Paytm account), Plus a reward of rupees 10 when your friends or family member use your Rozdhan Refer Code.

Apart from the signup bonus and referral reward, you can earn unlimited free Rozdhan coins on completing certain tasks on a daily basis such as by reading News, playing a game, Spinning the wheel, etc.

Note- For 1st Invitation instead of Rs. 6 you will get Rs. 12 for a limited period of time, So, After signup share the app and complete atleast 1 successful refer to earn Rs. 12 extra Paytm.

Important Notice- After downloading the app kindly read a news to get your signup bonus immediately, And also read atleast 1 news for next 3 days to earn upto Rs. 5000 every month

Note- List of Instant Withdrawal offers has been updated on the dashboard of the Rozdhan app. You can participate in those offers and withdraw your earnings instantly. For an example, Rozdhan is offering Rs. 50 instant withdraw when you complete the Signup process on NiyoX

 By using rozDhan invitation code 2023 {0B54ZC} you will be able to claim the signup reward of rupees 50 Paytm cash which will be credited in your Rozdhan wallet account just after you complete the signup process. The registration process of the application is very easy and it can be done within a minute. so make sure you are following the signup process carefully. Download the app using the below button-

 Download Here

Kindly apply our refer code { 0B54ZC } to get the Signup bonus and read any news

By using our invite code you will be able to get instant earnings in your Rozdhan account in the form of free COINS. Since its formation, it has changed many things to make it user-friendly who want to earn.

 Rozdhan Invite Code 2023

Rozdhan Referral Code 20210B54ZC
Signup BonusRs. 50 Paytm
ReferRs. 10
Roz Dhan app referral code0B54ZC
ValidityNew users

 As I have earlier told you that the use rozdhan app invite code is necessary to get the signup bonus of rupees 50 Paytm cash (After downloading the app kindly read news). if somehow you missed submitting the referral code (0B54ZC) in the app then and you can submit our referral code at any time whenever you want on the application to get the bonus of rupees 50.

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About Rozdhan app- Roz Dhan is the Best Earning App which also provides entertainment and Daily News content. Earn Money by Sign up, Daily Check-in, Walking, Inviting Friends, Reading & Sharing News, Playing Games and through the Scratch Card Activity.

Latest Earning Proof-

Free Paytm cash link

This Money Earning App gives you Rs 50 on sign up. You can also get access to Personal Loan offers, shopping offers and others. Roz Dhan is one of the top Online Money Income Apps which entertains with 12+ categories where you Earn Paytm Cash Daily.

Update 10th March 2023 – A new system called energy points has been introduced in the Rozdhan application from now in which you need to achieve a certain amount of points in order to be able to withdraw your earning from the app. A detailed guide to Rozdhan Energy points are given in this article.

What is Roz Dhan app invite code

 Invite code is a 6 digit unique Rozdhan code combination of alphabets and numerical words which can be found on the rozdhan application by the users in their profile tab. the referral code of the rozdhan application plays an important role Which helps the user in getting the promised sign up bonus of ₹50.

 it can be found by the users in their profile tab if they want to share the application to as many friends or family members as they can in order to get rupees 10 Paytm cash on it successful referral. the amount of rupees 10 will be credited in the user’s account whenever someone uses their referral code.

rozdhan invitation code 2020

 The process of how to use the Roz Dhan invitation code is updated below. so make sure to check that.

The process to use Rozdhan Refer code-

 If you wish to claim the signup bonus offered by Rozdhan application then follow the below step-by-step guide and use our unique referral code to claim your signup  reward successfully

  •  First of all, download the Rozdhan app on your smartphone using the button below-
  • Download Here
  •  After downloading the Rozdhan app open it
  •  Select your preferred language
  •  On next page enter your mobile number and click on go button
  •  Wait for few seconds until the app is verifying your mobile number with OTP
  •  After verifying you will be asked to complete your profile.
  •  After completing your profile you will see a popup asking you to submit rozdhan invitation code 2023
  •   Enter this Rozdhan Refer code0B54ZC
  •  Click on submit button
  • Most Important step- Now go to News tab
  • Rozdhan code 2020
  • After that open any news from the list and read it, Kindly follow this process for next 3 days
  • Refer code
  •  Rupees 50 signup reward will be credited
  • To get more Rs. 50 Paytm cash you need to ☑️ open the Roz Dhan app for the next 3 days and read the news in the News section (Most Important).

