List of Best Digital Magazine Subscription in India 2023

Friends, today I will tell you which digital magazine subscription is the best in India. And in buying which you will get the opportunity to read the most magazines and newspapers. Apart from this, in which best digital magazine subscription you will get many benefits.

If I talk about the present situation which is going on in this world, there are many such digital magazine subscriptions available in India at this time, in which you will be short of time to read the available magazines and newspapers. And this magazine subscription is being made available to you by third-party vendors at a very low cost.

By the way, there is no specific definition of the best digital magazine subscription. It is only with what features that you would call a magazine subscription as the best magazine subscription. But in this article, we will review a digital magazine subscription in which you will get some special features like:-

  • How affordable is the magazine subscription
  • How many magazines or newspapers will be available for you to read
  • You will get the facility of downloading or not so that you can read it offline.
  • Whether the Magazines are available for you to read in Application or not
  • How is customer care

Best Digital Magazine Subscription

As you all are seeing, the year 2020 has been very challenging for the media publications, especially for those publications which till now used the old-fashioned methods to bring their magazines and newspapers to their customers. That is to say, print media. Due to the lockdown, all such media houses had to face a lot of difficulties to reach their customers, due to which they started taking their products to their customers through various digital ways.

Tech magazines are the best ways to get your self updated from latest technology findings and experiments.

Under the digital revolution, today almost all media houses that want to keep pace with the changes in time have started digitalizing their products. Or they have already adopted it before the beginning of Pandemic. Today you can buy your favorite magazine or newspaper online and can also read them online/ Offline.

Media houses have also benefited greatly by digitizing their products, with the biggest benefit being their cost reduction. Previously, where they had to depend on marketing, transport, local vendors, Ads etc. in making their products available to customers, today they are able to reach their customers online.

List of Best Digital Magazine Subscription

We will compare the best digital magazine subscriptions we list here with the main points given above and the magazine subscription which will provide the most features which are listed in our quality list will be our best digital magazine subscription.

Magzter– We have already written a detailed article on Magzter Gold Subscription. But here we will definitely tell our visitors about some features of this digital magazine subscription so that they can know about the features and benefits which they are going to get in it.

  • You get the facility to read more than 8000 magazines and newspapers in Gold plan.
  • You get a membership for 3 years at a very low price of only ₹ 3999.
  • Magazine download facility
  • Own application
  • Quick Customer Care Department
  • Cancellation facility

Currently, Magzter is offering its Gold plan in which you will get to read 5000+ premium Magazines and newspapers @ Just Rs. 3999 only for 3 years. You can purchase that using Button below from the official website.

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Subscribe to 3 Year Plan @ ₹ 3,999


Times Group Mags-

Times Group mags is a popular digital magazine subscription provided by Times Group in which you get online digital subscription of Femina, Filmfare, Good homes, Grazia, home and design, The ET polymers, The machinist, Femina tamil, Femina salon & spa.

Under this magazine subscription, you have to spend money to read the latest magazine, but if you want to read the old magazine version then it is available for free to read- Click Here

To read the November edition of various magazines listed above, you can click on this link and download the pdf and read it in your mobile or laptop.


Zinio is also a third party digital magazine distributor using which you can subscribe to various magazines available on Zinio’s platform and read them online or offline through the Zinio application or website.

Currently 6000 magazines and newspapers are available for you to read on Zinio. You can subscribe to the magazines available in Zinio one by one, due to which this digital magazine subscription can prove to be very expensive for you.

For example, you can buy a subscription to vogue India magazine by spending 1200 per year at Zinio. If you compare it with MAGZTER, then in MAGZTER you get the facility to read more than 8000 magazines and newspapers in a subscription of just ₹ 1999 per year.

Visit Zinio

How to Subscribe in to Digital Issues of Magazines

There are many ways using which you can subscribe into the digital issues of various third party digital magazines distributors. you can subscribe into any subscription of your will by following the steps in this article below.

  • First of all visit the respected Magazines official website by clicking the link
  • Select your subscription
  • Add the subscription in your Shopping Cart
  • Create your account in that particular website
  • Enter your payment details
  • Make the payment
  • After the confirmation of order you can start enjoying your Digital subscription of your favorite magazine or newspaper.

At any point of time if you face any problem in accessing your issue then in that case you can establish a contact with the customer care department of the application.

Benefits of Purchasing a Digital Magazine-

There are many benefits of purchasing a Digital magazine. You can read them online anytime, using your mobile phone or application. You do not need to wait for the latest issue to get delivered at your doorstep. You will be receiving the latest issue in digital form as soon as they get published.

You can make online payments to renew or purchase your subscription plan. If you have any issues then you can also request online to get it resolved. You can save your favorite articles online to access them later when every you want. You can also bookmark where you have left reading any article last time.

Also there are many health benefits of reading magazines health benefits of reading magazines which helps you in overcoming depression or mental and sycological diseases.

Final Words-  So this was the detailed review of the best digital magazine subscriptions available in India for the year 2023,  you can read the characteristics of various third party vendors and decide on your own that which subscription is going to benefit you the most in terms of Affordability, Availability, Accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions- 

Q1- What is the process for subscribing to the digital magazine?

Ans- Our online store offers subscriptions to our digital magazine, which you can purchase by visiting our website.

Q2- Is my digital magazine delivered digitally?

Ans- You can download and access your digital magazine issues on your devices after they’re delivered via email or using the official website and application using your login id.

Q3- How do I cancel my subscription?

Ans- By contacting our customer service team, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Q4- I would like to access past issues of the magazine. How do I do that?

Ans- Once you log in to our website, you will be able to access previous issues of the magazine.


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