Cashify Referral Code 2023 {HZDPGYAO}: Get instant Rs. 150

There is a new app called the Cashify App which you may have heard about. The question is, do you know what it is? What does the Cashify App do? What is Cashify referral code for new user? Can you tell me from which country the app originates and who owns it? Don’t miss this article if you don’t know.

Throughout this article, we have covered numerous relevant facts and details related to the Cashify App, all of which have been explained in detail. In this article today we are going to learn everything about the Cashify referral code 2023.

Cashify Referral Code 2023

The Cashify App is an online selling and marketing application that allows you to sell and buy old mobile phones online for a reasonable price without having to face any hassles. Cashify referral code 2023 will help you get Rs. 100 extra when you signup and sell your mobile phone online.

Aside from mobile phones, there is also the possibility through this application to buy and sell laptops, LCDs, tablets, and other electronic products as well as mobile phones.

Tablets, LCDs, gadgets, and mobile phones can be bought and sold very easily using this application.

At the moment every mobile phone company is launching a new model of its handset very soon, so it is very difficult to keep up. However, there are times when their prices are around the same as the older models. 

Apart from just buying and selling you can also repair your handsets using Cashify, By using Cashify Promo code first user you can get extra discounts as well.

In contrast, mobile lovers are only obsessed with using new mobiles and buying the latest ones by selling the old ones whenever the latest models are released. Groww is one more app which can help you earn more using refer and earn program.

How to Use Cashify Referral Code 2023

You can use Cashify referral code while doing the registration process. The detailed steps are given below you can make sure that you are following the steps to get the signup benefit.

A- First of all visit the Cashify website- Click Here

B- Click on the Login button from the top right corner

C- Enter your number, Click on the verification box and click on the continue button.

cashify promo code first user

D- Now enter your name, email id and our Cashify invite code-

Cashify Invite code -> HZDPGYAO

cashify referral code for new user

E- Verify your mobile number with OTP.

F- Once the registration process has been completed, You need to initiate a sell mobile phone order to get the referral bonus of Rs. 150.

Where Can I Download Cashify?

In order to be able to use the Cashify referral code you must know how Cashify works and who owns it, let’s try to understand how to download the Cashify app. Those who are interested in selling mobile devices through Cashify are advised to visit the Cashify website to do so. 

We strongly recommend that you download the Cashify App from the App Store. The following steps will guide you through the installation process. Hopefully, by now, you have a better understanding of what Cashify is all about. How can we install this application now? Let’s find out how to do it.

  1. You can download the Cashify App by simply following the steps outlined below:
  2. In order to download the Cashify App, first open the Google Play Store App on your mobile device.
  3. The second step is to type Cashify App into the Search Bar on the home page.
  4. Now that you have selected the option to install, you will need to follow the next step.
  5. After clicking the link in step 4, you will be prompted to download the Cashify App on your phone.

What Is Cashify and Who Owns the Cashify App?

In addition to being made in India, the Cashify App is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. On September 2, 2015, this application was launched on the Google Play Store. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times since then, and it continues to grow. There has been a lot of work done on the website and the number of users is also increasing day by day.

How to Sell an Old Mobile Phone on Cashify?

If you want to use the Cashify app or website to sell your old mobile phone at a reasonable price then follow the below steps to do it.

 As I’ve told you earlier that by using Cashify referral code you can earn Rs. 100 extra on selling your old mobile phone. 

1- As a first step, you have to open the Cashify application on your phone.

2- The next step in the process is to choose the option to sell your phone by clicking on it.

3- In the next step, you will be required to choose your phone’s company. Select a model and then click on it.

4- It will then be necessary for you to answer some questions about your mobile which will be asked to you after that. Once you have done that, click on the Continue button.

5- Now some phones are going to have problems. Please select the deficiency in your phone if it exists, otherwise, click on Continue without selecting it if there is no deficiency in your phone.

6- Further, it may be necessary that the GB information for that model will need to be provided as well.

7- As soon as you have done this, you will be able to find out what the price of your mobile device is, which is an estimate. Click on Get Exact Value to obtain the real value.

8- In order to determine the exact value, you are now asked a number of questions, such as…

  • Are you able to make or receive calls on your mobile?
  • Is your mobile screen glitchy?
  • Has the body of the phone been damaged?
  • Does your phone have a warranty?

9- You will be asked to confirm that both cameras of the mobile are correct, the charging pin is correct, etc.

10- Would you mind if I asked whether you are providing the original charger, box, and mobile bill along with the mobile?

11- The Selling Prize of your mobile phone is now in front of you.

12- Now you can click on the Get Paid option.

13- You must now enter your location when you click here.

14- Click Continue after you’ve entered your address.

Your mobile will be taken by someone from Cashify to the address you provide and you will get the money.

What Is the Cashify Refer and Earn Program and How Can I Participate?

For every successful referral, you can earn Rs. 100 directly into your bank account. Whenever someone uses your Cashify referral code 2023.

The person must use Cashify to sell their mobile phone to be eligible to claim your referral reward. Kindly follow the steps below

Step 1 :- Download and install the Cashify App on your phone. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the Cashify referral code for new user.

Step 2 :- Complete the profile information.

Step 3 :- Now click the refer and earn option from the list.

Step 4 :- Now start sharing your referral link and code by using any of the available options.

Step 5: Once someone downloads and registers on the Cashify app and sells their mobile phone, you will receive Rs. 100 reward into your Bank account.

Benefits of Using Cashify App

The money that you receive from the Cashify App is based on your mobile device. Therefore, one of the benefits of selling a mobile phone on the Cashify App is that you can set the price at which you want to sell your mobile. This is according to your own preferences.

The Cashify App gives you more money than the Olx App and Flipkart if you decide to sell your mobile phone there.

Aside from mobile phones, the Cashify App enables you to sell other electric devices such as watches, cameras, computers, laptops, speakers, tablets, televisions, and earphones.

Cashify App does not only allow you to sell goods, it also allows you to purchase them.

You can get high quality goods for less money if you purchase gadgets through the Cashify App.

As an additional advantage of selling your old electric goods through the Cashify App, you will receive cash for the items that you sell.

Generally Asked Questions-

Q1- What cashify do with old phones?

Ans- Cashify sell them online on their official website.

Q2- Is cashify reliable?

Ans- Yes, It’s 100% reliable

Q3- Is Cashify good for selling phone?

Ans- Indeed it is more liable then OLX and other third party apps.

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