I hope by following the steps you were able to download and register on Rozdhan application, To know how to use the app and various features to earn money from the Rozdhan app you should read the information’s below.

How to read the news in Rozdhan app to redeem earnings in Paytm-

In order to redeem your first earning by using Rozdhan Invite code you need to Read news in the app for 3 days, After reading the news for 3 days the earning transfer service on your app will be unlocked and you can request the Paytm transfer.

Just open the Rozdhan Code app and go to the News option and read any news. With Rozdhan Invite code 2023 you can start earning the best.

Instant Withdrawal Offers on Rozdhan-

The Instant withdrawal offers are the one which doesn’t need you to complete the minimum withdrawal limit and you can withdraw your earning by completing those offers instantly in your Paytm account.

1- Complete KYC on Unocoin to withdraw Rs. 70 Instantly.

2- Register on CoinSwitch to withdraw and withdraw Rs. 9

3- Signup on NiyoX to get Rs. 60 instantly.

4- Register on Unacademy to withdraw Rs. 8

Rozdhan Coin Value

 Whenever you complete a certain task on the app your rozdhan app wallet will be credited with a certain amount of coins. The value of 20 coins is Rs .80 every day In Midnight your rozdhan app coins will be converted in rupees.  and after reaching the minimum withdrawal amount you can transfer your earned rozdhan app coin into your Paytm wallet.

 before requesting the transfer you are advised to ensure the correct registered Paytm mobile number so that the executives of Rozdhan app will process the request.

Note- Daily checkin rewards are now increased, Now you will get 100 coins on 2nd day and 40 Rozdhan coins on 6th and 200 coins on 7th day checkin.

Daily check in reward list

Day 120 coins
Day 2100 coins
Day 325 coins + lucky spin
Day 430 coins
Day 535 coins
Day 640 coins
Day 7200 coins

The daily check-in rewards get updated frequently on the Rozdhan application, Hence for the latest information, you should check the dashboard of the application from time to time and engage with the offers.

 Roz Dhan App Unlimited Refer Trick

 Our website visitors can earn unlimited rupees 25 Paytm Rozdhan app sign up bonus by implementing the Exclusive Rozdhan unlimited trick which we are going to explain in this section below. Just insert your Rozdhan invitation code 2023 and get rewarded with sign up bonus for an unlimited time. make sure that you must have multiple mobile numbers to verify the Roz Dhan application with OTP.

  1.  First of all download The parallel space app in your smartphone – Click Here
  2.  Now install Roz Dhan application in it
  3.  After installing open the Rozdhan application and then complete the signup process with a new mobile number
  4.  After that enter your Rozdhan app invite code – 0B54ZC
  5.  you will get the signup bonus credited in your Rozdhan wallet
  6.  after that reset the parallel app and follow the Rozdhan Unlimited trick steps from 2 to 5 again and again.

List of Tricks to Earn Coins-

Earning money in Rozdhan app is very simple, You can earn coins from many ways. We have listed the links in details by which you can earn extra coins on daily basis and after reaching the minimum redeem value you can redeem it in your Paytm account.

If you want to increase your earning by earning more coins then you need to engage with the available earning options on the Rozdhan app by following these simple Roz Dhan app trick 2023 which is given below. The tasks are very simple to follow and you can earn daily 1000 coins in your wallet.

Trick 1-

  • Complete your Profile to get 200 Coins
  • Read FAQ’s to get 100 coins
  • Read the Beginners tutorial to get 20 coins like the image below-
  • roz dhan app
  • After this go to Daily Task and start participating in the tasks and complete them one by one to earn more coins which will help you to increase your earnings on Roz Dhan application.
  • To earn more coins every day you need to click the Treasure box on the home page of the app.
  • Coins from 2 to 10 will be credited into your Rozdhan account immediately. Now revise this process again and again to increase your Coin numbers.

