Vodafone Free Internet Trick Codes 2024 Activate up to 10GB Free Data

Are you a Vodafone subscriber if yes then we have got a few tricks for you using which you would be able to use Vodafone free internet trick codes on your mobile phone to avail free internet using Vodafone sim. Many times Vodafone offers a certain amount of free internet to its old and new users to update their services or start using the Vodafone app.

New working methods for the month of January 2024 has been updated.

 Despite the fact that the internet cost in India is very cheap as compared to any other country in the world we simply can’t ignore the free data which we are getting from Vodafone itself. This lockdown Vodafone is offering extra internet balance on many recharge plans. Apart from that, it has also introduced a few work from home internet plans for their subscribers who are working from home. 

Vodafone Free Internet Trick 2024

  A few years ago we used to purchase 1GB of 2G data at rupees 199, but now you can enjoy 1.5 GB data per day for 28 days at an average price of just rupees 149 on any network. So with the days passing the internet users are increasing and the rate of the internet is decreasing. But many times the users who have just started using the internet don’t want to waste their hard-earned money in any 60 to 90 days of recharge. Hence, they want to experience the speed of internet connection that is my Vodafone free internet trick codes helps them to experience the Vodafone free data hack 2024.

 there are many ways using which Vodafone users can activate free data plans on their mobile phones. And the use of these data plans is legal, and you don’t need to have an extraordinary knowledge of any technical aspects of your mobile phone.

How to Avail Vodafone Free Internet-

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 As I have told you earlier that a user can avail free data on the Vodafone network by using any free data offer which is being offered by Vodafone itself. it can be anything like bye downloading Vodafone’s official application of Vodafone or by upgrading your 2G/ 3G into 4G connection or recharging your mobile phone with a complimentary recharge offer.

Which comes with a complimentary free data plan from 1GB to 10GB depending on the recharge amount.

 So below we are going to list a few tricks using which you can activate up to 10 GB free Vodafone data plan if a few seconds.

List of Tricks to Get Free Data in Vodafone

 There are plenty of ways using which you can activate Vodafone free internet plans on your Vodafone SIM and which is explained in detail below. For the convenience of the users, we are going to explain the activation details of these offers step by step so that they do not face any activation problem and the data gets activated when you complete the process of Vodafone free internet plans.

From time to time Vodafone comes up with new free internet plans so make sure to bookmark this article so that you will get notified in the future also when there are any new updates or offers using which you can avail Vodafone free data. recently we have also published Airtel free internet tricks for our users.

Get 14 GB of free data from Vodafone for 10 days by giving a missed call:

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad and dial this number- 121363
  2. Press 5 if prompted.
  3. Wait a few minutes and you’ll receive a message saying you’ve got 2 GB of free 4G data daily for 7 days.
  4. That’s a total of 14 GB of free 4G data and unlimited free calling when you use it for 7 days.
  5. If you don’t receive the message, check your app or data balance.

It’s a user specific order so it may not work with every SIM hence we would like to advice you to follow other tricks below to avail free Vodafone data.

Free 1GB Vodafone Internet Working In 2024

We have brought a great offer for you today. In which you would be able to claim free VI 4G internet 1gb data 2 times a month. Kindly follow the below step by step guide to claim the same.

Vodafone free data

  • First of all open the dial pad
  • Dial this number- 121249
  • Press 1
  • You will instantly get the 1gb data credited into your account valid for one day.
  • You can claim this offer 2 times a month.

1GB Free Vodafone Data

 This is by far the simplest Vodafone free internet trick available on the internet right now in the year 2024. in this offer, Vodafone is offering 1GB high-speed 4g data to all users who haven’t installed Vodafone app on their mobile phone yet. 

The activation process of this Vodafone free internet trick is straightforward, and the detailed process is provided below.

  • First of all download the My Vodafone app from this page
  •  open the app and enter your Vodafone number
  •   verify your Vodafone number with OTP
  •  your Vodafone account will get credited with 1GB free complimentary 4g data  plan valid for 15 days

Get 4GB Free Data

In this next Vodafone free internet trick, we are going to tell you about how you can get 4 GB of free data credited to your mobile phone if you are having any second generation or third generation Vodafone SIM card.

