TimesPrime 1 Year Free Subscription using Visa Card {Guide}

In today’s fast-paced world, saving money has become a top priority for many individuals. The Visa and TimesPrime offer presents a unique opportunity to maximize savings and enjoy exclusive benefits. We will discuss the key features of this incredible offer in this article, and explain why consumers should take advantage of it.

September Update- The offer is still running for VISA card holders, You can still follow the steps given in the article and take the benefit of 1 year Times Prime free of cost.

An introduction to the Visa and TimesPrime offers

With the Visa and TimesPrime offer, Visa, a global leader in payment technology, collaborates with TimesPrime, a premium digital membership service. As a result of this partnership, users will receive discounts, rewards, and exclusive events and experiences as well as a variety of exciting benefits.

Benefits of TimePrime

1- Taking advantage of a world of benefits

Through the Visa and TimesPrime offer, users are able to take advantage of an array of exclusive discounts and offers. From dining and entertainment to travel and lifestyle, the offer covers a wide spectrum of consumer needs. You can enjoy a gourmet meal at a renowned restaurant or plan a weekend getaway with the Visa and TimesPrime offer.

timesprime subs

2- Subscriptions and premium content

You’ll be able to access premium digital content and subscriptions as a TimesPrime member for free. Access leading publications, gain valuable insights through online courses, and enjoy exclusive content across various platforms to stay on top of the latest news and trends. With Visa and TimesPrime, you can access a world of knowledge and entertainment.

3. An exciting rewards program

Every time you use your Visa card, you’ll be one step closer to exciting rewards with the Visa and TimesPrime offer. You can earn rewards points on your purchases and redeem them for cashback, gift cards, or even unique experiences, among other options. With this rewards program, the offer is enhanced, making it an attractive proposition for consumers.

How to Avail Visa TimePrime offer

Kindly Follow the Step by step guide below to avail this exciting offer-

1- Visit this Visa TimesPrime membership page – Click Here

2- Authenticate your Visa card by clicking on the ‘Claim Offer’ button

timesprime 1 year free subscription

3- Now enter first 8 digit of your of Visa card number and click on Continue button.

enter your visa card details

4- Now you must successfully complete a Re. 1 transaction

5- After the successfull transaction of Re. 1 the screen will display your unique promo code

6- Click on “Join Now” on the Times Prime website / app

7- Enter your mobile number, select “Have a referral/gift code?” and enter the unique promo code on TimesPrime app.

8- You can download the Times Prime app using button below-

Download Times Prime

timesprime app download



In conclusion, the Visa and TimesPrime offer is a special deal that helps people save money and get special things. With this offer, you can get discounts on food, fun, travel, and more. You can also read special stories and learn new things online. When you use your Visa card, you can earn points and get cool rewards like money back or special experiences. To get this offer, just follow the steps on the website and use a special code. It’s a great way to save money and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions-

1- What benefits can I get with the Visa and TimesPrime offer?
Answer: Discounts, rewards, exclusive events, and access to premium content.

2- How can I access premium digital content and subscriptions?
Answer: As a TimesPrime member, you can access it for free.

3- How can I earn rewards with the offer?
Answer: Use your Visa card for purchases and earn rewards points.

4- How do I avail the Visa and TimesPrime offer?
Answer: Follow the step-by-step guide on the Visa TimesPrime membership page.

5- Is the offer available for everyone?
Answer: Yes, as long as you have a Visa card, you can avail the offer.

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