Trick 2-

Earning Free Rozdhan coins are very easy, In a new initiative they have introduced a new to earn coins known as “Earn money by Walking”

helo app alternative Indian app

In Earn Money by walking Rozdhan task you can earn up to 50 Rozdhan Coins every day by walking and 100 steps are equal to 1 coin. Beside just earning from Rozdhan Code you can have good health also, Just make sure to keep your mobile phone with you whenever you are walking.

So, Don’t forget to redeem your coins as I did below-

Walk to earn coins

Trick 3-

You can earn up to Rs. 100 by participating in the Spin the Wheel challenge on every 3rd and 7th day of the week. This additional earning will be in the addition of the daily check-in coins that you earn every day on Rozdhan by doing check-in. Participation in this

Kindly follow the below steps to participate in this event every week-

1- First of all open Rozdhan App

2- On the dashboard of the app go-to Earn Money option.

3- There you will see Day 1 to Day 7 check-in option, Once you have checked in Day 1 and Day 2 then you need to click on Day 3 like the image below-

4- After that a new Spin the Wheel pop up will get open, with the available prizes.

5- Click the Spin button and wait for a few seconds.

6- Depending on your luck you could win from 4 Rozdhan Coins to Rs. 100 Paytm cash.

7- Now keep on checking daily and repeat the process again on the 7th day to try your luck.

Trick 4-

Now you can earn daily extra Rozdhan coins apart from the signup bonus that you have received by using our Rozdhan invite code 2020. On the dashboard of the application, you will see an option to Share your daily income, Reading notifications and Share ranking positions in Whatsapp groups.

rozdhan refer code 2020

Kindly follow the below steps to avail free coins/ credits daily from Rozdhan application

1- First of all open the application

2- Now go to Earn money section

3- Scroll the page and look for the Share link list, Read daily notifications, and Whatsapp group share option like the image above.

4- Now click on share button and share the rank list, Daily share

5- Coins will be added to your Rozdhan account.

Apart from all these steps there are many other ways which you can use to earn coins from Rozdhan. They introduce new games and tasks for there users every day hence keep on exploring the app on daily basis.

Trick 4- Rozdhan Accumulated Checkin Rewards

In this, you will get 50 extra Rozdhan coins by doing continuous check-ins for 5 days. Once you complete the 5 days regular check-ins you can redeem 50 coins in your Rozdhan wallet. After that do it for the next 5 days to get another 50 coins as long as the offer is active.

The detailed process to claim this offer after using Rozdhan refer code 2023 is given below:-

accumulated checkin coins

Follow below instructions to claim this Rozdhan offer

1- First of all open the Rozdhan application

2- Now go to Earn money section

3- Scroll the page and look for the Accumulated Check-in bonus

4- After completing the check-ins for 5 days click on the Get button.

5- 50 Coins will be added to your Rozdhan account.

Trick 5- Earn from the daily scratch card & daily earn

Now you can participate in the daily scratch card and win up to Rs. 200 and coins. You can earn extra earning apart from getting the signup bonus by using the Rozdhan invite code. The process to participate in this program everyday is very easy. Hence kindly follow the below steps-

coin hack

Click on the Daily scratch card tab in the Earn money section of Rozdhan app. A new scratch card like page will get open. Click on any of the scratch cards like the image below.

refer hack

Depending on your luck you can win Rozdhan coins or real money up to Rs. 200.

  • You will get 3 chance daily
  • For an additional 3 more chances you need to share the Rozdhan online sign up link on Whatsapp.

Trick 6- Earn money by participating in quick money tasks

Whenever you open the dashboard of the Rozdhan application then you will see a popup of some ongoing quick money tasks. Currently, Rozdhan is offering Rs. 6 on Niyox application install.

If you install Niyox then you will get Rs. 6 added in your Paytm directly. There are many benefits of participating in quick money tasks.

  • You don’t need to complete the threshold
  • Just complete the task and get your money transferred to your Paytm
  • Frequent new offers are getting added daily
  • High payouts

Withdrawal notification-

Once you reach the minimum redemption limit you will get an in-app notification on your mobile phone notifications tab that your Balance has already reached the withdrawal limit kindly redeem your earnings like the image below-

Just click on the notification and enter your Paytm mobile number and PAN number and click on the Withdraw button. That’s it

In your Paytm account, you will see Rozpouch as crediting information.