Just visit any Vodafone store in your location and upgrade your sim to get a free 4 GB complimentary Vodafone internet pack.

Is It Possible to Get 10GB Free Data on Vodafone?

  1. You need to open your phone dialer.
  2. Here is the USSD code you need to dial.
  3. You can dial *111*99#
  4. You should dial 1 to activate the 100MB free data offer if it asks for it.
  5. You will be able to access 100MB of free data on your Vodafone SIM card as soon as you dial.

How to Get Free Internet on Vodafone Using the Vodafone App

Many times to promote their official Android application Vodafone provides free data on downloading the application for the first time. If you haven’t used the Vodafone official application on your smartphone yet then you should give it a try.

free internet vodafone 2020

Follow the below instructions to claim your complimentary free Vodafone data 

  • First of all download official Vodafone app- Click Here
  • Install the app and open it
  • Register with your Vodafone number
  • Look for the offers tab
  • Claim free data if you see any in the tab
  • Enjoy your Free Vodafone Internet and make sure to utilize it before the expiry. Because you can not carry it forward for further uses.

After utilizing one offer tab you can avail the second Vodafone free data offer from the offers tab. New offers come frequently so you will have many offers to complete.

Get up to 10 GB data by dialing a number (User Specific)

You can get a  up to 10 gb of high speed data from Vodafone by following below steps, keep this thing in mind that it’s a user specific offer and wouldn’t work for everyone.

  • First of all open your dial pad
  • Enter this number –  “121365” and click on call button.
  • After dialing the call will be disconnected automatically.
  • Now wait for a few hours.
  • You will receive a confimation message that your account has been credit with 10gb of data for 10 days if you are eligible for the offer.

How to Check Free Data Offers

 if you remain inactive for a long period to use the internet, then there is the probability that Vodafone will offer free data to you so that you can start experiencing the benefits of having a 4g data plan in your mobile phone. You can check this free internet offer on your Vodafone by dialing USSD on your Vodafone sim. 

The detailed steps are updated below

  1. Open dial pad and dial any of these numbers *121#
  2. You will receive a notification Pop up immediately
  3. Check for Vodafone Free internet offers
  4. Tap the number and send to receive the activation process
  5. Follow the steps and activate your free offers

Many times Vodafone does communicate about such offers through SMS so have a look at your message box also to have an understanding of any such offers.

How to Get Free Data Using Third Party Free Recharge Apps

There are a few trusted free recharge app that pays in wallet balance as well as in free data balances which users can redeem for free internet and there are many such apps available in the market using which you can earn a decent amount to be able to get your mobile recharged with any monthly internet plans to get your Vodafone free Internet.

Below are some of the most trusted third party apps using which you can earn recharges which can be converted in free internet recharges for your Vodafone mobile number.

1- Rozdhan

This is one of the best app to earn free recharge. Kindly follow the below guide

  • First of all download this application from here
  • Install the app and signup for a new account
  • Use this refer code to get the sign up bonus of Rs. 30 0B54ZC
  • After signup complete your profile page
  • Participate in daily and instant cashout offers
  • Redeem your earnings directly in Paytm
  • Recharge your Vodafone mobile number.

You can read a detailed article on how to earn from Rozdhan on our blog post.

You can earn more from many other apps and websites, We have posted a list of various apps and websites if you want to earn money for recharges.

Final Word- So, These were some of the few ways using which you can turn on your Vodafone free internet trick 2024. We will update the list from time to time. Currently, due to lockdown, most of the schools/colleges and workplaces are closed and the only method through which they can connect to the world is the Internet. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1- Can I get free internet on Vodafone?
Ans- Yes, you can get free internet through various methods and offers.

Q2- How can I activate free data plans on Vodafone?
Ans- You can activate free data plans by downloading the Vodafone app or upgrading your connection.

Q3- How do I get 14GB of free data on Vodafone?
Ans- Give a missed call to 121363 and follow the instructions.

Q4- Is there a way to get 10GB of free data on Vodafone?
Ans- Dial 111*99# on your phone to activate the 100MB free data offer.

Q5- How can I check if I have any free internet offers on Vodafone?
Ans- Dial *121# on your Vodafone sim and follow the prompts to check for free offers.

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