Free Recharge App 2023 download for Android for free Paytm & recharge

Hello guys Today we are going to tell you about a list of the best free recharge app 2023 using which you would be able to earn free Paytm cash, shopping coupons, free product, and recharges. you would be able to increase your earnings by using these apps in multiple folds by referring those apps to your friends and family members. guys as we all know that we always try to bring newly launched apps in the market which pays you on signup and by referring the apps to your friends and family members.

Note- List of latest Free recharge apps for the month of September 2023 have been updated on this article for you to get take the benefits of apps/ websites which provided recharges for free.

Nowadays everyone wants to save his or her money on recharges or online shoppings hence we have decided to create a special post here so we can list all the best and trusted free recharge app so that our visitors can earn free Paytm cash recharge money shopping coupons and free products by doing simple tasks on their mobile phone.

Free Recharge App 2023 Download

 Every now and then there is a lot of applications being launched on Play Store claiming that they are the best free recharge earning app but in reality, once you earn the minimum redeemable balance they didn’t pay you because they are just fraud apps and the developer of those apps just want to earn from you by letting you do the task on their behalf. at the same time, it also becomes very necessary for you to invest your precious time on those free recharge mobile apps only which are genuine and have satisfied users with positive reviews.

 being in this business for the last 3 years I know a lot of applications that do pay you on signup and refer. you can follow the steps which are given in this article and take the benefits of the free recharge app download 2023 and earn Paytm cash and recharges in your idle time.

List of Best Free Recharge Earning App 2023

There are many ways using which you can earn free cash and recharges by using free recharge applications which are listed in this article below. many apps pay a certain amount of cash or coins when you register on the application for the first time by using your email or mobile phone.

You can earn from these earning apps by introducing the app to two others such as your friends or family members this will increase your earning potential by many times and you will get a certain amount each and every time when the person to whom you have referred the application make the download and register his/her profile on the application.

  Many apps such as Paytm, Freecharge, Roz cash, Roz Dhan, slide app, Cubber, and many other apps are also there which provides you the opportunity to earn.

List of Trusted Free Recharge Apps 2023 Download

  • Rozdhan {Get Rs 50 signup bonus}
  • TaskBucks {Get 25 signup bonus}
  • Mobilexpression app (Get Rs. 300 Amazon voucher every month)
  • TrueBalance
  • Ladoo
  • Taskbucks
  • Cubber app
  • Paytm
  • Freecharge

As far as my opinion is concerned about the best online source to earn free recharge then the first app I would recommend you is Rozdhan using which you can earn long term income. We have a detailed post written on that application which covers each and everything of the app from the download to signup.

 Below we are going to list all trusted Free recharge best app for free Paytm and recharge giving apps available in the market. you are advised to kindly read the details for signup and refer option for each and every application and start your unlimited journey to earning.

1- ✅{Mobilexpression App} Earn Rs. 300 Amazon voucher every month by doing nothing

By registering and installing this app you could earn a voucher of up to Rs. 300 every month from Amazon. You don’t need to do anything apart from completing the registration process and downloading the application from the link which you will receive after completing the registration process.

Note- You will receive your first Amazon voucher Worth Rs. 300 after 45 days of installing the App. And after that, you will get the vouchers every month. 

We have already covered the step by step guide, Which you can read from Click Here to read the full article

amazon free voucher

Guide to install-

1. Click this link- Click Here
2. Now complete the registration process by following the on-screen instructions.
3. Receives download link on registration thank you page or email
4. Downloads and install the app to the Android Mobile Phone User Rewarding
5. Users receive weekly credits which can be redeemed after a week of the activity or they can hold on to the credits and redeem after 30 days of activity.

You need to open the application every Monday to receive the credits and also make sure to turn on the Internet on your device maximum time.

Note- Do not delete the application from your mobile phone. Also make sure to not to use multiple application on same mobile phone otherwise the account will get blocked.

2- ✅Rozdhan {Most Trusted Free Recharge App, You will get Rs. 50 Paytm on signup}-

With this app you can earn Unlimited coins, which can be redeemed in the form of Paytm cash, You will get Rs. 50 free Paytm on signup and Rs. 10 per refer. The earning is not just limited to the signup and Refer bonus only. You can earn daily by sharing news, Reading news, Walking, Playing games, etc for a lifetime.

