How to Check Jio Net Balance 2023 Using Ussd Codes Call and Messages

Friends we are back with a new informational guide which is related to how to check Jio net balance 2023 in this article we are going to list a few tricks using which you would be able to check your Jio internet balance using specially dedicated USSD codes, calls and messages.

Latest USSD codes and message credentials have been updated in this article which will help you in getting your Jio net balance in the month of September 2022.

Friends the simplest way to check your Jio internet balance on-the-go is by using official my Jio app but if you do not wish to use my Jio app to check your remaining Jio internet balance in your mobile phone then you can use any of the ways which we have listed in this article so that you will have a proper knowledge on Jio internet remaining balance whenever you want.

How to Check Jio Net Balance

As you all know that Jio has fixed data plans depending on your recharge plan you may be getting 1GB per day internet data to 3GB to 5gb per day so it becomes crucial to have proper control over your internet expenses.

Since the start of its 4G data services in India back in 2016 Jio has grown up tremendously it is the second-largest 4G mobile network in India having more than 20 crores active subscribers all over India. In Starting Jio network used to provide free data services and unlimited voice calls to their users and it continued to provide the same unlimited 4g data services and voice calls until March 2017.

After that, it has introduced the daily usage of internet plans starting from 1GB per day with unlimited voice calls and messages. we see that a number of Jio network users search this term on Google ” how to check Jio net balance” hence we decided to create a new article for all our Jio network users to help them guide a few new ways which are not yet discovered by them that by using such ways they can check their Jio internet balance by using my Jio app and by dialing a USSD code.

Number of Ways Using Which Jio Users Can Check Their Internet Balance

There are normally four ways using which Jio internet balance 2023 can be checked which is listed below

1 Using my Jio app

2 Dialing USSD code

3 Sending a message in a given format

4 Automatically getting internet uses through messages

So as you can see that there are four ways using which you can get the answer to the question on how to check Jio net balance.

A detailed guide on using each way to check your Jio data balance explained below

1- How to check Jio Net Balance Using My Jio App

Are you looking for the answers on How to check Jio net balance, Then this is a perfect This is the simplest way using which you can check it anytime you want on your mobile phone by just using an official application which is universally known as my Jio application and it is available for all android and iPhone users.

myjio app data balance

Basically my Jio app is an app using which you can check your current Jio internet plans, validity, remaining data balance for today, any available coupon codes, recharge offers, etc.

Download MyJio app from here- Click Here

The detailed characteristics of my Jio app are listed below

– You can check your current plan details

– You can check your remaining data balance

– You can check any available coupon codes for internet

– You can check details of available Jio recharge plans

– Recharge offers

– Online recharge

Using the My Jio app you can check your Jio internet balance very easily. But there is one flaw in checking the current Jio internet balance that is it doesn’t get updated frequently. But still is very much accurate to give an idea that how much internet is left in your Jio SIM card.

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2- How to Check Jio Internet Balance Using Ussd Code

This is the second and most loved trick to check your Jio internet balance. In this, you just need to dial a number in your dial pad and just press the Call button. The available Jio internet balance for the day will pop up on your mobile screen.

  • The second and most popular method to check your Jio internet balance is by using a simple phone call.
  • To check your balance this way, all you need to do is dial the number provided and press the call button.
  • By doing this, the available Jio internet balance for the day will be displayed on your mobile screen.
  • The Jio internet USSD code for this method is *333#.
  • This USSD code is a short code that can be dialed in your dial pad and it will give you the balance information through SMS.
  • This is a very quick and easy method to check your Jio internet balance and can be done at any time.

The Jio internet USSD code is given below- *333#

3- Check Jio Data Balance by Calling

If you are still unsure about how to check your Jio net balance online using the My Jio app or by calling, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will be providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to check your remaining Jio internet data through a phone call. By following these simple steps, you will be able to easily and quickly check your Jio net balance and ensure that you never run out of data unexpectedly.

It is also important to note that you can check your Jio net balance by dialing the USSD code *333# which is a short code for Jio prepaid balance check. This code will give you the balance information through SMS.

4- How to Check Jio Data Balance via Message

You can also check your Jio internet balance by sending a message from your message box in a given format. So if you wish to get your details on how to check Jio internet balance via SMS and get the reply through message   then follow the step by step guide below

– First of all, open your message box

– Type this message in given format “MBAL” and send it to this number 55333

– After sending the message you will get a reply in your Jio message box with your remaining Jio data balance

Why Is It Important to Track Your Jio Internet Uses

Due to the internet nowadays we are spending more and more time on entertainment applications or services such as YouTube, Netflix, watching our favorite series. it becomes very important for us as a student or as a working professional to have the details of our time which we are spending over the internet.

By checking our net balance online we can track our daily Jio net expenditure and we can evaluate that if we are exceeding our limit of internet uses then we can try to control that.

Checking the Jio Validity Online?

With the MyJio App, you can view your Internet plan, your data quota, and your balance. The landing page of the MyJio application allows you to view your active plan, validity and balance of data on your current plan. You can access your current plans, upcoming plans, balance and validity information by clicking on ‘View details’ in your account.

What to Do if You Are Running Low With Data Balance

Suppose if you consumed most of your daily data balance then you should follow the below-given tricks to cope with the low Jio Net balance issue.

  • You should get a separate data pack from Jio at a nominal price. You can get 3 GB of 4g data for Rs. 50 only and 6GB of data for just Rs. 100
  • You can download and install some daily data tracking apps from the Playstore to check your real-time data consumption and change habits.
  • Disable apps which consume data in background from settings.
  • Purchase data plans as per your daily consumption.

Final words- So this was the detailed guide on how to check Jio net balance online. Let us know which trick to check your Jio data MB has worked for you. We will update this article regularly in the future also to help our users. 

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