How to Cancel Jio Fiber Connection Online 2023

Fiber optics are one of the most modern technologies because they use glass to transmit data and light. As part of our discussion today, we will discuss what optical fiber is and what its characteristics are, In todays article we will also learn How to cancel Jio Fiber connection online if you already installed the fiber connection at your home.

Instead of electricity, light and lasers are transmitted through optical fiber cables. By using lasers and light, its speed has been greatly increased. In order to protect this wire, it is plated with eight different types of layers, such as plastic, water-resistant materials. In comparison to other types of wires, optical fiber wires are very expensive which is being used to transfer high speed data from Jio fiber STB.

In case if you are using a Jio mobile connection then you may find our Jio free data or Jio recharge plan list articles worthy to read.

Call this number 1800 893 3399 to get your Jio Fiber connection cancelled.

How to Cancel Jio Fiber Connection Online

Through optical fiber, one country can communicate with another and be connected to the rest of the world. This fiber is very thin in size.

It is about the thickness of a thin thread, or slightly thicker than a hair. In spite of this, it has a greater ability to work.

In order to provide a clear understanding of what each term means, let us know how optical fiber is a big part of the Internet around the world. First of all what is Fiber? It is an object that joins a thread. Now what is Optics? Optics are lenses used in optical instruments. In the end what are cables ? Insulated wires with protective casings used for transmitting electricity, telecommunications, and signals.

What Is Jio Fiber?

The Jio fiber connection is a fixed line broadband connection that can be connected to your mobile phone or computer so that you can use the internet at a super fast speed. This can be used for browsing and downloading.

Depending on your plan, you will be able to get speeds ranging from 30 MB per second to 150 MB per second. For their smaller plans, the speed is 30 MB per second; for their bigger plans, the speed is 150 MB per second.

If after the installation of the fiber connection at some point of time you are not happy with the speed or you are facing any unbearable issue and you are looking for an answer on How to cancel Jio fiber connection online then we have discussed the issue below.

As part of Jio Fibernet, you can make free HD voice calls anywhere in India in high quality and you can make high quality video calls as well.

Reasons for Which People Cancel Their Connection

There are many reasons for which people may think to cancel their Jio fiber connection and one of the most important and common reason is the Internet speed or frequent internet black outs in which the Jio fiber users are unable to get the desired internet speed as per their plan or the internet is not working at all and they are facing such issues very frequently.

We would like to advice them to contact with the Jio technical help first to get your issue resolved before proceeding to cancel your Jio fiber connection.

How to Get a New Jio Fiber Connection

If you wish to get a new Jio fiber connection installed at your home then we would like to update you that the process for that is very simple. And by following below steps you can get a new connection installed within 24 hours (Depending on your location).

In order to get a Jio Fiber or Jio Broadband connection, we need to pay attention to the following things.

  1. Registering is required, and to register, search for Jio Fiber in Google, then after clicking on Jio Fiber, click on the Buy Now button. You can also visit this page- Click Here
  2.  Your name and mobile number must be filled out next, and then you will receive an OTP which will be valid for only 10 minutes.
  3. Upon filling out the OTP, you will be presented with the option to enter your pin code or area address where you want to get the Jio fiber connection installed.
  4. You can also pin point on inbuilt maps for better location tracking.

Once you have booked the connection the specialist from your locality will call you for further details.

Here Are the Things That You Will Need to Get a New Jio Fiber, if You Also Want to Subscribe for This Service

Make sure to keep the following things handy while going to book the new Jio Fiber connection at your home. You need to make the payment online directly to the company and the installation charges will be free of cost under the standard circumstances.

  1. For Jio Fiber dealerships, you will need two passport-sized photos.
  2. Photo copy/ Xerox of your voter ID or Aadhar card.
  3. Also provide proof of your address or a copy of your latest electricity bill.
  4. A mobile number, an email address, and a mailing address are required when doing online transactions. 

Further if you want to know how to cancel Jio fiber connection online then keep reading the article below.

What Do We Get With New Fiber Connection

As with JioTV+ and other premium OTT apps, JioFiber gives you access to high-speed internet up to 1 Gbps. In addition to these, JioFiber users can make video calls between TVs, play immersive games, get JioSecurity. 

Depending on your plan you can also get a complimentary subscription of various OTT like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Disney hotstar, Sony liv, Zee5, Voot, Alt Balaji, Hoichoi, Eros now, Discovery plus etc, without paying any extra amount for the subscription.

How to Cancel the Connection and Return the STB and Get the Refund

There is no problem returning the STB at any time in the future. It will be only a matter of placing a return request by calling Jio customer service and requesting a refund. De-installation and device pick-up will be handled by the technical team, who will be able to assist you.

You will get a refund of your Security deposit amount after device health check if you paid any during the time of activation.

Customer care number to cancel Jio fiber connection- 1800 893 3399

Customer service can be reached at 1800 893 3399 for Jio Fiber Connection cancellation. They will initiate a refund as per the company refund policy once you cancel your order. The Jio Store also allows you to raise a request.

By Visiting Jio store

You can visit at your Nearest Jio store with your installed Jio fiber connection details to get the guidance on how to cancel Jio fiber connection online or offline. They might me able to cancel your connection on the spot and give you the reference number for that also, Make sure to keep the cancellation reference number handy with you.

I hope by visiting the nearest store you were able to cancel your Jio fiber connection.

How Do I Get a Refund From the Jio Fiber Deposit?

After getting the answer of How to cancel Jio fiber connection online now it’s the time to update your bank details to get the refund. Bank transfer will be used to refund the security deposit. After the cancellation you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile with a hyper link to fill your bank details. You will be able to update your bank details so that a refund may be processed more quickly into your bank account.

But our advice for you before going for Jio fiber connection cancellation online will be is to check competitors and get a real world review from real users related to internet speed and plan prices. Then after only you should consider the cancellation of Jio fiber connection.

Conclusion: –

By following above guide I hope you were able to get the sufficient answer of your question How to cancel Jio fiber connection online in the year 2023. Make sure to follow the guide and add your correct bank details to get the refund amount.

Jio Fiber offers competitive subscription plans as compared to other broadband service providers in the city. Hence before cancelling the services make sure to have your due diligence.

Frequently Asked question

Q1- What is the process for cancelling Jio Fiber?

Ans- If you wish to cancel your order, you can call our toll free E-commerce helpline. In accordance with our Return Policy, once your order has been successfully cancelled, we’ll initiate a refund to the source of payment (credit card) that you used to place your order.

Q2- If I cancel my Jio fiber subscription, will I be able to get a refund?

Ans- Upon refund, the original source will be reimbursed. Depending on your bank, your account might not reflect this amount for 3-10 working days.

Q3- Jio fiber is free for how many months?

Ans- Broadband and WiFi Plans available on JioFiber Prepaid. Get 30 days of FREE JioFiber trial on your new connection.

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