What is Taskbucks app? And how to earn from it {₹25 per refer}

Today, we are bringing you yet another app that lets you earn money from TaskBucks app. It is possible to earn pocket money from your mobile devices while sitting at home. You can use this app very comfortably to withdraw your mobile expenses and pocket money, since it is an app to earn money using a mobile phone. I hope you are loving our free recharge tricks 2022 and free sample products tricks on our blog.

You receive coins for completing the task. You will earn coins everytime you participate and completes any task which is available on the dashboard of the app. Upon accumulating a large amount of coins, you can send those coins to your Paytm Wallet.

Furthermore, if you wish, you can also use that money to recharge your mobile phone. Withdrawal limits are also very low. Once you have 20 rupees, you can transfer the money to your Paytm wallet or recharge your prepaid mobile phone of any network.

What is Taskbucks?

Using TaskBucks, you can make money on your mobile device. You can earn money by installing it on your mobile device. It is possible to download the TaskBucks App on both Android and iOS devices. You can earn money from the TaskBucks App in many ways after you download and install it

  • By downloading and installing other apps within this app,
  • By sharing your feedback,
  • Completing the survey,
  • If you refer a friend,

Gaming platforms like Taskbucks allow people to earn money by playing various games. The sole purpose of this app is to entertain people and make money. This app allows you to earn money by playing games and solving puzzles.

 This app has the unique feature of allowing you to play these games online with your friends and also with strangers. Besides this, you are given some daily tasks in this app, such as downloading the application and then using it for a while to earn money. These applications can also be deleted later if you wish.

I like this app because it is reliable and helpful.

In addition to this, you can also earn through refer-and-earn. You just need to generate your refer link and share it with your friends and family members. Every time a friend or family member download the taskbucks app using your refer link and complete any task from the app. Your Taskbucks account gets credited with a referral amount of ₹25.

When you have accumulated a lot of coins, you can then convert it into real money and transfer it to your PayTM wallet. This app has a very low minimum withdrawal amount. If you have 20 rupees, you can transfer it to your Paytm wallet. You can also use this money to recharge your mobile phone.

How do I create a TaskBucks account?

Kindly follow the below steps to download the Taskbucks account and create your account.

 1 – The first step is to download Taskbucks from this link- Click Here

2 – After downloading the application, you will have the option to log in with your Facebook account or with your phone number. You may choose from either of the two.

 3 – Use your mobile number for logging in. After clicking on the mobile number, you need to enter your name, then your mobile number, then your e-mail address, and then next.

4 – You will receive an OTP on your mobile. Enter the OTP

5 – After submitting the OTP your Taskbucks app will be activated. Now go to the dashboard of the app and start engaging with the available tasks to earn money.

How can I earn money using Task bucks app

Earning money from taskbucks is very simple and there are many ways using which you can earn daily coins and direct transferrable balance. You can earn up to 10 thousand coins daily. Also you can earn daily coins just by opening the taskbucks app for once every day.

Below are some of the the best ways to earn money from the app

1- Daily login- You can earn coins by completing the daily login. Just open the app and click on Claim button

taskbucks app download

2- Complete offers from top brands- This is the best way to earn quickly from the taskbucks app. Just check the dashboard of the app and participate in it by downloading/ installing/ reviewing it.

complete offer on tasbucks

3- Open Treasure Box- You can also earn if you participate in games, puzzles, open treasure box etc.

treasure box

How do I receive payment from the TaskBucks App?

When you have ₹20 in your account, you can recharge your mobile or transfer it to your Paytm account. Therefore, you can earn money through this app and use it to recharge your phone and transfer the money to your Paytm account.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what Task Bucks is and how it can be used to make money. 

How to withdraw money from Taskbucks 

 You Can Use Your Earned Money On TaskBucks As Follows:

Paytm Wallet- Once Your Email Id Has Been Verified On TaskBucks App, You Can Directly Transfer Your Earnings To Your Paytm Wallet

Mobile Recharge- You Can Recharge Any Pre-Paid Number Using TaskBucks Money. 

Postpaid bill payments- The TaskBucks App Allows You To Pay Your Postpaid Bills. 

Contact information for TaskBucks App

In Case You Encounter Any Problems With TaskBucks App Or Have Any Queries Related To TaskBucks App. Email Can Be Sent To [email protected], The Email Address For TaskBucks App.


Now that you have read this article completely, you should know all the information about how to earn money from Taskbucks. You will be able to earn money sitting at home as well. It’s crazy how everything has turned digital these days. Seeing this, everyone should know how to earn money online, and Taskbucks offers the most effective solution. It does not require any skill on your part. In addition, if you have any questions about earning money from Taskbucks, please let us know in the comments.

After reading this article carefully, you must have realized that there are many ways to earn money from Taskbucks.

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