How to use OYO money in OYO app to make payments {Easy Guide}

Friends, today I will tell you how you can use OYO Money on OYO Application. I am sure you are all aware of the largest private hotel chain in India, OYO, which was started by a young entrepreneur just a few years back. And soon after, OYO Rooms began expanding across the country. There is no such area in the country today where you will not be able to find a hotel from Oyo.

Following the company’s expansionary policies in India, OYO Rooms has introduced several promotional offers in the Indian market in order to attract more users. OYO often gives OYO money as a gift to new users who register on its platform. During his first booking, he will be able to use it. 

Users often do not know how to use OYO Money on the OYO app or website since they are not familiar with the procedure. Considering this, we thought that it would make sense to write a particular article on this topic.

How to use OYO money in OYO app

If you have seen any offers on the OYO application in which you are being told that if you sign up for it then you will be given a certain gift in which you will be provided with some OYO money. in your OYO wallet and if you want to know how you can use that OYO Money? So in the next parts of the article, we will tell you how you can use the money available in your OYO Wallet for hotel booking using the method provided by us.

About OYO

Before talking about OYO Money, it is necessary to know how OYO Hotel Chain started or what is OYO actually? If you are interested in knowing what is OYO then I would like to tell you that OYO is a hotel chain. Which was started in the year 2013 by a young entrepreneur named Ritesh Agarwal. Since his inception, he has grown his business not only in the country but also abroad, working with accuracy and commitment, and has also received investment from big investors from time to time.

 OYO Rooms is currently valued at billions of dollars. There are rumors that soon OYO room is going public and you will be able to purchase shares of this company.

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What is OYO money?

OYO Money is virtual money that you can use only while booking an OYO room on the OYO application or website. You can check Oyo Money by going to your profile tab on the website or application. You can check how much Oyo Money balance you have.

 You can get OYO Money in the following three ways

1- Promotional OYO Money received while signing up under the offer

2- Received as a refund

3- Using Coupons

Use Oyo money on the Oyo app: Step by step instructions

Using OYO Money on your OYO App is very straightforward, and you will learn here how to use your OYO Wallet balance when you book an OYO room. And what other payment methods you can use to pay the remainder of the money.

  • Start by downloading the OYO Rooms app- Click Here
  •  The OYO Rooms Application can be accessed once the application is downloaded, by logging in with your ID
  •  Click on Book when you have found the room you prefer
  •  If you have a child with you, click on Choose if you would like to include a child in your booking. Select your preferred day, date, and number of people staying.
  •  Select Check-Out after selection
  •  If you click on checkout, you will see a section that lets you send payment using Oyo Money.
  • OYO money from your wallet will be automatically transferred, as long as you meet the terms and conditions.
  • You can choose other payment options from the list to make the remainder of the Payment.

Conclusion: – I hope by following the guide above you were able to use your OYO Money wallet balance to book your OYO room. In case if you are facing any using then leave a comment in the comment box below and we will check that for you and provide you with the appropriate answers.



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