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Hello friends, I would like to inform all of you about an application through which you can earn free coins just by downloading the app on your smartphone. You can keep it with you when you are walking basically it’s a Walk and Earn app. It is also possible to redeem the coins earned by you in the form of vouchers and products. This application can be found on the Play Store under the name Streads App.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, if you download this application from the referral link provided in this article, then you will also receive a signup bonus of 50 points. With this bonus, you can earn more coins on the application, which will allow you to order new products for free.

Streads App Refer Code

 It should be noted that in our normal daily lives, we have to go to work for one or other purpose. There are a number of walk and earn applications available on the market. In these applications, people can earn free coupons, vouchers, and product products by walking on foot. This is done via some special applications on their mobile devices.

 There is currently a trend on the market that is very popular. It is primarily used by young people since they walk several kilometers almost every day, regardless of whether they attend school or college. It is therefore very beneficial for young people who wish to receive free products and free vouchers through this application.

What is Streads App-

So, like, I gotta tell you about this really cool app I’ve been using called STREADS! It’s like this app that keeps track of your steps and gives you these coins called STREADS coins. And get this, you can actually use those coins to get all kinds of rewards like electronics, e-bikes, fitness stuff, clothes, and more!

The app allows you to earn on the go, and honestly, it’s been really motivating for me to get up and move around more. It’s like the more steps you take, the more coins you get! And it’s not just about taking a ton of steps in one day and then calling it quits. STREADS really emphasizes the importance of having a consistent walking routine.

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When you reach 1000 steps, you get one streadcoin. It may not sound like a lot, but it definitely adds up over time. And let me tell you, I’ve been able to snag some pretty sweet rewards with all the coins I’ve been racking up. So if you’re looking for a fun way to get in some extra steps and earn some cool stuff while you’re at it, you should totally give STREADS a try!

Steps to Download Streads App

There are a lot of free vouchers and free products that you can get through the Streads App. Our aim here in this section of the article is to provide you with information about how you can download this application and participate in various activities in order to earn points which you can later redeem for various products and vouchers in the future.

 It normally takes between 10 and 15 days for the products you have redeemed to be delivered to the address you have mentioned.

1- First of all visit this link- Click Here

2- Download the Streads app from the Play Store.

3- Open the app and click on Sign up button.

4- Enter your mobile number and submit the OTP.

5- After that enter your name, email address, username, date of birth, weight, height etc and enter our refer code given below-

streads app refer code


Streads App Refer Code- “deepaktiwari”

6- After submitting you will be on the dashboard of the Streads app.

7- Now you can start earning Streads Coins by walking.

8- You can watch your daily progress on the dashboard of the app.

9- After earning enough Streads coins you can open the Redeem tab and scroll for the products that you want to order.

How to Refer the Streads app

You can earn 5 coins by referring your friends and family members to download the app. You just need to share your referral link or Streads app refer code to earn unlimited Streads coin.

walk and earn app

Kindly follow the below steps to get your Streads app refer link-

  • First of all open the Streads app
  • Click on Profile tab from the top right bottom.
  • Scroll the page and select Invite & Earn
  • Share your refer link with your friends and family members.
  • You will earn 5 coins per successful refer.


In conclusion, the Streads app is a great way to earn free products and vouchers by simply walking. It tracks your steps and rewards you with coins, which you can redeem for a variety of rewards. By using the referral link provided, you can earn a sign-up bonus and start earning coins right away. Give it a try and start earning today!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1- What is the Streads app?

Ans- It’s an app that tracks your steps and rewards you with coins.

Q2- Can I redeem my coins for products and vouchers?

Ans- Yes, you can redeem your coins for a variety of rewards.

Q3- How do I download the Streads app?

Ans- You can download it from the Play Store or use the link provided in the article.

Q4- Is the Streads app available for both Android and iOS devices?

Ans- Yes, it’s available for both types of devices.

Q5- How can I earn more coins on the Streads app?

Ans- You can earn more coins by walking more and by referring your friends to download the app.

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