For instant earnings don’t forget to check the Prime tasks and Instant cash tasks to get new tasks to earn more and withdraw earning instantly.

Is Rozdhan is the best Helo app alternative Indian app?

Since the ban of 59 Chinese apps including Helo app, People are searching for the best Helo app alternative Indian app to earn free wallet cash, see short videos, Read news, Jokes, participate in quizzes, Earn Paytm cash, Refer and earn and Rozdhan is the best Helo app alternative application available in India which is built in India and governed by an Indian entrepreneur.

The UI of the Roz Dhan app is just as best as the Helo app that you would love to download it and use Rozdhan refer code 2023 to get signup bonus of Rs. 50 Paytm cash.

Kindly follow all the steps above to get yourself entered in Rozdhan application and to earn free money every day.

Earning Potential-

You can earn unlimited money by using the Roz Dhan app, There is no daily/ Weekly and monthly earning limit. You can participate in many offers as you can on a daily basis to increase your earnings in the app and you can also refer as many friends and family members as you can to multiply your earnings.

Rozdhan is an old application and as per their leader board many rozdhan users have earned multiple lakhs after joining this application. It will be a real beneficial for those who already have a huge social media following with followers who are constantly looking for earning applications. If you have huge YouTube subscribers then also you can earn a huge amount with Rozdhan.

People have earned more than lakh rupees in a year, There is a leader board on the Rozdhan app which you can check to get the details of top weekly and monthly earners.

Rozdhan Customer care number-

If due for some reason you would like to establish a telephonic conversation with the Rozdhan customer care department then you can call on the following numbers and have a talk with them. Unfortunately, there is no customer care number for Rozdhan is currently available, Meanwhile, you can send an email to them at this email address-  [email protected]

Complete the steps below to get rewards

Energy points can be obtained after some tasks are completed, and can be used for some privileged operations, such as advanced tasks, increasing participation times, cash withdrawal, etc.

HOW TO: You can see the energy points of tasks at the left of the task item in the Earn Page. For example, you can get 1000 energy points daily by check-in, and invite each valid friend to get 3000 points.

Notice Board-

  • For a short period of time, They have brought a new Refer and earn program in which you can earn up to 8.5 rupees per refer in 5 segments. You can check the details about the earn money section of the app
  • invite challenge
  • Lucky scratch task position changed- (It is now displayed as a banner in earn money page)
  • Spartan poker is back
  • Invite Friends- Now you can earn up to 50 extra when your invited friends invite further.
  • The reward for downloading the Dhani app has been increased from 750 coins to 1500 coins for a short period of time. So, Download it and redeem Rs. 6 Paytm in your account immediately (25th Sep 2020)
  • Free reward of 2 Rozdhan coins has been added if you scroll the Earn money page till the end.

What Is the Minimum Withdraw Amount in Rozdhan App?

After reaching Rs. 200 in Rozdhan application you can submit a withdraw request using the application. The withdrawn amount will be credited into your Paytm account within 10 working days. Make sure to submit your valid PAN number to get the successful withdrawal of the money.

The minimum withdrawal amount in Rozdhan app is Rs. 200 only. You can withdraw any amount from Rozdhan which are earned by completing instant tasks.

Final Words-  so guys these were the details of Rozdhan refer code 2023 in case if you are getting any problem While submitting your refer code then you can contact the customer care department of the Rozdhan app or you can also comment on your problem in the comment section below so that we can help you in getting your Rozdhan App to sign up bonus. thanks!!!


Q1- Is Rozdhan app Real or Fake?

Ans- Rozdhan app is 100% Genuine and it does pay Rs. 50 on signup and Referral.

Q2- How much Paytm cash will I get on signup?

Ans- You will get Rs. 50 Paytm cash on signup by using our Refer code- 0B54ZC

Q3- How much money I can earn from Rozdhan?

Ans- You can earn Unlimited money from it, there are no restrictions.

Q4- Is Rozdhan an Indian app?

Ans- Yes it’s 100% Indian app

Q5- How Rozdhan app makes money?

Ans- Whenever Rozdhan users complete any tasks on the app, Rozdhan gets paid for the same from the advertiser.

Q6- Do I need to download app to use Rozdhan?

Ans- Yes, Rozdhan application can only be accessed through official Rozdhan application.

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