Download Rozdhan App

Kindly apply our refer code { 0B54ZC } (Zero, B, 5, 4, Z, C) to get the Signup bonus and read any news for 3 days in the news section to redeem your 50 rs in your Paytm account.

My earning proof-

free mobile recharge app

You can read the full detailed article- here

It’s one of the best working applications out there in the online market to earn. Currently, you can participate in various tasks listed on the dashboard of this free recharge app to earn more and more on daily basis. Apart from earning by participating in the tasks, you can also earn by referring this app to your friends and family member.

3- ✅TaskBucks App {Get 25 signup bonus + unlimited earning}

Participating in small tasks with Taskbucks will earn you Paytm cash and recharges. In order to help you make an informed decision about Taskbucks, the company provides a curated library of financial products from NBFCs and RBI-approved lenders. Our banks, NBFCs, or other partners direct interested users to their official websites or apps to apply for the product or service.
It’s possible to earn unlimited coins, redeem them for free recharges for your phone, or direct deposit them into your wallet.
The following steps will guide you through downloading and installing the taskbucks app
Follow below steps: –
  1. Start by downloading the TaskBucks app from this link only- Click Here
  2. Install from Google Play.
  3. Sign up once the app has been installed.
  4. The signup bonus of Rs. 25 will be credited to your mobile number once your OTP is verified.
  5. Complete the listed offers.
  6. Redeem your coins for free recharges or wallet credits.

To earn more you can share Taskbucks with your family and friends.

4- Toluna Survey- (Participate in Surveys and earn free Vouchers)

Surveys are the oldest and most effective ways to earn and wallet cash every month by participating in various surveys every month. After completing the signup process on Toluna website by following our instructions, You will start receiving surveys frequently by following which you can earn free recharge every month.

Guide to complete the signup process-

1- First of all visit this link- Click Here

2- Click on Get Started button

3- On next page enter your first name and press enter button

4- After that enter your last name > Press enter

5- Enter your Date of Birth (Enter any 18+) > Press enter

6- Select Gender

7- Enter your email address > Press enter

8- Select Country

9- Enter Pincode from these cities only- Allahabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Nagpur, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Varanasi, Vishakapatnam and Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Patna. (You can search Pin codes for these cities on Google)

10- Create a password > Press enter

11- Enter your mobile number and tick on “I agree to receive invitations to surveys by SMS”

12- Click on Submit button

13- Solve the captcha and wait for a few seconds

14- Your account is now created, Now you have to Verify your email address to verify your email id

free recharge app download

15- Open your email id and click on the verification link which you have received in the email from Toluna like the image below.

16- Click on the Verify Your email button after that a Welcome page will get open in your browser.

17- Click on Start now button. After that click on Take Survey

18- Select education level > Household income (Select 5 lakh plus) > Employment > Responsible for shopping in your household (Click Yes) > Number of children under 18 > Number of people in your house > Enter address (Enter any address from the city which is given above) > Click on Next button.

19- Congratulations, Your registration is now completed, You will be rewarded with 500 points after completing the registration.

20- After that on the dashboard of the app click on the Start button, And you will see a list of available surveys for you like the image below >

free recharge website

21- You can redeem your earnings through Paytm, Paypal etc.

5- Cubber app ( get rupees 30 free recharge)

 Cubber app is also one of the oldest and best online recharge applications available on the Play Store using which you can earn a recharge of rupees 30 for free by just following the steps which are given below.  by following the steps you would be able to get rupees 33 recharge every month from the Cubber app.

 cabaret provides free lucky spin for joining Plus free lucky spin forever in which you could be rewarded with free recharge or free cubber app wallet balance.

  •  Download Cubber app- Click Here
  •  Initiate the signup process
  • In the referral mobile number option, Enter this number- 7503958590
  •  Enter details and verify your mobile number with OTP
  •  After completing the signup process you will get a notification about “Spin & Win cashback” click on it.
  •  Spin the wheel to get up to rupees 30 Cubber wallet balance
  •  Apart from this, you will also get one spin for every successful refer
  •  The amount which you have won by spinning the wheel can be used as free recharge or bill payments

6- Paytm

 This is one of the best apps to earn free recharge online as you all know that it is the number one application to do online recharges which also facilitates online banking for its customers. every month to retain its customers it gives a flat rupees 10 or 20 recharges to its customers. in the form of free recharge or 100% cashback recharge.

free recharge earning app

 kindly follow the step-by-step guide given below to clean your free recharge from Paytm And get a recharge of rupees 10 or 20 instantly

    •  first of all, download Paytm app
    •  log in or sign up for a new Paytm account
    •  proceed with the prepaid recharge option on the dashboard of the application
    •  enter your mobile number and amount of rupees 20 or more
    •  In the next step enter this promo code and click on the apply button- MONTHLY20 or MONTHLY10


  • pay the amount using your Paytm cash or any online mode of payment
  •  the cashback of rupees 10 or 20 will be credited to your Paytm account within 24 hours after the successful transaction
  •  you can send this cashback amount to your bank account

 with the help of this amazing free recharge f trick, you will be able to get a recharge of rupees 10 or 20 for absolutely free.

Roz cash app loot- get rupees 25 Paytm on signup + rupees 10 per refer

 we have already posted about the Roz cash Free recharge app on our website a few days before. we are going to include this application in the list of our best free recharge apps because we trust this app.

 in an introductory offer Roz cash app is offering cash of rupees 25 Paytm on every new sign up and rupees 10 Paytm cash on each successful refer. if you want to earn free Paytm cash then you must follow the steps which are given below to download this application and register on it to get the signup bonus

  •  first of all download the Roz cash app
  •  open the application and sign up for a new account using your email and mobile phone
  •  validate your mobile number with OTP
  •  you will be credited with rupees 25 in your Roz cashback wallet
  •  start referring to this app to get rupees 10 Paytm on every successful refer

Airtel Free recharge applications-

By using any of the listed Free recharge apps you can recharge any mobile operator working in India, You can redeem your recharge and earned wallet balance for Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, MTNL, etc. You can recharge your Airtel Talktime balance or for Airtel free data balance.

How to do Free recharge app download-

The detailed steps to proceed with the Free recharge app download process have been updated in the article. Hence you are supposed to follow the individual instructions which are updated above in the article.

To download the free recharge apps you must follow the below steps:-

1- First of all click on the download links given on each application detail.

2- Make sure to download the app from the official Playstore app marketplace only.

3- Install the app and open it

4- Click on the signup button on the free recharge app and enter the required details.

5- Verify your mobile number and email id with OTP

6- Submit the OTP

7- Now you will need to enter the referral code to claim your referral rewards (If there is any signup bonus offered by the app)

8- Claim your signup bonus and start referring to the app to earn more free recharge from the app.

3 types of different recharge app

There are 3 types of different free recharge app 2023 which can be used according to your need. This means if you want free recharge for your mobile then you should download those apps which are providing free mobile talk time recharge, On the other hand, if you want to earn free internet recharge app then you should download those apps only using which you can redeem your earnings as free internet balance.

1- Free DTH recharge app- If you wish to earn free recharge so that you can recharge your DTH connection then you should look for those free recharge apps and websites which provide you the DTH recharge option. So that you have no problem redeeming your earnings for your DTH recharges.

2- Apps that are providing free mobile recharges- These are the most popular free recharge applications in India because a large number of people are looking for those apps using which they can recharge their mobile phones.

Apps like Rozdhan,

Most of the reward apps do provide the free mobile recharge option in their redemption.

3- Free internet recharge app- This is also one of the famous types in Free recharge app selections, Apps like Truebalance, etc provide free internet balance and loan services to the users. Hence if you are looking for free internet recharge then you should download those apps which are providing free internet redemption options.

Apps that provide free Internet balance for completing certain tasks are good for those who want to earn Internet balance. Databuddy is the app used to provide data to its users.

Final Words- So, guys, this was the list of best trusted free recharge app 2023 available in the market which you can download with a hundred percent trust and start earning recharge and wallet cash in your Paytm Freecharge or Mobikwik accounts. we will update this list from time to time as soon as I get to know about any application which is providing free recharge on signup or refer.

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